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The  PEC Music Committee* has
surveyed students and music teachers. We are in the process of developing a MUSIC COURSE for PEC students.
We've been working! We're looking to offer instruction in/on the following: guitar, percussion, strings, brass, woodwinds, keyboard, recorder, dance, and vocal ensemble. Curriculum guides are being written in modular format and include the following topic areas--technique, music history, theory, composition/writing, and performance.
SITUATION--we're a "small" school--we could have 15 people interested in music with the following hypothetical interest arrangement--3 guitar, 3 percussion, 2 strings, 3 brass, two woodwinds, 1 keyboard, 2 voice, and 1 dance. How do we meet the needs of this diverse group?  Steve can teach (b=beginning, i=intermediate, a=advanced)--brass(b/i/a), woodwinds(b), percussion(b), bass guitar(b), strings (b), voice(b), keyboard(b), guitar(b), and recorder (b,i).  Perhaps you know of somebody who could assist in areas-of-need?  OR you have suggestions as to how we can meet instructional and performance needs?  Please contact Steve at sreynolds77@netzero.com or by phone at the Prospect Education Center.
* PEC Music Committee Members: Daren, Vince, Vicky, Sara, Kristen, and Steve
INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING? Click, print, and return letter of interest to Steve Reynolds.
GOAL: We'd like to begin the class on FRIDAY, April 1st, 2005--no foolin'!  1:15 P.M. in Rm. 2 @ PEC.
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