Five futuristically-styled Autobots. They consist of Scattershot (leader, spaceship/battlestation/robot), Afterburner (motorcycle/robot), Strafe (space fighter/robot), Lightspeed (car/robot), and Nosecone (auger/robot). They combine to form Computron (robot), known to be the most intelligent gestalt. Computron's greatest flaw is probably his inability to take action without first undergoing a thorough analysis.

Cartoon Bio (US):

The Technobots were created by Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots. Grimlock had recently been exposed to concentrated anti-electrons, elevating him to an intellectual level surpassing that of the Autobot Perceptor. During this time, he and several other Autobots journeyed to the head of Unicron in order to prevent Galvatron from obtaining more of the anti-electrons. In the battle that followed, the Autobots proved to be no match for the Terrorcons. Grimlock apparently deserted his companions, but had actually realized the real threat lay with Galvatron who was stealing anti-electrons from Unicronís cerebral chamber. Using material he found on the surface of Unicron, Grimlock first constructed Nosecone and ordered him to drill a passage to Unicronís brain. Once inside the cerebral chamber, Grimlock then constructed Lightspeed, Strafe, and Afterburner. Just as he finished, Unicron awoke and began to attack both the Autobots and Decepticons with his interior defenses. Strafe quickly disarmed these in his starfighter mode. At that point, Grimlock placed Scattershot in command of the newly named Technobots. They then rejoined the other Autobots on the surface. The Terrorcons formed Abominus at Galvatronís command. In response, Grimlock told the Technobots of their ability to become Computron. Then, Grimlock transferred his vast intellect into Computron, leaving him as he was before the exposure to the anti-electrons. Computron then used his great intelligence to triumph over Abominusís brute force, thus defeating the Decepticons.

Later, the Technobots were assigned to duty with EDC ( Earth Defense Command ) captain Marissa Fairbrone, and helped destroy a Quintesson base within Eath's solar system.

The Technobots were also involved in the battle at Autobot City where the Decepticons stole the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, although they did not form into Computron at the time.

Article submitted by Karl Thaesler and Lynn Herndon.

Comic Bio (US):

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Comic Bio (UK):

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