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Last Updated: 17th March 2008

HOTT 2.0 is now available! Check with your nearest dealer to see if they have it yet.

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The Cover Of The Rules


'Hordes of the Things' (HOTT) is a set of fast play miniatures rules for fantasy battles. They are published by the Wargames Research Group and were written and developed by Phil Barker, Sue Laflin-Barker and Richard Bodley Scott. Click on the picture for a brief introduction to the game.

The aim of this site is to provide a central repository of links and resources for these excellent rules. Initially most of the material was mine, or was gleaned from the DBM mailing list and other web-sites. The setting up of the HOTT Yahoo Group gave a welcome boost to material, and some items are unsolicited submissions sent to me directly. Submissions are always welcome and will be credited if possible. The easier it is for me to convert your submission to HTML, the quicker you are likely to see it. If you have any contributions or comments then e-mail them to me at:

There is a dedicated 'Hordes of the Things' mailing list at Yahoo Groups, called 'HOTT'.

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The Boardgame Geek entry for 'Hordes of the Things'.

The Stronghold is an unofficial "appreciation" page maintained and designed to promote 'Hordes of the Things' and provide resources for HOTT players. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Phil Barker, Sue Laflin Barker, Richard Bodley Scott or the Wargames Research Group. I hope, however, that it meets with their approval. All the information on this page is presumed to be in the public domain or subject to fair use. Every attempt has been made to credit people for contributions to this page, and seek permission for their use. In some cases, however, this was not possible. If you find something credited to you that you don't wish to see here then please contact me and I will remove it.
All copyrights remain with the individual authors. This page has links to a number of external sites. If you find any dead links, or own a site linked from this page and move or remove it, please let me know so that I can update the links. Overall copyright is Alan Saunders 1998-2005.

Where Can I Buy a Copy of the Rules?

What's New in Version Two?

Shooters and Warband - Semi-Official Rules Amendment for v2.0

Follow the links below to new rules and ideas, army lists, battle reports, campaigns, scenarios and other links for 'Hordes of the Things'.

Click here for the HOTT v2.0 Errata

The HOTT v2.0 Errata - Nothing is perfect, and this is as true of the HOTT v2.0 rules as anything else.

Click here for the HOTT FAQ

The HOTT FAQ - Have you got a problem with the rules? Then perhaps this page can help. Now updated for Version 2.0. If you have problems with V1.0, check the V1.0 HOTT FAQ.

Click here for the HOTT Quick Reference Sheet

Quick Reference Sheet - A useful 'Hordes of the Things' Quick Reference Sheet (Word document). Now updated to Version 2.0.

Click here for the Rules Section

The Game - This section contains rules variants, comments and useful aids.

Click here for the Tactical Manual

The HOTT Tactical Manual - This section contains tactical advice on playing the game.

Click here for Generic Army Lists

The Gallery - My picture gallery contains, amongst other things, images of some of my 'Hordes of the Things' armies.

Click here for the Stronghold Gallery

Strongholds - Images of strongholds with some notes on their origin and construction.

Click here for a List of all Army Lists

Army Index - Click here for an index of all army lists held on this site.

Click here for Alan and Catherine's Armies

Our Armies - Find out the details of the the armies that Alan and Catherine use.

Click here for Generic Army Lists

Generic Armies - Armies based on mainstream fantasy and on the products and ideas of figure manufacturers.

Click here for Mythological Army Lists

Mythological Armies - Armies based on myths, legends and traditional epics.

Click here for Literary Army Lists

Literary Armies - Armies based on worlds or ideas created by fantasy writers.

Click here for Film and TV Army Lists

Armies of the Silver Screen - Armies based on film and television programmes.

Click here for Historical Army Lists

Historical Armies - Armies based on historical prototypes.

Click here for My Favourite Army

Silly Armies - Say no more.

Click here for Silly Army Lists

My Favourite Army - Tell the world about your favourite 'Hordes of the Things' army, or just read about those belonging to other people.

Click here for the Battle Reports

Battle Reports - Accounts of battles fought using the rules and HOTT related events.

Click here for Scenarios and Campaigns

Scenarios and Campaigns - Moving beyond the basic battles offered by the rules into more challenging games...

Click here for Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends - Links to sites of interest to 'Hordes of the Things' players

Click here for Scenarios and Campaigns

Links - Other files or external links of interest to 'Hordes of the Things' players

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