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_Death and burial of the Primeval atom, Big Bang and Big crunch theories. 

_The Butterfly effect of September 11th WTC and Genetic engineering; pge 14-15.

__Islam is a political ideology that uses religious entrapment to exercise and achieve absolute power worldwide; absolute power over peoples personal lives using its' inbuilt terrorism which is a common practice of Islam. pge.5,14-17

____ Appeal to Queen in Counsel (27th October 2000) address a 1996-8 ruling by the High court, removal of 4 judges. And more!

_____    G. G. Deane response and my appeal to Queen via the British High Commission by passing Aust. G. General. (10th May 2001)

________ Application to the High Court (14th Dec 2001), acting as the court of disputed returns, to have Federal parliament and candidates of the Fed. election of 10th Nov 2001 declared illegitimate, Justice Callinan rejects my petition on the 19th Dec 01. requiring me to lodge an Exparte application, submitted on 8th Jan 2002.

----------------Appeal of rejected Exparte by Chief Justice Gleeson 14th Feb. 2002 that was a declaration the High Court of Australia is corrupt, dishonourable and intellectually also ethically bankrupt with the most disgraceful and offensive ruling in Australias' legal history, if not the world... A date for hearing before 2 or more judiciary is to be set....(it was heard on the 14th Mar 2003; yet to be uploaded)......Also a DRAFT of "NOTICE OF APPEAL, if petition goes before the full bench.  

___________Letter to the Governor General Peter Hollingworth informing him of the loss of his powers, by the previous G. G. Deane,  to apply jurisdiction over the Constitution and to swear those hopefuls of the Federal election into parliament. 

___Plagiarizing and stealing of my copyrighted work "altering of the speed of light up or down"  by Paul Davies Prof. and Academics from 2 Aust. Universities.

AND..The "White Feather Letter" to all Vice Chancellors of Aust. Universities. 

APPEAL of Supreme Court Rulings of 29th Aug 02 and 11th April 03 on the grounds the "Rulings were Criminally insane"...section 72 of the Aust. Constitution.

Letters JUSTIFYING my non appearance on the 2nd & 24th July 03 to a perjured "Notice of Motion" to dismiss my Appeal. My APPEAL was criminally disallowed.   

Prelude to a LAWSUIT AGAINST 12 JUDICIARY and used as a White Feather Letter to all Australian University Chancellors. ..... (Police attempted to kill me 23rd Feb 04 using the same murder plan that was used to kill Colin Winchester, Deputy Police Commissioner in 1989 that was beyond the intellectual abilities of David Eastman.)   Also E-MAIL to Stephen Hawking Prof. advising him to stall his Black Hole error....................see following file as well.

TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT; What is it and How to achieve it... Also Aust. Secret Intelligence Organisation, A.S.I.O. is a Terrorist Organisation and has committed a Bio-Germ Terrorist act against me for Fed. Parliament and Political Establishment. Also  John Howard is called "HONEST JOHN" because he is an HABITUAL LIAR... Also Multiplying & Dividing by Zeros' relevance to the Expanding Universe & God.  I'm calling for expose of the horrendous Radioactive fallout over much of Australia from 12 U.K. Atomic Bomb Blasts in Australia in the 1950s. Updated 26th Nov 04.     




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LETTER TO KATE LUNDY and the Labour Party calling upon them to demand a thorough Public Inquiry into the horrendous radioactive fallout over much of Australia from the 12 U.K. Atomic Blasts in the 1950s and the treason committed by Sir Robert Menzies and the Liberal Country Party, the Media, Scientists and A.S.I.O. and their treason through lying to all Australian Citizens and the use of the "Official Secrets ACT to commit their TREASON and their COVER UP for 50 years".

GRAVITY WAVES EXISTENCE and THE EXISTENCE OF THE UNIVERSE, it's expansion and Constant speed of light is just not possible. Proof: Gravity Waves do not Exist and cannot Exist....Shapelle Corby ruling must be an INNOCENT verdict whether she is "guilty or innocent" HOW & WHY, 7th June  response to guilty verdict!... It's THE BOSSES' money, give it back, it's not the employees so they can tell John Howard and Peter Costello to "shove it, the $6s"...updated 26th May 2005

A Big Bang Universe of expanding space instantly begins to slow and slows faster and faster. It finally stops expanding resulting in a Steady State Universe that loses all of its' Matter and Energy to the State of Non-Existence over an eternity of TIME. It ends as an empty stationary universe of space. But space is expanding faster & faster & this is the DEATH BLOW to the BIG BANG 

DEATH BLOW to the standard set of DIVIDING & MULTIPLYING BY Zero is not a number due to my proving 0/1 = 1/0 proving Zero has no Integral or Invert nor dimensions. It is a symbol representing the State of Non-Existence that is GOD itself, both being eternal, which is one of the 4 NOTHINGS that I have proven exists prior to 1992. Any & all deceased, human or otherwise, attests to its' existence. My Dividing & Multiplying by Zero non-exclusive copyright encompasses 0/1 =1/0, NOTHING exists in 4 forms, 0 divided 0 = 0 with Length, Breadth, Depth & Density with the speed of light and TIME relative to that density. And that density altered and controlled with polar electromagnetic attraction and repulsion being the foundations of my Fusion spacecraft rocket engine/reactor Technology. This Non-Exclusive copyright is owned and controlled, 75% Dividing and Multiplying by Zero and 90% Fusion Technology, by the public independent of Governments.

Governments hide behind �Official Secrecy ACTs� to commit gross State Terrorist crimes against its� citizens also Crimes against Humanity and Treason. The Anti Terrorism Legislation should be of very serious concern! Was the Aust. Labour Party relegated to being in opposition for 23 years until 1972 by having been silent on the Radioactive fallout and pollution of much of Aust. from 12 Atomic explosions by the U.K. Government in the 1950s? Was Sir Robert Menzies P.M. awarded a knighthood, "Order of the Thistle", for his treason against Aust. & its' citizens who were kept ignorant & deceived by the Media's lying & publishing there was no radioactive fallout or pollution?



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This document exposes the corruption and insanity of the ACT Supreme Court & Judiciary, Legislation, Rules of the Court, Lawyers, ABC & Catalyst science Program, Rod Campbell Journalist, the Media & Scientific Journals aiding, abetting and colluding in Complex plagiarism & scientific and intellectual fraud by having it all their way, each and everyway their way. Employees read of what awaits you all in the Courts before Judiciary who substitute reasoning with LEAPING from "Words that say this" to other "Words that say that" so imposing the "Words & Will" of the Political Establishment. It is insanely & Criminally called impartially. 

Following is a part profile of profound scientific work done by Theodore J. Rout. This Website is about informing the public and exposing the "media" as censuring out what they don't want the public to know. The media are "FREE" to dump news and information into the garbage when the media and their political friends don't like it. The "media" are hiding behind the criminality of the concept of freedom of the Press, and unaccountability.

The medias' non publication are acts of gross public betrayal and treason for their disloyalty enables foreign interests to prosper and Aust. to lose out. It is highly damaging economically, scientifically and environmentally to Australia, to this world and to me and they have always known this. I have to become a SOMEBODY to get justice; to make them all answer; and to smash permanently the political, scientific and media blacklisting of me. Consider the shame for Australia and the media for I'll go down in history as  Australias' greatest scientist; but they all want me to be and remain a non-entity.

It is a highly criminal act for the media, the political and scientific establishments to have blacklisted me for 20yrs. They all have knowingly and deliberately denied me publication, public awareness, so costing me public support, credibility, book and film publications, credit and remuneration for my work and its' development in Australia. They all are knowingly obstructing Australia moving to the forefront in space technology and the solving of the greenhouse problem by stopping public awareness, so stopping the research and development of my fusion spacecraft rocket engine and a reactor by modifications that's designed to fuse of 4 hydrogen atoms' that's expected to produce thrust and energy.

I require the implementation of my intellectual data regarding the concepts of "0" and its' copyright dollars paid so as to finance this fusion project in Australia with international involvement. Mathematicians become very upset when confronted with my dividing and multiplying by 0. Seeing and hearing mathematicians and physicists tearing their hair out over my concepts of "zero" is to believe it.

The incorrect set of dividing and multiplying by zero, proven wrong by me in 1993, was established arbitrarily and unproven in the 9th and 10th century by Hindu mathematicians, and doesn't allow any object to exist on nothing. But everything is subject to its' foundations so everything being on the Earth is on nothing for the Earth itself is on nothing proving my set of dividing by zero, that allows objects and the Earth to exist on nothing, is correct and theirs is wrong.     

All Mathematicians, physicists and the World Science establishments and Governments also their legal systems will capitulate, concede and accept my set of dividing and multiplying by zero is correct and is the law worldwide for everything is relative to its' foundations and all the worlds legislation is based on adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying (by zero) and counting making the Laws of this Universe the foundations of all legislation. Therefore all the world's legislation and governments are subject to the Universes' laws, whether they like it or not.    


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I've proven conclusively and absolutely, beyond any doubt in 2001, that mathematicians and physicists are wrongly treating zero as a fraction. This conclusion is confirmed by the following: 1 divided by 1/infinity or by 0 = infinite times; so mathematicians are stating 1/infinity = zero, which is false. 1/infinity has length, breadth, depth and mass  whereas " 0" doesn't. So I require my set of dividing and multiplying by 0, demonstrated and proven in 1993, opposed and frustrated for 8 1/2yrs, implemented and the "non exclusive" copyright $dollars paid. The 50yr copyright is to start from its' implementation and the copyright paid. Mathematicians have no choice but to capitulate. 

I am the world authority on the superior science predicted to come by Einstein, which is also a political, economic and legal system. I am developing and applying the superior science. Universities would award me honourary professorships if they thought I�d accept them. It's blight on the common man if I did. What else have the physicists and science

For more than 10 yrs, I have had to work with no money, no facilities, alone, with no assistance, obstructed, hindered and denied credit, denied recognition and denied financial remuneration due me from my work. My qualifications are talent, ability, superior intelligence and reasoning powers verified and demonstrated again and again by my achievements.

Australia and its� Federal and State governments have not contributed a single $dollar towards my work but I was told by the Dept. of Industry, science and technology D.I.S.T. to keep up the good work. They had denied me a National interest grant in June 1992 saying in a brief letter, the board has met and said "no". I wasn�t present. I don�t know who they were on the board. Their refusal to finance my works' development has been to the long term detriment of Australia and the world. Their failure to comprehend and invest is appalling.

I have been confronted with irresponsible and mad requests by the media for they ask me for confirmation of my work by the science establishment, but refuse and fail to put them on the spot and "so" deliberately ignore the evidence. This means I am to have the Big Bang theorists, the Steady State theorists and Science establishments come out publicly and state they are wrong.  They all hide behind their Tertiary play school labels, hide behind their position and status and hide behind their secretaries skirts. They won't come out publicly and state they are wrong. The Big Bang and Steady State theorists will just fade away. The Steady State theorist Fred Hoyle died in August 2001 and remained silent to his grave re my work. Following is my demolition of the Big Bang theory etc.. Relevant data and proofs are found in other files listed on the main index as developed.

The Primeval atom is the foundation of the Big Bang theory. It�s said to have contained all the energy and matter of the universe compressed into an infinitely dense and hot point, smaller than the smallest atom; existing in Theo Routs� concept of a void of non existence, where the Big Bang theorists, and I, say time and space doesn�t exist.

If this were true then space is subject to matter which is total nonsense because matter is subject to space and therefore matter, energy and the "PRIMEVAL ATOM are dependent on the existence of space in which to exist. This proves their primeval atom never existed so destroying the foundations of the "Big Bang theory".

The BIG BANG theorists have never given scientific explanation for how energy itself, that which all matter is made of, or how space itself came to exist other than by slight of hand and magic. They say it all welled up from nothing, it all magically came into existence at the Big Bang from Georges Lemaitres� Primeval atom.


Edwin Hubble

"Red Shift"


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For the Primeval atom to be hot then movement would be happening; therefore time would be happening, time would exist....... So the Primeval atom would have to be at absolute zero temperature. It must not move or vibrate. The speed of light also would have to be zero else time would exist........ The Primeval atom being stationary, i.e. at zero speed then it would be equaling the speed of light which would also be zero. Matter equaling the speed of light would cease to exist, become nothing; become, according to me, a higher and different state of energy. The Primeval atom would cease to exist........

If the Primeval atom rotated once in an eternity then time existed prior to their Big Bang and before the existence of space. Albert Einstein states space and time is one and the same and called it "space time" which the primeval atom and Big Bang theory violate. The Big Bang theorists need to have their primeval atom remain eternally stationary, it must not spin. This is achievable by introducing my concept of space as having a 4th dimension namely density and this density be reduced to absolute zero by gravitation then this I believe,  would then halt all movement. This is in harmony with and extends Einsteins' concept of space time.

For the primeval atom to get from a state of absolute zero temperature and absolute non movement to the moment of the Big Bang then something would have had to be happening, processes would have had to be occurring. Gravitation of the Primeval atom would have to be weakening and/or overwhelmed so time was passing, then time existed where time, it�s professed, didn�t exist. ____Time/movement is required to exist else their Big Bang couldn't have happened!. Space, it's said, came into existence at the Big Bang.

 Why should the action of the Big Bang just happen without cause?

So the Primeval atom sits in this state of suspended animation for an eternity; it exists for this incredible span of eternal time, so time still existed. The matter and energy of the Primeval atom would be pushing outwards but countered by the gravitation pulling inwards so the rate of pulling inwards per sec equals the rate of pushing outwards per sec.. Time would still exist amid this eternal stationary movement of 2 opposing forces. This pushing and pulling equaling each other doesn't cause either or both nor time, in a stationary form, to cease to exist.  

Therefore time and movement still exist if reduced to absolute zero. To actually get rid of time, movement, rotation and spin and create a state where time and movement doesn�t exist you have to get rid of existence, get rid of the potential of time and movement, to achieve that the Primeval atom and space have to go, neither can be allowed to exist!

A Big Bang can�t happen from a state of NOTHING with no dimensions: a state of non-existence, a timeless state___Nothing doesn't explode.

The Big Bang theorists having their primeval atom existing outside of space and time show a flaw in their reasoning for they have movement existing separate from time.

A further flaw and contradiction of the primeval atom and the non existence of space and time is revealed when the primeval atom is considered as the biggest Black hole ever. So by being The Primeval Black hole then it has to be admitted to having an event horizon and that between the event horizon and the infinitely dense center, called the singularity, "Space" exists and therefore the existence of time and movement as well. 

Applying the premise "NO SPACE = NO GRAVITY" for gravity being a product of space then it too would cease to exist enabling the Big Bang theorists primeval atom to be freed from the absolute gravitation crushing it so triggering a Big Bang. But their primeval atom is a singularity with vast amounts of space existing within the biggest event horizon ever. So their primeval atom being their "primeval singularity"  can't eliminate space for

Ernest J. Sternglass


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 the bigger their Primeval Black hole the bigger their event horizon, so more space. 

The primeval atom or rather the Primeval Black Hole in causing near absolute gravitation in turn would reduce the density of space itself to near absolute zero. This in turn reduces movement and spin towards absolute zero and it only needs to be accepted that it also slows down the actual speed of light itself to near absolute zero speed; by it being relative to the density of space itself. It's stated nothing can escape from a Black hole; primeval or not.____ So how can astro-physicists have matter and energy escaping from the Primeval atom/Black hole by way of the exploding Big bang?   

The Primeval atom being near to being absolutely stationary, i.e. at zero speed and zero vibration then it would be equaling the actual speed of light which would also be near to absolute zero (not 300.000. kps but near to zero kps due to the reduced density of space itself due to near absolute gravity) . Therefore matter, the primeval atom, would be equaling the speed of light so would cease to exist, become nothing; become a higher and different state of energy. The Primeval atom or "primeval Black Hole" would be converted into nothing; cease to exist; therefore no Big Bang ever.

About 1995 I proved "NOTHING" exists in 4 forms. The proof was privileged reading for Paul Davies Prof. then at the Adelaide university. He has remained silent. He said on T.V. that the end of space would always be a mystery. I�ll write more on this later.

The "law" of conservation of energy: "energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed" isn�t "law"; it should never have been taught as a "law". It was an assumption proven to be false, by me in Jan 1994, by proving energy is ceasing to exist naturally and can be caused to cease to exist. Also, in Sept.1994 I proved energy can be created from "NOTHING" proving "NOTHING" is a higher and different state of energy. Soon after I was shown a U.S. university physics textbook that states the "law" of conservation is an assumption, not a "principle" and not a "law".

The intimidatory question dumped upon me and the opponents of the Big Bang theory is "How come the Universe is expanding?" answer it or shut up and accept the Big Bang Theory. But I am in a position where my answer can be insultingly interpreted by pretend scientists as unscientific and no more credible than the religionists historically who explain what they can't explain by saying it was an act of God.

I state the creation of space is an eternally occurring action, a supernatural action, an act of God creating a universe that is expanding eternally and is eternal, so existence itself is also eternal. I state that space itself is constantly coming into existence via an "ACTION" mathematically explained by zero divided by zero = 0 = "SPACE" with length, breadth, depth and density to which the speed of light is relative. Alter the density, you alter the speed of light and time up or down.

If 0 divided by 0 = 0, equals only zero, then it is a non action which I maintain is false, but a correct answer for computers and arithmetic for they don't have supernatural powers. 

In these "DARK AGES" of the 21st century the worlds' scientists and religionists are not ready, not receptive to the profound concepts and evidence substantiating that God is subjecting itself, unto itself. If it isn't then God is evil or there is no God! This concept explains why God doesn't interfere, why God is silent; it answers the age old question, the very question asked and unanswered by Evangelist Billy Graham, "Why does God allow horrifying and/or evil things to happen?". Another reality is "if God giveth and God taketh away" then it means God is immoral and evil. Try explaining and proving that to Islamics' bowing down and burying their heads in the ground 5 times a day, let alone have them hear above their constant shouting of "ALLAH IS GREAT". But of course they all are


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not interested in the realities of God. I've got better things to do with my time and energy than spend it and it on religiously stuffed brains. They have to free themselves from their religious entrapment by accepting and disciplining themselves by applying the statement "facts in their true perspective"; and strive to see things as they really are. Religionists are reinforcing their religious mental block day after day so destroying their freedom of thought and ability to reason so destructive to them learning by reasoning.

Einsteins' common statement "everything is relative" is missing some words which are "everything is relative to the phenomena", not relative to the Bible or to the Koran or to legislation but "all" is to be relative to the phenomena, achievable by "all" being subject to the "facts in their true perspective". This proves Religionists are out of contact with reality to the detriment of humanity, to this world. To gain peace in this world requires common ground and that common ground is for all legislation and all religious books and teachings to be subject to the "facts in their true perspective". 

I proved in Jan 1998 that the speed of light is alterable up or down using data sitting before the eyes of the world science establishments for 50 yrs��. PROOF: It is proven and accepted that the faster you move through space the slower time passes. So if time passes in a high speeding spacecraft at half the rate as on earth and the speed of light doesn�t slow down in line with the slower time then its speed is doubled relative to the slower time. The slowing of time with the increase in speed is compatible with speed reducing the density of space itself within an object, for example a spacecraft. 

Albert Einstein predicted the coming of a superior science where things are simple and beautiful. He didn�t mean "simple as A.B.C.", he meant "complex in it�s simplicity which is beautiful". I have discovered that science; I am applying and developing it. Its� foundations are a simple single statement: "facts in their true perspective".....The how and why it works and its� superiority will be shown and experienced throughout my writings. 

The question of whether the universe is open or closed is about whether matter and energy can exit the expanding space of our universe. The Big Bang theorists, believing in their Primeval atom existing outside of space and time, have had the data, to believe, to state the universe is open. Why have they been asleep to this reasoning? 

If matter and/or energy can exist outside of space due to space ceasing to exist via the primeval atom then "NOTHING ITSELF " would exist in 1 form only; as "nothing, a state of non existence with no dimensions" rather than all 4 forms and space itself wouldn't be needed. About 1995 I proved "NOTHING" exists in 4 forms. Why should "NOTHING" exist in 1 form only instead of existing in all 4 forms eternally??? 

With the universe being open, then all the energy of the exploding Primeval atom, travelling at the speed of light (300,000 K.p.sec), would be outside the space yet to form. Be lost forever......... Surely the Big Bang theorists aren�t going to say the early universe of "SPACE" was expanding at the speed of light and so expanding neck and neck with all the energy and radiation?

The expanding space is actually carrying matter, galaxies and energy outwards so space would have had to expand lots and lots faster than the speed of light. Also space needed to have a massive head start. But their Big Bang happened before space existed. Their space turned up late. Their matter/energy had an enormous start; because it existed.

This alone discredits and destroys the Big Bang theory.

Is the present universe expanding at the speed of light or faster? No? If space at the Big

"God is Dead"

Confirmed by;

Pope John Paul II


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Bang expanded at or faster than the speed of light then the expansion of the present universe must have slowed down dramatically? But it hasn't. It's said, by the world science establishment, the universes' expansion is speeding up; expanding faster and faster. So they unknowingly, are stating space at the time of their Big Bang didn't expand at or faster than the speed of light. So we all must therefore conclude all energy of the Big bang, traveling at the speed of light left space behind and is outside of space and there is just an empty Universe of expanding space devoid of matter and energy, which is clearly false. This reduces the Big Bang theory to being an "IDIOT CONCEPT".

The options explaining the universes' existence are extremely few; so more reason to value mine. The best brains of this world have tried and failed to explain it, except me.

There wouldn�t be an "ECHO" of the Big Bang in an open universe; for it needed to bounce back, to echo back. The cosmic background radiation called the echo of the Big Bang would have exited their Big Bang "OPEN" universe. The "ECHO" is of a "CLOSED" universe so conflicting with a Big Bang "OPEN" universe. The Big Bang theorists, I think, unconsciously know that if they declare the universe "OPEN" or "CLOSED" it will result in the collapse of the Big Bang theory. They ought to know they need the contradictions so as to prop it up. Likewise with political systems. There is obviously cosmic background radiation in the universe and always will be and it�s a "CON" and an insult to peoples intelligence to interpret background cosmic radiation as the remnants of the Big Bang. It�s a "CON JOB" to prop up the Big Bang theory and a conspiracy to impose it upon "US ALL" including Fred Hoyle and the "Steady state universe theorists" by the numbers of the few: the "I(s) HAVE IT" of the science establishment and not by scientific proofs. I would like to say the Primeval atom and the Big Bang theory are both in violation of Einsteins� General relativity. The data proving this has been sitting before the world science establishments� eyes, for yrs and yrs. I�ll  expose the profoundness of this data in the full publication. 

I will say now that science fiction is being peddled and portrayed as science. It�s a bad thing. It�s being done with the false thinking that it gives scientists ideas and makes better scientists and better science; it doesn�t��. It shifts the onus of proof.

Scientists and "I" prove things but fiction scientists, peddle plausibility, prove nothing and have to be proven wrong�The "echo" of the Big Bang by Penzias and Wilson in 1960, is guilty of being science fiction! It wasn't worthy of being awarded the 1978 Nobel prize; I accuse it of being a manufactured discovery to prop up the Big Bang theory and to subjugate Fred Hoyle and the "Steady state theorists". 

Striving to put the "facts into their true perspective" eliminates contradictions and generates ideas and better scientists and better science.

The Big Bang is portrayed as energy exploding outwards forming matter etc. etc. but really it would�ve been better portrayed as "SPACE" being released and carrying energy and matter outwards, as it is, but that would have placed the importance upon space rather than on energy and matter........ Einstein asked what is space?

Ernest J. Sternglass Prof. gives a good insight into Lemaitres Primeval atom; also the sad state of the Big Bang theory and its� origins in his book: "Before the Big Bang". Published in U.S. 1997.

The Big Bang theory is an accumulation of bad science. The universe of space to collapse back; or rather all space be sucked back into a state of non-existence by the newly forming Primeval atom is stupid. It�s to be comprised of all the energy and matter of the

Stephen Hawking


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universe, but minus the incredible amounts of energy that passed out of the universe of space, into oblivion and lost forever is absurd.... So forget about an oscillating universe.

Who says gravity will reach outside the universe, outside of space and into the eternalness of oblivion and suck it all back?...... Not me!

After each "Big Crunch" the Primeval atom keeps on getting smaller with less energy and less power� It would finally die, cease to exist..... 

Space at the Big Bang would have had to be formed, had to come into existence, so takes time to form. Then lets say its� expansion increased faster and faster approaching the speed of light. The space of their Big Bang being subject to energy and matter shouldn�t be able to expand at or faster than the speed of light to which energy is subject.

Since space of their Big Bang expanded slower than the speed of light then the energy/matter; that hadn't exited at the Big Bang, is being carried outwards by the expanding space. All the energy would eventually catch up to the end of space and exit their Big Bang universe_________Light travels outwards at 300,000 k.p.sec "PLUS" the speed of the expanding space, for space carries everything with it as it expands, so light goes on and exits. It catches up to the end of space.

The energy of their universe has been exiting since their Big Bang and would continue to leave at a faster rate if the universe of space slows down expanding, stops or collapses. Energy would continue to exit their universe of space at the speed of light until a Black hole with a singularity powerful and big enough to form an event horizon, as big as the universe itself, to stop the massive energy losses��.... A futile possibility.

Since the space of their universe was squashed out of existence by the amount of energy contained in their original Primeval atom then it stands to reason there isn�t enough matter and energy to cause their universe to collapse back in a Big crunch.

Their one and only Big Bang universe adds up to it being a meaningless and purposeless exercise. If an act of divine creation then it�s an exercise of a mentally retarded god and/or their God committing suicide so as to escape an existence of failure, boredom and a universe where nothing works. 

This would give credibility and an explanation of "HOW and WHY" to the age old statement "God is dead"�� Confirmed by Pope John Paul II early in his papacy when he stated God was outside the universe� To be outside the universe is not to exist!

Stephen Hawking Prof. received his Ph.D. with the equating of Black holes to the Big Bang. To do so is to substitute the Primeval atom with the center of a Black hole which is called a "SINGULARITY"; as well give the Primeval atom an "EVENT HORIZON" which is where matter and light is captured by a Black hole. But the Primeval atom, with an event horizon would also have, "SPACE", distance that energy and matter would require to travel, so take "TIME", to reach the singularity and be squashed. Stephen Hawking is on record as saying that the Big Bang had to be "SINGULAR"... Therefore a Black hole. 

The scientific credibility of Stephen Hawking Prof.  Cambridge University and Roger Penrose Prof.  Oxford University and all like Professors are damaged when they state and believe the Big Bang is "SINGULAR" and then PREACH and believe that "TIME and SPACE" came into existence at the Big Bang.

"(15th April 2000) It is stated internationally that there are 2 kinds of Black holes:  "stellar mass" and "super massive". It�s said when matter enters the event horizon of a "stellar mass Black hole" spagettification takes place.... But at the event horizon


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of a "super massive Black hole" a cosmological contradiction occurs; spagettification doesn�t happen??? Stated by Martin Rees Prof. Cambridge Uni. and Kip Thorne Prof. In a T.V. documentary, 1999, called Black holes. 

I say, it means the bigger the Black hole the weaker the gravity at the event horizon. This means Black holes are limited in size. It also means that when Black holes exceed the limited size then they can�t contain light so emits energy, emits light. This can explain the mysterious Quasars being super massive Black holes exceeding their limited size and releasing massive amounts of pure energy until they drop back inside their limits; maybe they never go back, maybe it�s the death of Black holes? This releasing of energy is consistent with Black holes function in the universe of removing and causing matter and energy to cease to exist. Energy being released is caused to slowly cease to exist via the expanding universe stretching and straightening the wave length of energies.

This blatantly shows that the biggest Black hole, the Primeval atom, would have exceeded the limited size of a Black hole and therefore it wasn�t possible for it to have existed." Also to think that running the expanding universe backwards, as though it were a film and it would all go back to a single point is to be gullible......This idea is credited to Georges Lemaitre, a priest. Religions, to survive, all depend upon the gullibility of people and their believing without proof and the discarding and/or subjugation of reasoning. I say the film would show galaxies disappearing, ceasing to exist and galaxies upon galaxies coming into view. The film would be running backwards forever; a film of an eternally contracting universe.  

Albert Einstein said Lemaitres physics wasn�t any good....... This can be seen by the actual concepts of Lemaitres Primeval atom being discarded, ignored and also altered. The Primeval atom is supposed to have formed by a "super string" breaking in half forming an electron and a positron rotating about each other and containing all the energy of the universe�..

This appears to be a perversion of Einsteins� past statements that it would take the infinite energy of the universe to push a spacecraft towards the speed of light, its� mass would become infinite, the energy thrust would be converted into mass. 

Energy of the universe is randomised, spread out, so would have had to be collected and be force fed to Lemaitres rotating electron-positron which also are prone to eject photons of energy. Lemaitre appears to have hurriedly put his ideas together following Hubbles' discovery of the "red shift" that's proving the universe is expanding. His Primeval atom is supposed to form the universe with or without a Big Bang.

The Primeval atom has been altered to accommodate varying intellectual whims and preferred outcomes. For example; at one time it�s several light years across and later its been altered to being a point of infinite density. Its� numerous variations appear to be used to suit the occasion. It�s used with Quantum mechanics that violates their "law" that energy can�t be created nor destroyed by it being said the Primeval atom came to exist from absolutely "nothing"....... It just "WELLED" up to a point of infinite density comprised of all the energy of the universe and the Big Bang happened........ 

This violates the normal processes by which a point of infinite density, a "SINGULARITY" forms. They normally form via Supernova with a massive implosion at the center caused by the outer massive supernova explosion. The Big Bang theorists could say that their Big Bang was the Primeval supernova and a Primeval singularity has formed and is gravitationally sucking the universe back in a Big crunch now............ 

Martin Rees



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FUNNY! Where is the newly formed Primeval singularity at the center of their Big Bang universe???? What about the massive implosion??? 

It�s worth saying that an electron and a positron are particles and rotating about each other doesn�t make an atom, a Primeval atom...... I think Einstein in being forced to accept the universe was expanding by Edwin Hubbles� "RED SHIFT" reluctantly accepted the Primeval atom with displeasure.

The question of the rate at which the universe is expanding remains unanswered.

Hubbles' constant is about the best estimate. Why is it that the astrophysicists have failed to put forth a combination of 2 rates. 1st being for the rate of the matter expanding from the enormous explosion of their Big Bang and a 2nd independent rate for the expansion of space itself?

The matter of this universe, galaxies etc. are not reacting as though it all was subjected to a massive Big Bang explosion, for it all appears somewhat stationary in space, consistent with it having formed in space where it is... There are super clusters of galaxies that have taken more than 120 billion yrs to form according to Eric J. Lerner in his book "The big bang never happened".

The universe of space is expanding and carrying galaxies outwards at greater and greater speeds. A near stationary galaxy is being carried outwards faster and faster relative to earth, at present, 150,000 k.p.sec; half the speed of light...... With matter and the speed of light "actually" being subject to space then this means that the universe of space could expand faster than the speed of light. This means that these near stationary galaxies etc. will be in space expanding outwards faster than the speed of light; they�ll disappear from view, but still exist. 

The light from these galaxies, in space expanding faster than the speed of light, to reach earth; to be seen from earth, would require the density of space itself to increase. This would increase the speed of light so as to maintain a higher speed than the speed of the expanding space, but that's just fanciful����

If the universe of space expanding at or faster than the speed of light stopped expanding then the speed would be transferred to the matter/galaxies. The matter/galaxies would be moving at/or faster than the speed of light so should cease to exist; become "nothing", a higher and different state of energy. _____ This could also happen; energy/matter ceasing to exist, by the density of space itself falling towards zero, creating "nothing"; space in 2  dimensions with 0 density, and 0 distance; the speed of light = 0.��..

The density and distance of space may fall as the expansion of space reaches the speed of light (or some higher speed), so causing matter, energy and space to cease to exist? You need to know nothing; understand nothing, to comprehend the universe.   

I will take the Big Bang universe and it�s expanding space, empty of all its energy and matter. I would leave the universe open; but with energy and matter ceasing to exist as it exits the end of the universe that is "NOTHING" in a 2 dimensional state with a falling density. Also I�ll discard the Primeval atom and the Big Bang. I will go on to show how energy comes into existence.

The race will be on to answer the question and prove "HOW IS THE HYDROGEN ATOM CREATED"? It is being created in space.�.. Will I again have to demonstrate and prove

   Kip Thorne


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my intellectual and scientific superiority by again having to do it all by working with "NOTHING", no money, no facilities, alone, denied intellectual and scientific credit, and robbed of financial remuneration for my achievements; also obstructed?

The following is work I have done over more than the last decade and will be included and elaborated on in the final publication:

A fusion spacecraft rocket engine and a reactor by modifications, designed in 1990-2, to increase the speed of light within the engine, creating the conditions to fuse 4 hydrogen atoms forming helium plus energy and massive THRUST. It is also the solution to the green house effect by eliminating the use of fossil fuels. This engine would generate electricity, pump water and create energy for motor cars either as electricity and/or as liquid designed fuels. It was released internationally under non exclusive copyright in 1992. This spacecraft rocket engine would bring Australia to the forefront in space technology. But this opportunity is passing Australia by.......... I sought a "NATIONAL INTEREST GRANT" in June 1992. The board of nameless phantom figures of the Dept of Industry Science and Technology (D.I.S.T.) met without my presence and sent me a letter saying the board has met and said "NO" but do keep up the good work.

Australia and it�s Federal and State governments have not contributed even a lousy $1 to assist my work. But they all have spent time, money and energy to stop these achievements; stop Australia benefiting and progressing.

There have been international responses that could be considered attributed to the release of my scientific data. For example: two 1.5$billion fusion experiments, 1 in the U.K. late 1991 by Jet laboratories and 1 in the U.S. in mid 1992 where momentary fusion success involving deuterium and tritium occurred but it has stopped with the release of my fusion rocket engine/reactor design in mid 1992. Also the Fermi lab in Chicago U.S. stopped its� experiments re the fragmentation of matter in relation to the Big Bang when I released on the 9th May 93 I�d destroyed the Big Bang theory....... PROOF: a universe expanding from a Big Bang would require the speed of light to be falling dramatically by its speed being relative to the falling density of the expanding space itself. But since the speed of light is remaining constant then the Big Bang never happened.

For the Big crunch to happen then the density of space itself would have to increase more and more as it collapsed. The speed of light should rise exponentially to a likely speed in excess of trillions k.p.sec.. This destroys the maths and conclusions of their Big Bang happening 10-20 Billion yrs ago.

March 2000; my following data destroys the Big crunch theory; it shows the world scientists have failed to do their "HOME WORK": It is taught the faster matter moves through space the greater its mass. With space expanding slower and stopping from a speed of 300,000 k.p.sec it would have been transferring its' speed to the galactic matter just as a car coming to an abrupt stop the speed of the passenger continues forward at that cars speed. The infinite gravitation of all this galactic matter, should suck all matter from inside their Big Bang universe outwards. Doomed and fragmenting it should cast all of itself outwards into the eternalness of oblivion. 

All that energy transferred to the galactic matter from spaces' expansion slowing comes from nothing... Energy created from nothing. This is proof again that "NOTHING"-space is of a higher and a different kind of energy.

The fusion engine is about creating energy and the world economy is based upon energy. This fusion engine would have global ramifications and there are world powers wanting to

Roger Penrose


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control it, own and control the lot��..

They're not humanity!

Nickola Tesla, a Serbian, is one of this worlds' greatest scientists and greatest brains; he is responsible for A.C. electricity and lots more. Tesla opposed the concept of a universe of curved space. In 1993 I destroyed Einsteins� concept of a universe of curved space... Proof: a straight line would not exist in a universe of curved space for no matter how small the straight line, it would be curved, for it�s only a small part of a bigger line that�s curved�........I believe a straight line exists, do you"?

This points to Quantum mechanics being flawed. It containing data that�s stopping the unifying of the two sciences.

Humans have historically always had difficulty with the concepts of "NOTHING". This is verified by me proving in 1993 that (any number) 1 divided or multiplied by 0 = 1 a non-action, but 0 divided by 0 is an action. Mathematicians and physicists  are failing mentally to comprehend it.

Correcting the zero defect eliminates the maths' problem of the infinities, encountered by numbers being divided by "0" in Quantum mechanics stuffing up their mathematics.

Algebra, I've proven, is a flawed and defective maths that can't be computerized; it makes computers sick......... Please don't put up, nor accept, pathetic algebraic equations defending the incorrect dividing and multiplying by zero. They are wrong; they are false. They are exercises in trickery._____ The maths of the Big bang theory are proven flawed, proven defective, are without credibility due to the using of algebra in their calculations.

It�s pretty well common knowledge that space is warped and curved by the enormous gravity of Black holes. This proves, my conclusion, space itself has an alterable density, else it wouldn�t bend or warp. Also the density of space requires to be known as the 4th dimension. This again shows and demonstrates my intellectual and scientific superiority. 

I proved Einsteins� Special relativity is "LAW" at Easter 1993� As well Einstein has "TIME" being the 4th dimension but it requires to be corrected. Time and the speed of light being subject to the density of nothing in 4 dimensions makes it, "the density of nothing", the 4th dimension. This points to Quantum mechanics being flawed. It contains data that�s stopping the unifying of the two sciences. How many teachers internationally say nothing, do nothing and allow this data, and my other data, to be suppressed and excluded from the education system? 

Nickola Teslas� intellectual achievements are relevant in the design of the fusion engine!

The Big Bang theory is fit intellectual material for an Ed Wood film who historically, is believed by the U.S. Hollywood film industry, as the worlds' worst film director. 

Humans have historically always had difficulty with the concepts of "NOTHING". This is verified by me proving in 1993 that 1 divided or multiplied by 0 = 1 a non-action, but 0 divided by 0 is an action. Mathematicians and physicists are failing to comprehend it.

My dividing and multiplying by zero is released under non-exclusive copyright. I've given 75% to be owned and controlled by the public independent of the State. The other dividing and multiplying by 0, framed as actions, in computers, taught in schools is wrong, easily proven wrong; is wrong with no doubts! Correcting the zero defect eliminates the maths' problem of the infinities, encountered by numbers being divided by zero in Quantum mechanics, which stuffs up their mathematics. 


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My dividing and multiplying by zero is released under non-exclusive copyright. I've given 75% to be owned and controlled by the public independent of the State. The other dividing and multiplying by 0, framed as actions, in computers, taught in schools is wrong, easily proven wrong; is wrong with no doubts! Correcting the zero defect eliminates the maths' problem of the infinities, encountered by numbers being divided by zero in Quantum mechanics, which stuffs up their mathematics. 

Algebra is a flawed and defective maths that can't be computerized; it makes computers sick......... Please don't put up, nor accept, pathetic algebraic equations defending the incorrect dividing and multiplying by zero. They are wrong; they are false. They are exercises in trickery.

The Zero defect in computers should have, could have, been fixed along with the spending of a $trillion worldwide fixing the Y2K bug. The world will regret not having fixed the Zero defect. The "ZERO BUG" effects are yet to be experienced!

The fusion rocket engine/reactor, the ultimate in engines, has a special and fundamental design. This design appears to form the conditions that Einstein was looking for to unify "GRAVITY and ELECTRO-MAGNETIC forces". If he were alive today he could�ve used it to develop his unified field theory that�s been called Einsteins� "unfinished symphony". 

I will apply the superior science to political, legal and economic problems facing the world.

Genetic engineering is a means to destroy all evolved life forms, all life as we know it and destroy our world. This real and lasting threat has to be contained permanently and can't be contained by legislation, and can't be contained by supporting political parties. The only way to deal with this eternal horrifying threat is by subjecting the entire genetic engineering, science and medical establishments, also the political and legal systems, to the superior science. There is no other solution but this one and humans must not delay nor be delayed with words nor by political parties and the "Is' HAVE IT".

It's the "END" of the humble potato via genetic engineering.

A tomato may look like a tomato but be anything but a tomato. Human genes are being implanted into pigs and other animals, even plants so to eat any of it is to commit acts of cannibalism. The genetic makeup of all living things will be polluted and we the public will be totally helpless. Legislation isn�t the answer; it can�t stop the genetic destruction of life on this planet. The problem has to be dealt with and contained quickly and permanently. The solution is a revolution worldwide through the real application of the superior science, if it were to fail then we are all doomed for there is nothing else that can save us. We will end up with genes from dogs testicles in all of our foods. Humans and their political, science and legal systems will destroy us all. 

The "BUTTERFLY EFFECT", is a scientific term, where movement of a butterflies wings causes, over time, affects and changes to the worlds' weather. In simple words a small act causing large ramifications. The "BUTTERFLY EFFECT" is seen with the suicidal hijacked planes crashing into, and the horrendous collapse of, the 2 world trade centre buildings killing thousands of people and damaging economically the world Airline and insurance industries and damaging the American and world economies; costing $Billions upon $Billions of dollars. Also affecting many thousands of peoples lives, now and for generations to come.  Small amounts of data and small acts can generate extreme detriment and "genetic engineering's horrifying "BUTTERFLY EFFECTs" will destroy us all.

Responsible for AC Electricity & more!

Nikola TeslA


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To think in terms of and be perceptive to small amounts of data then it requires to be subject to the superior sciences' foundation: "facts in their true perspective". The American establishment subjects, not themselves, only their citizens to telling them, the establishment, the facts in their true perspective or rather the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The U.S. establishment not being subject to "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" reveals how and why the American establishment and its' F.B.I. and C.I.A. failed dismally to see and respond to the small amounts of data that could have alerted them to, and the preventing of, the infamous suicidal hijackings of 4 American planes.

About 1915 hazards and health dangers of asbestos were known but we the public were helpless and powerless to stop its' spread into every parts of our society. We the public were not able to stop business's and governments doing what they want to do. The same scenario exists with genetic engineering but we must contain it permanently.

Airline companies have known for decades about the deadly dangers of "Deep vein thrombosis" D.V.T. but we the public were helpless and powerless to do anything about it. It was known but ignored by airline and insurance companies worldwide and by governments as well. We, the public, are dispossessed of our media resources by those bought and paid of the media who publish what they want to publish and dump news and info when they and their political friends choose to. We, the public, must have automatic access to the media. The media must be forced, 1st and foremost, to publish print and broadcast news and information that's in the publics' interest. This is only achievable by subjecting the media to the statement: "facts in their true perspective"; this empowers citizens to force the Media to publish. Legislation are words divorced from reality, divorced from the phenomena......... Legislation isn't the answer unless it's subject to "facts in their true perspective".

The medical establishment also knew of the deaths and damage short and long term caused by Deep vein thrombosis but they also ignored it leaving the general public ignorant, helpless, defenseless and powerless. 

There had been around 60 deaths a year at Heathrow airport from blood clots according to Law firm Paul Henderson, Slater and Gordon and they say, the onset of D.V.T. can be delayed for several weeks, and of concern are the unknown factors, passengers leave the airport, and some weeks later develop serious complications.

The worldwide Airline and insurance companies and governments knew about airplane hijackings for decades. They all knew about suicide bombers for decades. On the 1st November 1999 Egypt air flight 990, is believed, was deliberately nose dived into the Atlantic ocean by an Islamic suicidal co-pilot killing 217 passengers. Approx. 30 were Egyptian pilots returning home to Egypt after retraining in America, enough reason for the Egyptian Jihad Islamic terrorist organization, or a sympathiser, with the intent to use this act of terrorism, to damage Egypts' tourism and economy to force Egypt into becoming an Islamic State. The Egyptian Government wanted it all suppressed. My data on Egyptair flight 990 comes from A.P.Tv News.

With God as a foundation then only the elimination of the human species entirely from this world can achieve peace and sanity. God would have to be the most divisive foundation possible. Both reasoning and also history itself proves it beyond any doubt and the world must stop repeating it and permanently discard God as a foundation. 

Applying the statement "Facts in their true perspective" would be applying the will of God. Why? Persons applying it become more intelligent. Would God want people to be more intelligent? Answer must be Yes! To practice Islam is to violate the statement therefore become unintelligent, with defective reasoning so obviously in violation of the will of God. The statement "facts in their true perspective" is a gift from God that required to be found, analyzed and understood, also applied.

The Egyptian Jihad Islamic terrorist organization in 1999 murdered and mutilated  60 tourists and again at a later date, gunned down, murdering 9 German tourists and the

"Quantum Mechanics"? 


Albert Einstein


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Egyptian coach driver. They also may well have had one of their "sympathizer" or "sleeper" suicidal co-pilots put Egypt air Flight 990, on 1st Nov. 1999, into a suicide  nose dive into the ocean; after having conned all the pilots to go out and talk and social with the 30 Egyptian pilots returning from retraining in the U.S. leaving El Batouty, relief co-pilot in total control and alone. This horrifying suicide action was of great assistance to the Islamic terrorist organization known as the Egyptian Jihad linked with the murderous terrorist Osama Bin Laden and Al Qada. The Egyptian Jihad terrorists policy of killing tourists and killing Americans was fulfilled by the suicide crashing of Egypt air flight 990, killing all 217 on board, 30 minutes after it left New York on route to Cairo, Egypt.

The potential and danger of Islamic suicide pilots stared America and the world in face on the 1st November 1999; but they all ignored it. If the Egyptian relief co-pilot, El Batouty, was and did what I speculate and think, then he forced flight 990 into the ocean for the Egyptian Jihad terrorists, horrifyingly screaming to himself over and over "in God I place my trust". It may as well have been "ALLAH IS GREAT" ,"ALLAH IS GREAT"! 

How awful; we all know as Islamic suicidal plane hijackers murdered thousands of innocent, vulnerable, helpless and politically powerless people on planes and at the World Trade Centre, Pentagon and Pennsylvania, would've been screaming and screaming over and over "ALLAH IS GREAT" "ALLAH IS GREAT" "ALLAH IS GREAT"! 

The world airlines and insurance companies, also governments and the media ignored the inevitable hijacking of planes by suicidal Islamics' capable of commandeering planes and the crashing of them into Fission nuclear reactors or buildings. They have had warnings! The investigators of the Egypt Air flight 990 had investigated whether suicide terrorists on board and had hijacked Flight 990 and suicided, murdering all 217 on board 1st Nov 1999, 2 years before the Sept.11 2001 U.S. suicide horror. Negligently nothing was done.

The obvious conclusion was to secure all cockpits with 2, not 1, but 2 impregnable doors that allows 1 person to enter or leave at a time with only 1 of the doors opening while the other remains locked. Terrorists must not gain entry to planes' cockpits nor controls no matter what. If there had been persons who had realized these dangers and solutions and had informed Airlines and Insurance companies also governments and the media then they all would only have responded as they all have previously over ASBESTOS, DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS and potential SUICIDAL PLANE HIJACKERS, and ignored it.

For America to compare the surprise bombing of Pearl Harbour on 7th Dec.1941 by Japanese pilots with the murderous Islamic suicidal plane hijackings of Sept.11th 2001upon the World trade centre should stimulate memories of  kamikaze suicidal Japanese pilots crashing their planes into U.S. warships in the 2nd world war. It's a repeat of history proving America knew of; by having experienced Kamikazi suicidal pilots who were motivated by politics and Islam being a dangerous and evil political ideology that uses religious entrapment to exercise political power, to gain and  exercise absolute power worldwide; intent on gaining and exercising absolute power over all of our personal and daily lives.

Political parties are not single faced, they loathsomely have many, many faces; and so too does Islam. Osama Bin Laden, El Quada and all Islamic terrorist groups is Islam, are parts of Islam, they are faces of Islam. Islam has differing parts making up the whole. There are sections for authoritarian do gooders and sections appealing to the praying goody goodies, that initially get recruits, some later change from one section to other cells, become part of the terrorist face. It is important for the world public to know and understand that terror is deeply ingrained in, and is an integral and daily part of Islam. Islam terrorises its' citizens with the amputating of their hands and feet. There is the terror waged upon Salmon Rushdie by a death sentence passed upon him evilly by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of the Islamic State of Iran. Islam terrorizes free

"Steady State Theorist"

Fred Hoyle


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speech and terrorizes ideas that undermines Islams' mental control, hence undermines Islams' intent to exercise absolute power________ ISLAM IS TERRORISM

Terrorism is indulged in by the Egyptian Jihad Islamic terrorist group that gunned down, murdered and mutilated 60 foreign tourists and later 9 German tourists and an Egyptian driver to achieve their authoritarian Islamic State, and to terrorise the powerless citizens. Islamic terrorists from Chechnya bombed residential buildings murdering many, many helpless and powerless Russian citizens. The attack on America is Islamic terrorism. ISLAM IS A TERRORIST AND OPPRESSIVE POLITICAL IDEOLOGY.   

Islam's use of religious entrapment is a millstone that countries and people will drown in. Einstein would go to great lengths to remove or reduce unnecessary activities so as to allow more time on his work. If he, Einstein had have spent his time praying, praying, praying, groveling and degrading of himself religiously and indoctrinating himself with religious doctrine and religious garbage then it's absolutely certain Einsteins' Special and General relativity would not have been achieved to humanities loss. If Nickola Tesla had have been spending his time groveling in religion then he would not have developed A.C. electricity and I also won't waste any of my time, energy or money on any religion.

The killing, mutilating, bombing, poisoning, gassing and injuring of vulnerable, helpless, powerless, politically powerless, economically powerless, intellectually powerless, poor people by Islam terrorists or other terrorists reveals their political agenda isn't fit for human consumption and only worth absolute loathing.   

The everyday practice is for corporations to bribe political parties, BRIBE the "Is' HAVE IT", to frame legislation which is then called "THE LAW"; but when subjected to the "facts in their true perspective" can reveal it as incompetent criminal filth enabling Corporations to do what they and the Airline manufacturers and the Airline industry, also their friends, to do what they want to do and to force helpless decent powerless people to implement IT upon their helpless, innocent and powerless fellow citizens saying it's "THE LAW". The Islamic murderous terror of Sept 11ths' dead and injured also their relatives, friends and orphans are victims of the policy of putting profits before employees, passengers and the powerless, helpless public under the "Is' HAVE IT" political system; called representative democracy which in reality is rule by the few for the few which is an OLIGARCHY and not democracy, not rule by the people, for the people or of the people. This pathetic deception emanated from the mind of a lawyer; Abraham Lincoln.

American Airlines in league with U.S. political parties and governments are guilty of being responsible for gross and irresponsible poor airline safety, for decades. They have sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice planes, its' employees and its' passengers for profits, and justified in the name of competition. This common and everyday worldwide disregard for air safety has crept into the Australian airlines. Ansett Airlines had been  grounded at Easter 2001 for failing to deal with required maintenance. Some of its' planes landing gear had visible large and long cracks. The Australian Airline safety authority, C.A.S.A., has been subjected to intense conflict to lower air safety standards so as to increase profits and reduce maintenance costs for Airlines.

This disregard for Airline safety worldwide and the profit driven sacrificing of planes and passengers for profits and its' incompetent politics of the "Is' HAVE IT" causing the failure to prevent the murderous Islamic suicidal plane hijackings on Sept 11th sacrificing thousands of powerless, helpless people also the World trade centre buildings "IS THE REAL ISSUE".

America appears to be successfully suppressing "THE REAL ISSUE" by beating their chests about the world like silver back gorrillas, amassing and exhibiting their military hardware with words of war, war. The public are told the war on terrorism will last for

"plagiarized a piece

of my work" 

Karl Kruszelnicki


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years; confirming it's not a massive conventional war but a small time unseen war of intelligence and prevention. The terrorist attack on the World Trade centre should not have happened; the U.S. and other Governments are responsible for it being possible. To be treating George W. Bush,  Tony Blair U.K., John Howard and the Australian Liberal parties as heroes and voting for them is obscene. Terrorism isn't a new thing. Terrorists should never have been able to get into cockpits nor get control of planes.

A lesson for terrorists is for them to look for and hit targets where the "facts in their true Perspective" are not practiced or violated. They are easy and inviting targets.

I informed Airline and Insurance companies, Banks, Governments and the World media regarding the dangers of their INCORRECT Dividing and Multiplying by Zero  and that it is "law".  By applying it people can legally cause things and/or money to cease to exist. Computer companies and Airplane companies were informed their planes computers must not apply their incorrect dividing and multiplying by zero for it could possibly cause planes to crash; have any? Planes altitude and navigation mustn't use algebra for it is flawed and defective. Huge sums of money can legally disappear, but transferred into other accounts and they all ignore it as they ignored Asbestos, Deep vein thrombosis and suicidal plane hijackers.

Federal parliament ruled itself out of existence by refusing and failing to apply section 72 of the Australian Constitution and remove judges from the High court bench on the grounds of mental incapacitation so confirming, so accepting, by "IGNORING" the ruling by Chief justice Brennan of the High court of Australia, acting as the court of disputed returns re a 1996 bi-election, ruled the High court and the Australian legal system out of existence by ruling "the High court doesn't have jurisdiction over the Universes' laws of maths and physics". This ruling that the High court can't apply the laws of maths or physics, means it can't add, can't subtract nor count, was confirmed, so accepted, by Justice Kirby by his intentional "IGNORING"of my application to the Court of disputed returns, referred to him by Justice Gammow,  re the 1998 Federal election.    

The 2001 Federal elections will see all candidates standing unlawfully and all with the intent to sit unlawfully in Federal parliament. Consequently all legislation passed by the Federal parliament wont be legal, not legitimate, not credible.   

As well the new Governor General Archbishop Peter Hollingsworth doesn't have the legitimate Constitutional powers to swear those of the 2001 Federal elections into office

for the previous Governor General Deane gave up, gave away, lost, surrendered his and all future Governor Generals jurisdiction to apply the Australian Constitution by "IGNORING" and refusing to officially forward on my Appeal to the Queen in counsel of 27th Oct. 2000 

The Governor General Deane accepted the 1996 ruling by Chief Justice Brennan and accepted the confirming in 1998 by Justice Kirby who ignored my application to the Court of Disputed Returns, by him the Governor General Deane refusing to officially forward on my Appeal to the Queen in counsel of 27th Oct 2000.

The British High Commission is more than just an Embassy in relation to Australia. It has responsibilities to Australia, England and to the Commonwealth. It's the duty and  obligation of the British High Commission to inform the Queen and Englands' government when the Australian Governor General, is corrupt, is incompetent and/or acting improperly. They received the evidence of this in my "Appeal to the Queen in counsel" which they should have forwarded on for me, so bi-passing Governor General Deane who


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was acting as the Queens' representative in Australia at the Queens' pleasure; which means he is sackable. But the British High Commission has acted, to keep the Queen ignorant, and to cover up the corruption and incompetency of the Queens' representative in Australia and the collapse of the Australian legal, political system and Australian constitution, so exercising powers that aren't theirs to exercise by abandoning Australia and reducing Australia to being a country of wildlife, by their IGNORING of my "Appeal to the Queen in counsel"

To relate to and deal with terrorism requires to think in terms of small acts, and small amounts of information that can have large ramifications. The damage and effects of  terrorism needs to be minimized so as to minimize terrorism. Which means minimize the "BUTTERFLY EFFECT". Small acts and small amounts of data must be tied into the phenomena and that can only be done effectively and properly by subjecting acts and data to the "facts in their true perspective" which is the foundation of the superior science, enabling the seeing and comprehending of the big picture.

A small amount of information, in 1993, was supplied to Americas' N.A.S.A. who should have responded and embraced the small amount of data that destroyed the Big Bang theory, but their dismal response proves conclusively N.A.S.A, is unfit to undertake the Mars and beyond project. They have also failed dismally to respond, also in 1993,  to the small amount of data re my dividing and multiplying by "0" and theirs being wrong.

8 1/2 yrs later and N.A.S.A. still has not understood nor adopted the superior science and compared to true leaders N.A.S.A. isn't, it hasn't got what it's going to take, and requires to be superseded. America should abandon N.A.S.A. for it will just continue to waste public money, waste valuable time and waste resources.

This incompetence extends into Americas' F.B.I. and C.I.A.. Both organizations give the public the false belief they are about and for truth! The definition of truth is: "facts in their true perspective". To be for and about truth then the F.B.I. and C.I.A. must subject themselves to the truth, subject themselves willingly, voluntarily, politically, legally and really to the single statement "facts in their true perspective".

Stock exchanges demand to be informed of the state of businesses so as to maintain the credibility of  the stock exchange in the publics' eye but my scientific data that affects businesses, economies and investors worldwide is suppressed due to the Medias' corrupt and criminal concept of freedom of the press, free not to publish so benefiting those of the political establishment in the know so they can prosper, make oodles of money, while ordinary investors are kept ignorant which amounts to blatant criminal insider trading.

Large numbers of people, inside and outside all political parties and governments; inside and outside universities; inside and outside the Media, know about my work and achievements and they don't care about keeping the public and students ignorant. They all and publishers don't care that they are excluding data from Encyclopaedias and text books that are being bought under the false belief that the contents are true and correct, also up to date. Instead Encyclopaedias and text books contain "false data" and are obsolete before publication because data is deliberately excluded. Scientific data and information of mine, available for years, should have been included. My work consequently is excluded irresponsibly and criminally from the education systems. This should be considered a crime and an affront to all parents and students internationally.

The incompetence of the C.I.A. and F.B.I. also afflicts Australias' Police Depts. referring specifically to N.S.W. Police where an English Bobby, Peter Ryan was brought to Australia, several years ago, paid near to $500,000 a year, to clean up the N.S.W. Police


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establishment and change a Police culture rotten with corruption. Groups of Police were and still are running networks of Drug dealers who must pay police large sums of money. Anyone would be right to say this is common practice throughout the Police worldwide.

As I see it Commissioner Peter Ryan is about removing Police indulging in committing crime, but "ONLY" removing Police who are  profiting from committing crime for  themselves. This is a very important. It raises a question as to why other Australian act Police, also those police who oppose Peter Ryan, haven't spoken out about this. 

Police, Government servants, Judiciary and Lawyers know that they are compelled everyday, year after year to implement the criminal insanity, incompetence and corruption of the "Is' HAVE IT" of political parties calling themselves Governments. This itself creates and teaches police to be corrupt and look out for themselves and their mates just as the political parties and the media look out financially for themselves and their mates.

Police commit criminal acts for politicians, for political parties, for Governments, for the State and are promoted, are rewarded, are protected by the State and by Political parties. Police with political and State protection are promoted and can commit crime for themselves with immunity. So why isn't the Police Commissioner Peter Ryan doing anything about this form of corruption, this form of promotion. Peter Ryan has to know of and have experienced this form of corruption. 

For the Commissioner Peter Ryan to ignore the Political party corruption of; and the Government corruption of police then he can't clean up the Police force, then the public are left to believe Peter Ryan is incompetent and/or corrupt and definitely not worth $500,000 a year. Why have other police officers ignored this, they must also know as Peter Ryan must? 

In 1988 the Australian Federal police, as a whole, knowingly committed numerous crimes against me. The Bob Hawke Federal Government knew, the A.C.T. Government housing knew, the Media knew including the A.C.T. A.B.C. T.v, Radio station. They all refused to during and after the criminal acts were committed against me, against my daughter and my home. All my belongings were removed from my home without my knowledge, without my consent and placed into a flat, I knew not where, that I had not seen, I had not agreed to take, I had not signed any tenancy agreement. I became aware of my belongings being removed from my home when I saw a trailer load of my belongings disappearing along the roadway. I knew who owned the car and who the driver was. I rang the police and informed them and they said the persons were doing me a favour and hung up; so they knew and knew they were knowingly committing criminal acts by ignoring and supporting criminal acts being committed against me for the political establishment. It was not personal between me and the police so who were the police acting for? They had to be acti

the State and the political establishment and NO ONE ELSE.  They definitely were not acting for themselves for there was nothing in it for them unless they expected and knew they all would be rewarded one way or another. By whom? Obviously by the State and the political establishment and NO ONE ELSE.

Following the total removal of my belongings from mine and my daughters home I had neighbours in the street ring the police and have them attend, because the police ignored my calls and would hang up. Three squad cars attended and all 6 police officers saw a signed statement by the A.C.T Housing supervisor that stated my belongings were to remain in the house until 4pm the following Tuesday. Not one of the police had the guts nor mental strength to uphold the law but aided and abetted criminal acts against me and my daughter. When I asked the police to come onto the property and to see through the windows that all my belongings had been removed unlawfully a police officer stood


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between me and the empty house, and he was heard by all of the police, say to me "piss off otherwise he'd charge me with offensive behaviour". Are these the kind of police officers the $500,000 a year N.S.W Police commissioner Peter Ryan wants in the police dept. Well they are in it and would still be in it and promoted and protected for they all  committed crime for the State and for the political establishment. What would these police officers have done to me if they had have taken me to the police station? A severe beating? Death in custody by suicide according to the police? Now it can be seen why I had to get protection by international awareness, in spite of A.S.I.O and the media.

On the Sunday night the persons who had carried out the political establishments criminal acts came to where I was temporarily staying. They asked my 2 friends to assist them to force me into their car and physically force me to view the flat. My 2 friends refused. They then informed me they had an appointment at 10 A.M. on Tuesday with a Psychiatrist named Dr. Tancred and were to have me committed to a psychiatric hospital if I refused or failed to sign the tenancy agreement the next day, Monday. The A.C.T. government housing records state they knew of the appointment and intent to have me committed on the Tuesday. So they and the Police, the political establishment also Bob Hawke and the Labor party knew of and were party to this highly criminal act. and intent against me, and daughter and my home. I needed the house to assist my daughter to remember me, her father. 

Returning back to the Monday night and the persons threatening me and who were at the same time stating they were doing the work of God and implementing the " WILL" of god but obviously were committing criminal acts for the political Establishment with their knowledge, backing and assistance. I was sitting thinking and looking at Tv in the semi dark room while they, my violators, were trying to get my friends to support them and their Aust. political establishment; one of the 2, who had 5 way heart by pass surgery a few yrs earlier, approached me from the rear side and punched me in my right eye which later blackened. If I had have retaliated physically he may well have dropped dead, but a complaint to the police that I assaulted him would have been greeted with overwhelming glee, cheers and satisfaction by Prime minister Bob Hawke and Federal parliament as well as the police. I asked my 2 friends to clear a passage for me for I was leaving, and they did. I contacted the Federal police and reported the assault and a police officer told me to wait where I was at the White horse club.  A male police officer rang the club and said to me "your a dead man" and hung up. The White horse club management told me they didn't want police contact with the club. I left and using the public phone I again rang the police and said if they gave me my daughter then they wouldn't have to kill me, the police asked where is she, I replied I don't know and the police hung up.

On the Monday I informed Housing that they were illegally in possession of my belongings that were illegally in their flat, I knew not where. Their response was I either sign the tenancy agreement or remove my belongings by 4pm the next day or they would give my belongings to charities whom I contacted warning them they'd be receiving and selling.

stolen goods. They gave me no assistance, but caused me to believe they would take all my belongings including my new Tv set and would sell it all, would sell stolen property, to the unsuspecting public. My physical health was bad due to me suffering severe ramifications of having contracted glandular fever or Ross river fever in late 1976 and it was killing me, but I had to go on. I couldn't sustain physical exertion so I was unable to move my belongings but also I had no money for rent or bonds and no one to assist me. The political establishments' Media refused to assist, to publish, print or broadcast any of it. 

Under these circumstances I had to sign the tenancy agreement under threats and duress. I had to sign for a 1 bedroom flat with no accommodation for my daughter The  loathsome disgusting Australian political establishment saying you Theo Rout haven't got a daughter. I am legally entitled to live illegally in this flat rent free and any rent paid is to.


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be refunded and also paid financial compensation. This is a later conflict to be dealt with. 

The political establishments' psychiatrist Dr Tancred suffered an appropriate punishment and end by literally dropping dead of a stroke 3 weeks after his failed intended crime.       

The Political establishment has Government Depts. create conflicts and/or exploit the ramifications of having given wrong information to citizens. I did what the A.C.T. government housing told me to do regarding my rental rebate form only to find they then started charging me full rent and they refused to hear me nor rectify the unpaid money that I didn't owe them. An ideal situation for the political establishment to exploit. Up until  then, over a number of years 24 police officers and 2 detectives and later 6 in squad cars, had come to my home and it was all regarding my refusing to accept the criminality of the State and their illegal aiding and abetting in my daughter being illegally overseas and her illegal concealment overseas and later in Australia. I didn't see or know of my daughter for 12 years; not until she was 15yrs old. The political opposition condoned it all so betraying all fathers and their children.

Marraige is a commitment and when divorce takes place then the fathers rights must be respected fully, particularly regarding his children; otherwise getting married officially or defacto will end. The appalling and criminal treatment of me, a father and the massive violations of my rights, my daughters' rights to know and relate to her father, and the contemptuous violating of our home states loud and clear with no doubts that men must not commit themselves to marraige, must not commit themselves to the responsibilities associated with wives and children. The establishment wants marraige to be an integral part of society but destroys it and aids and abets women to to leave and desert their husbands and have the criminal Gaul to force and expect men and fathers to meet their supposed responsibilities. The corrupt Australian Political establishment and degenerate legal system wants everything their way and actually stacks the deck, marks the cards and takes the pool win or lose. 

I had been advised by the Tax dept. of a $300 amount of tax owing after my marital breakdown and separation. Strange phantom figures within the Tax dept. were making different payment demands and I was unable to get uniformity after numerous visits to the Tax Dept.. The Tax Dept. went into court without my knowledge, without having served court appearance papers upon me, and had me fined $100 or 28 days jail; so they got rulings in their favour, because obviously I wasn't present. The A.C.T. Housing also did this to get an eviction order and have me evicted. They get away with their criminal acts against me and the powerless helpless public under the political system of the "Is HAVE IT".____  I repeat I was not served papers to appear in court by either of the loathsome criminal Government Depts. 

This common and incessant betrayal by Lawyers and the loathsome political establishment fuelled my anger. I refused to accept the loss of my daughter so I went about exposing the disgusting Family court and its' incompetent Judiciary who were, and continue, issuing worthless orders to the detriment of all fathers and all marriages. 

Fathers react differently, some do what I do; fight to expose the Family court and the loathsome political establishment. A lot walk away and accept the total loss of their children. Some struggle but time, lack of money and the constant obstructionism by Govt. Depts. also the necessity to get on with their lives demands they abandon their children and all hope. There are fathers, because of the Family court and its' criminal Judiciary, and the criminal and incompetent political establishment and Government Depts. are driven to kill all of their children, kill their wives and commit suicide. And the Police contemptuously lie and say publicly they can't understand how and why fathers did what they did and the police continue to impose the criminality of the State upon the powerless and helpless public, upon powerless and helpless fathers. As of today I can



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name 30 dead children, wives and fathers killed by the Family court.

The media remained silent and continue to remain silent and keep the public ignorant.

My wife continually violated my seeing and relating to my daughter. On a Tuesday afternoon police were called due to me refusing to allow my wife to deny my daughter spending 3hrs with me, my access rights. The 2 police officers allowed her to wipe my access rights to my daughter; so refused and failed to uphold the law. They absurdly told me to go into court and had my wife agree to allow me to see my daughter the following Saturday. The following Saturday she again denied me to see my daughter. I called the police who came to my home and said come down to the police station, which I did. They had me wait and put me before a police psychiatrist. One of the questions put to me was why did I have a Bible with me? This should be frightening to religionists. I replied because I mistook it for my book containing phone numbers. The police and their psychiatrist blatantly attempted to intimidate me into abandoning my daughter and my rights. 

The superior science applied reveals in hindsight that my decision, to exercise power, by  going to the police was correct for I and other fathers have the right to have the police act and force the wife, under the threat of arrest, to respect the custody arrangements and hand over the child to the father. The police putting me before a police psychiatrist reveals he was incompetent for he should have reasoned that the police were criminally insane for not upholding the loathsome Family court custody arrangements and for not telling my wife to go into the family court to have custody arrangements altered if dissatisfied, rather than tell me to get a lawyer and go into that hideous and rotten Family court to make a complaint that is ignored. Fathers' rights to relate to their children are violated and condoned by the sick moronic Family court and its' incompetent idiot Judiciary.

The crazy Lawyers and the MAD Judiciary along with the irrational Govt. Depts. and the criminally insane political establishment drive fathers mad, drive fathers into doing crazy and dangerous things. They drive fathers to kill; unfortunately to kill the wrong persons.

A.S.I.O., police and the political establishment made it blatantly obvious they wanted me silenced. They didn't conceal this fact, they just didn't let it be known publicly. A phone was connected to my home, (the one I'm living illegally in), to a disused phone still plugged into the wall. I didn't use the phone and I never received a connection fee nor a phone bill. Telstra refused to inform me who it was that had authorised the illegal phone connection; so Telstra aided and abetted a criminal act against me and covered it up. I had persons witness the illegally connected phone. No one but the State did it.

Having me perceived as being delusional and paranoid is part of the State's tactics. 

The Federal police and A.S.I.O. through taping my phone would have known of my conflicts so took the advantage to assail me. Why? The political establishment has wanted to silence me for many, many years; they are for freedom of speech so long as no one hears me. The political and the media blacklisting of me has been happening for nearly 20 years. I was about exposing the Family court for I, my daughter and my home were victims of the criminal Judiciary of the Family court and the highly sick and criminal  family law act. They all, and government depts., had aided and abetted in my daughter being taken out of, and concealed outside of Australia, also concealed when she was brought back into Australia. I didn't see nor know my daughter for 12 years and I have       never been able to get justice. To get justice I have to become a somebody and smash

The media are failing in their duty, failing in their obligations to publish, to broadcast news and information that�s in the Australian and world publics� interest.













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My complaints were "IGNORED" by the hosts, Steve Leedman and Tracy Grimshaw along with the executive manager of Win TVs' "TODAY" morning program; they had an Australian scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, in late 1999/2000, who plagiarized my defining of "prophesying and predicting of the future" as the "prophesying and predicting of the past". This is done by people in the future, taking statements made in the past, then tying the data into past events giving the false belief the future had been prophesied, predicted correctly. Hence my defining of the foretelling of the future as the prophesying and predicting of the past.____ Karl Kruszelniki said recently on the "TODAY" programme in Sept. 2001; he reads a lot; I don't for I am a thinker.

This form of deceptive predicting is also practiced in science with theories that make predictions. Also predictions are manufactured in the future and falsely said were made in the past__ Understood predictions regarding my fusion rocket engine/reactor can be gleaned from its' foundations. _________This previous paragraph wasn�t plagiarized on T.V. for I just wrote it............ Is my work, my achievements only to be aired in the media permanently the political and media blacklisting of me and my achievements.

The Returned Servicemans' league, R.S.L,. never assisted me, as a father nor helped regarding the violations of my home and accepted the violations regarding my daughter. They didn't give a damn about my wife, and other mens wives, being put into bed with other men by the Family court and by the political establishment, which means that fathers, to give their children a chance to grow up with both parents would have to take their wives back well shagged after their wives unknown number of sex binges. A family court counselor abhorrently repeated, after my initial objections, told my wife she was at liberty to have sex with other men. The family court is a sewer of legal perverts.

The National secretary of the R.S.L. in Canberra, on my last phone call to them, said to me he had a bad case of diarrhoea and hung up the phone, not just on me but on all fathers. The disgusting R.S.L., rotten with its' hypocrisy and militarism, had obligations to all fathers and their children, for they historically have belched out their war cries and militarism with "Rally round the flag boys, for God, King and country" for the enemy are coming to burn down your homes, rape your wives, violate and kill your children and you. The R.S.L. allowed the Australian political and legal system to do just that, violate fathers, their children and destroy their homes. They also ignore the attempt to kill me, an Australian father, by the Australian government. The Media accepted and condoned it all.

The media in failing to put those of the science world on the "SPOT", regarding my scientific data and achievements, have caused Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction writer (2001 a  space odyssey), being denied access to my achievements and data. This would have been detrimental to his new book 3001 and his other recent writings.

Authors internationally have also been violated by my work not having been published or broadcast. Some of the literary and scientific deprivation to writers can be seen with the following listing of some of my unpublished achievements:                                         

How and why the superior science is also a political, economic and legal system?... and:

How and why aliens from distant galaxies would have had to apply the superior science in its� diverse applications, else fail to get here to planet earth or other galaxies.... and:

Also it reveals animals that are fast, grow faster and die early, consider dogs; horses' fully grown in 3 to 5 yrs..... and

How and why the application of the superior science increases the human intelligence and the ability to reason..... and:













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Also how it increases longevity; how it increases the ability to take stress; how it maintains and improves memory....... and:

Consider Olympic Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe 15 yrs fully grown winning gold medals and people cheering. Then think in the future; 7yr olds fully-grown due to the faster, faster, burn, burn, "GO" "GO" "GO" GOLD-GOLD, sports mentality of the Olympic games.... It�s detrimental to you and your children's health and life, long term.... and: 

Think of the slow moving, slow developing turtle, small at 50 yrs; it grows on to live for 300yrs.... and:

The proof that matter and energy is inanimate intelligence; proven in 1993 and how to access it....and:

A new law of this universe was proven to exist and defined by me in Jan 1997. As yet I haven't released it to the science world or public and more. (later on I released it)

I require funding; I require financial assistance to get all this knowledge, information and more into the public domain and into the education systems internationally.

The media are failing in their duty, failing in their obligations to publish, to broadcast news and information that�s in the Australian and world publics� interest.

My complaints were "IGNORED" by the hosts, Steve Leedman and Tracy Grimshaw along with the executive manager of Win TVs' "TODAY" morning program; they had an Australian scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, in late 1999/2000, who plagiarized my defining of "prophesying and predicting of the future" as the "prophesying and predicting of the past". This is done by people in the future, taking statements made in the past, then tying the data into past events giving the false belief the future had been prophesied, predicted correctly. Hence my defining of the foretelling of the future as the prophesying and predicting of the past.____ Karl Kruszelnicki said recently on the "TODAY" programme in Sept. 2001; he reads a lot; I don't for I am a thinker.

This form of deceptive predicting is also practiced in science with theories that make predictions. Also predictions are manufactured in the future and falsely said were made in the past__ Understood predictions regarding my fusion rocket engine/reactor can be gleaned from its' foundations. _________ This previous paragraph wasn�t plagiarized on T.V. for I just wrote it............ Is my work, my achievements only to be aired in the media when plagiarized?

The "MEDIA" and their friends don't want the public to know nor understand the crimes they have and are committing against me and the world public. The media and their friends also knew their blacklisting of me was endangering my life, my daughters life, and leaving me vulnerable to abuses by Australian Government and political establishments' forces of which the Media is an integral part.

Plagiarism of my work can be occurring due to my varied work having been disseminated in a fragmented form, for more than 10yrs, to embassies, universities and world media.

The question of when life and the universe and it all came to exist maybe satisfactorily answered with a quote: "A story has no beginning or end; arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back on or from which to look ahead"; Graham Greene, writer.













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I want to acknowledge my appreciation for computer and other assistance given to me by 2 chaps Gerry Cornwell and Ian Jope. 

Written by Theo Rout  and updated Tues. 31st Jan 2006, comments can be sent to Theo at


Ian Jope

Gerry Cornwell

Theo J Rout






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