Fort Lytton - Gun Pit Number One

6-in Armstrong Disappearing Gun

The 6-in Armstrong Disappearing Gun was the main defensive weapon of Fort Lytton prior to World War 2. One each of these guns occupied pits one and two. The original guns were muzzle loading, however by the turn of the century these weapons were replaced by breech loading versions. The guns could fire a 100 lb (45 kg) shell over a distance of nearly 13 km. Disappearing guns were designed so that the weapon could be hidden while being loaded, with the gun visible only for the few seconds required to fire it. The weapon recoiled back into it's recess for reloading. When not in use the gun was protected by an overhead shield.

Side view of the Armstrong Disappearing Gun

Rear view of the Armstrong Disappearing Gun, also showing the loading rail

Archival sketch of the operation of a disappearing gun
Workings of an Armstrong Disappearing Gun

Taken from: Purnell & Sons, 1967, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of 20th Century Weapons and Warfare, New York

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