I've added some backgrounds to some, if it is too hard to read, tell me.
Here is a List for the Marvel Universe.

  • Marvel Mutants List
  • Alternate Worlds
    Here are some other lists I've created...
  • Super Hispanics List
  • Super Native Americans List
  • Super Blacks List
  • Super Asians List
  • Foreign Super Hero List
  • Foreign Super Villians List
  • Patriotic Supers
  • Archery Supers
  • Super Sized Supers
  • Super Fast Supers
  • Super Valuable Supers
  • Super Thermodynamic Supers (Fire and Ice)
  • Super Duper Duplicators
  • Sports and Games Supers
  • Super American War Heroes
  • Magic Users in the Super World

    New Lists: Super Undead, Gamma Gang
  • Undead in the Super World
  • Gamma Gang

    More new list I'm working on are Holy Supers and many more... Removed Super Animals. Will start deleting those not visited.

    also a List of Super Families
  • Super Marvel Comics Family
  • Super DC Comics Family
  • Super Misc Comics Family

    Characters belong to their respective companies, but I own the list (copyright). If you want to connect with it just ask.

    Note: Most of the information came from the Marvel Handbooks, DC's Who's Who, and the books I collect. Some information people gave me. But some I got off the Net, I sent messages to those people to create a link so you could see the original source, some never replied, this information could be a little sketchie.
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