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I received some emails from Denyse LePage (the lady in the duo). Below I will share most of what she wrote to me:

This is from an email Denyse sent July 2004:
Hi Dario!
We did a video for Babe We're gonna love tonight and one for Come and Get your Love.
Pride Gay Parade in Montreal and almost everywhere on this planet is big and as for the Jazz Fest, it is super!
Remember the group Vogue with Dancin the Night Away that came out at the same time as Your Love?? Both songs were sold at Midem so they had to find two girls to promote Dancin the Night Away because I wasnt available because of LIme. I sang on that record and I'm writer also. I did this vocal with another girl and most of the same musiciens who did the Lime tracks ohhhhhh i have so much to tell.
I have to admit that I am glad I can talk to you after all these years and in my life, music still prevails :) My real name is Denyse Savaria and Le Page came from my husband Denis ;) united through marriage. Denis and I did some great music together and while we were playing Jazz at L'Air du Temps in old Montreal, we had our recording studio in our living room where, when we were into it, did songs that we wanted to hear on tape. The Break by Katmandu was us also. That was our first big hit and adapted for the National Football League when showed on tv. Anyway I could go on and on but It is late now!
Be well my friend, anytime!

Denyse wrote:
Hi I am Denyse Le Page ..

Matra never wanted our real pics on the album covers in case the group would break up. I was married to Denis for 25 years and we always did music together, and we have a daughter together, but we are divorced now.

I'd love to clarify you with whatever info you need. i am in Montreal, french speaking of course but studied in english just as Denis did. I together with Denis wrote the hit songs.

I am still collection royalties after all t hese years but Denis sold his rights unfortunately because he needed money.

Never heard of MyMine before who knows could be one of my songs under a different artist name. Record companies can really play tricks on you especially if the songs are distributed in other countries. I live in Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada

I do gigs now on my own. The gay community in Montreal remembers me very well and they love me still! Trying to get Carol Jiani whose hit records were recorded in my living room, to do a few shows with me and along with Geraldine Hunt.

Caroline Was written in a period were we were separated. .Denis is very talented.
Youre my magician and Babe we,re gonna love tonight will always be my favorite songs :)) Sensual sensation i love also, have you ever heard Give me your body^ its great! Take care@ Denyse

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