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Sit down and read this! Don't make me get up and smack your face!
I was going to be a lawyer -- F. Lee Baily was hot shit, man,
and that's what I wanted to be.
Joe Pilato, 1985

Don't go any further. You've found what you are looking for. This is the internet home for the JOE PILATO PRESERVATION PAGE! If you somehow managed to type in Mr. Pilato's name into some crazy internet search engine, no doubt it has brought you here. It's the ONLY site on the WEB with Mr. Pilato's endorsement!*

I bid you welcome. Browse around. Check out the Tidbits sections and the Filmography. You'll be sure to find something cool and interesting. Maybe even Mr. Pilato himself with stop by and just say "hi" to his fans.

Also, if you've got anything you would like to share with me about Mr. Pilato, feel free to e-mail me. I'm always looking for goodies on Joe Pilato.

And Joe, if you by some strange chance are cruising the net and you see this, e-mail me! I'd love to interview you about your entire life history. After all, this is YOUR page, and you deserve to have some damn information on it.

In the meantime, I'd like to tell all of you reading this that the words you are looking at right now are copyrighted. I don't mind if you take pics, or even take some information from my site, but don't just "cut and paste" my hard work to your site. That's tacky AND unoriginal. Joe would not be pleased with your abilities and he would probably get offended.

But for now, I guess this will have to do. I hope you enjoy looking at the "Tidbits" section and the ever-growing filmography.

I would like to thank a couple of people who have really helped me out in making this page. Steve Mason, who was wonderful in scanning me one of Joe's older interviews; Courtney Larking provided me with recent photos of Joe; and Brenden (Orko22) has ALWAYS been great for sharing his information with me. Thanks guys! You're the best!

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