"And I searched for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in
the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one."
Ezekiel 22:30

Latest Update - 11/5/2000

The Mining Has Begun!!

For details and photos click HERE


On July 19, 1863 Confederate forces under General John Hunt Morgan fought Union Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Navy Gunboats while attempting to cross the Ohio River at the Buffington Island ford at Portland in Meigs County, Ohio. After having traveled day and night in the saddle for over two weeks through southeastern Indiana and southern Ohio, the fight near Portland virtually ended what would become known as "Morgan’s Raid".

The Battle of Buffington Island was important for several reasons. It was one of only a few Civil War battles in which all branches of the Armed Forces were involved. There were at least two future United States Presidents engaged in the battle, (Rutherford B Hayes and William McKinley). Most important of all, perhaps, the Battle of Buffington Island was the only Civil War battle fought in Ohio and ranks as one of only a few battles fought in the state involving Federal troops.


Currently, another battle is being fought over the same ground. The Shelly Company of Thornville,Ohio is planning to strip sand and gravel from significant portions of the Battleground. Here in southeastern Ohio we have a battle site which is relatively pristine in its location and development which needs only to have the necessary recognition to make it a place of education and historical importance. Although there are twentieth century buildings present, the ground is relatively unchanged from what it was in 1863. Besides significantly altering the topography of the ground itself by the stripping process, the Shelly Company may very well mine the very bones of the soldiers buried at Buffington Island!!!


No fewer than 57 Confederate and 5 or 6 Union Union soldiers were buried on the site after the battle and lie today in unmarked graves, undisturbed and virtually forgotten over the course of 136 years. The impending mining of this hallowed ground is threatening to destroy these very graves. Will we allow the bones of America’s dead and the sacred ground in which they are buried be shipped down the Ohio River to become yet another parking lot or part of a highway?? This desecration is unacceptable and has to be stopped !! We cannot allow the graves of American heroes to be destroyed for mere dollars.

~ Courage, honor and dignity have no price tag ~


They Shall Be Remembered. "Lest Us Not Forget,
For They Then Shall Be Forgotten and Lost To Time"

8th Kentucky Cavalry

3rd Cpl. Edward O. McKenzie, Co. B

Pvt. C. H. Yaegle, Co. B

Pvt. A.T. Banta, Co. C

Pvt. J. A. Beckham, Co. C

Pvt. Samuel Dearborn, Co. C

Pvt. G. W. Hensley, Co. E

Pvt. F. M. Brown, Co. F

11th Kentucky Cavalry

Pvt. Augustus "Pap" Castillo, Co. K

48 unidentified men

Lt. Price (unspecified unit, possibly from Illinois)

Four of five additional unidentified men


Our chances to save and protect the burial sites of Morgan's boys will dramatically increase if we are able to identify the men, at least in part, and perhaps locate living descendants.

Please find a listing of all the units, Confederate and Union, who were engaged in the Battle of Buffington Island on July 19, 1863. I urge you to contact us as soon as possible if you have information about any of the men who were killed during the fight.

What Else Can Be Done?

We urge Ohio citizens to contact their state representatives and request funding for this preservation effort. Ask for their help to preserve Buffington Island Battlefield - an invaluable part of Ohio history!!

Write your Senators:
c/o U.S. Senate, Washington DC 20510

Your Congressman:
c/o House of Representatives, Washington DC 20515

Join Buffington Island Battlefield Group, Inc.

We encourage organizations and individuals to join in our efforts to address our needs to a variety of decison makers in government, private industry and other groups willing to aid in solving the current situation through positive remedies.

For more information, please e-mail Marlitta H. Perkins
Buffington Island Battlefield Group


Meanwhile, the Buffington Island Battlefield Group's efforts to locate the burial sites of Morgan's boys as well as the Federal soldiers are moving into Phase Two. We have been very fortunate to secure the help of Bob Melia, thermal imaging specialist, who was most successful in finding the burial sites of soldiers at Fort Butler and Salisbury Prison, just to name a few of his projects. Bob agreed to visit Buffington Island to find Morgan's Men.

SECOND UPDATE ! 4/05/1999

Come rainstorm or fog....
Despite bad weather conditions in Southern Ohio, Bob Melia's visit to Buffington Island in late March left us very encouraged. Preliminary information obtained is being investigated at the present time and will have to be confirmed by our experts. As soon as conclusive data is available to us, an update will follow here on this website. Please stay tuned!


More work needs to be done...
Since bad weather impaired our efforts, the search for gravesites could not be completed and will continue. A second visit to the area is necessary to conduct further investigations and a more in-depth study of the area. We hope to be able to conclude our work at Buffington Island and locate any possible grave sites that may remain before any mining begins.


The situation at Buffington has grown very critical. The EPA and Corps of Engineers issued their permits for the loading dock facility on the Ohio River. Construction is scheduled to begin as early as November.

An appeal was filed the Ohio EPA during the first week of October 1999, contesting the agencies' permit.

Additionally, a petition was sent to Bob Taft, Governor of Ohio, on October 27, 1999, urging him to intervene in this matter.
Please click here to read the petition

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have taken the time to sign the petition and also to those of you who have written personal letters to Governor Taft or contacted us and offered help and support.
It is dead wrong for our nation's heritage and history to be ignored and sold out to the highest bidder. It is a travesty to deny the same respect to the brave soldiers who died at Buffington Island that we accord to all other Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice and fell in battle.

New Update - 2/25/2000

Work at Buffington Island has begun!!!! For more details, please click on the Buffington photo below

Please keep this project close to your hearts ....our success depends on everyone's continued help and efforts. We have made a great beginning...lets see this through to the end!!

For more information, please contact:
Marlitta H. Perkins

Lets protect these brave dead heros and preserve Buffington Island Battlefield!
Together we can do it! For our heritage!


JULY 2-26, 1863.--Morgan's raid in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.
No. 8.--Report of Brig. Gen. Edward H. Hobson, U.S. Army, commanding Second Brigade, &c.

The casualties in my command did not exceed 5 or 6, while the enemy lost in killed (according to a report made to me by Dr. D. K. Scriver, of the Ohio militia) 57, with quite a large number of wounded.

O.R.-- Series I --Volume XXIII/1, page 780
July 20, 1863 Buffington Bar

The Citizens have buried 47 rebels, and Dr. Scriven buried 7.

E.H. Hobson
Brigadier-General, Commanding


Burial Locations
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