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Dewey Smith
Habitat Technician

I was raised in Panama City, FL, a proving ground for certain military divers. Eventually, I enlisted in the US Navy and served five years as a Hospital Corpsman stationed in San Diego, CA. After honorably discharged, I attended college and worked various jobs trying to find my niche. One day, when wondering what to do next in life, I was browsing The Florida State University’s home page. I noticed a familiar object in the icon titled, “UCSI”. The object was a dive helmet and the program was Underwater Crime Scene Investigation. The program provided SCUBA certifications and training in scientific and surface supplied diving. Upon attending the first dive class, I was hooked. A colleague at the university introduced me to commercial diving, which offered experience in hardhat diving and working in the underwater environment. As a tender/diver, I have worked with Miracle Strip Welding & Marine Services and RME Diver out of Panama City Beach, FL. Many exciting projects and respected characters have presented themselves along this relatively short, but busy relationship with diving. Now, I consider myself privileged to be amongst NURC and the professionals we work along side. Outside of the work environment, I am happiest when playing the drums. I also enjoy tennis, working out, and movies.

Mission Date: November, 2008
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Dewey Smith