Fiction for GBLT A/P people.

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Chin, Justin. Short story in Men on Men 5.

Chin, Justin. Bite Hard. Manic D Press, 1997.

Choy, Wayson. Jade Peony. New York: Picador, 1997.

Chua, Lawrence. Gold by the inch 1998.

Friedman, Sanford. Totempole. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1984. Novel about an American coming of age and to his sexual orientation during the Korean War (his "coming out" experience was with a Korean POW lover).

Garcia, J. Neal. Closet Quivers. Kalikasan Press. 1992. A collection of poems. Hagedorn, Jessica. Dogeaters. Has a gay subplot. Hagedorn, Jessica. Charlie Chan is Dead. Contains writing by QAP authors such as Han Ong, R. Zamora Linmark, Lawrence Chua.

Huo, T. C. A Thousand Wings. Published by E. P. Dutton, 1998. Sensuously courting Raymond through dishes he lovingly resurrects out of a shattered childhood, renowned cookbook author Fong Mun reveals his life's journey from war-torn Southeast Asia through perilous years in a Thai refugee camp separated from his family. Jeyaretam, Philip. Abraham's Promise. Singapore: Times Books International, 1994. Novel about a teacher who learns to accept his son's homosexuality. Author is son of Singapore's opposition leader.

Kaya Press, NY. "The Kaya Anthology of New Asian North American Poetry". Contains poetry from QAP authors such as Willyce Kim, Ann Kong, Mina Kumar, Robert Kuwada, Russell Leong, R. Zamora Linmark, Timothy Liu, Martin Manalansan, Dwight Okita, Agha Shahid Ali, and Justin Chin.

King, Francis. "Secret Lives." In Tom Wakefield, Patrick Gale, and Francis King :Secret Lives: Three Novellas. London: Constable, 1992. Novella about a gay Japanese artist living in London.

Kudaka, Geraldine. Ed. On a Bed of Rice: an Asian American Erotic Feast. Predominately heterosexual, but there are a few gay themed stories, such as one from Eulalio Ibarra. Kureishi, Hanif. The Buddha of Suburbia. New York: Viking Penguin, 1990. In this satiric view of 1960s-70s English popular culture, an Anglo-Indian bisexual man leaves the suburban lifestyle to experience disparate cultures, classes, and genders.

Kureishi, Hanif. My Beautiful Laundrette and The Rainbow Sign. Boston: Faber and Faber, 1986. "Laundrette" is the screenplay of Kureishi's film about a romance between an Anglo-Pakistani and a London skinhead.

Kwa, Lydia. Colour of Heroines. Poetry.

Lai, Larissa. When Fox is a Thousand. 1995. The first novel by Astraea foundation award-winning writer Larissa Lai, about second-generation Chinese-Canadian lesbians. One of the main characters is Artemis Wong, the daughter of Chinese immigrants to Canada who put her up for adoption by a Euro-Canadian couple. Another one of the main characters is the fox, which according to Chinese mythology can transform itself into women at 50, and become immortal at 1,000. Available from Press Gang Publishers,101-225 East 17th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5V 1A6 or phone 604 876 7787 or fax 604 876 7892.

Lam, Andrew. "Grandma's Tales." In Amerasia Journal 20.3.

Lapierre, Dominique. The City of Joy, trans. from French by Kathryn Spink. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1985. Set in Calcutta; includes a description of the hjiras and their origins.

Lee, Johann S. Peculiar Chris. Singapore: Cannon International, 1992. Novel about a gay National Serviceman who comes out.

Lee, Lilian (Li, Pi-Hua, or Li, Pik-Wah). Farewell to My Concubine: A Novel, trans. Andrea Lingenfelter. New York: William Morrow, 1993. Novel by a Hong Kong writer, about a love triangle involving Chinese opera singers. Basis of the award-winning film.

Lee, Sky. Bellydancer Stories. Vancouver:Press Gang Publishers. 1994. Bellydancing was originally performed at the bedside of women in labour, as an erotic dance of creation. In these provocative stories "bellydancer" is an archetypal survivor, a dancer through trance and dream and a powerful metaphor of resistance against patriarchy. *

Lee, Sky. Disappearing Moon Cafe. Vancouver:Douglas and McIntyre. 1988. This first novel was a finalist for the 1990 Governor General's Literary Award here in Canada. Moving back and forth between past and present, between Canada and China, Sky Lee weaves fiction and historical fact into a memorable and moving picture of a people's struggle for identity - and a woman's attempt to understand and end a legacy of silence. *

Leong, Russell. Short story in Charlie Chan is Dead.

Li, Yu. The Carnal Prayer Mat = Rou Putuan, trans. Patrick Hanan. New York: Ballantine Books, 1990. 17th century erotic satire.

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Li Yu, ed. Patrick Hanan, Silent Operas. Hong Kong: Renditions (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 1992. Selections from the short story collection Silent Operas, of which "A Male Mencius's Mother" is about homosexuality, transsexualism and tranvestism.

Lim-Hing, Sharon, ed. The Very Inside: An Anthology of Writing by Asian and Pacific Islander Lesbian and Bisexual Women. Toronto: Sister Vision Press, 1994.

Linmark, R. Zamora. Rolling the R's. Kaya Prod, 1995. from Kaya press release. Illuminated by pop fantasies, disco tracks, and teen passion, the fiercely earnest characters of ROLLING THE R'S come to life against a background of burning dreams and neglect in 1970s Honolulu. ROLLING THE R'S goes beyond "coming of age" and "coming out" to address the realities of cultural confusion, prejudice, and desire in humorous yet haunting portrayals that are, as Matthew Stadler writes, "stylish, shameless, and beautiful."

Liu, Catherine. Oriental Girls Desire Romance.

Liu, Timothy. Burnt Offerings (Poems).

Liu, Timothy. Vox Angelica (Poems). Cambridge, MA: Alice James Books, 1992. Winner of the 1992 Norma Farber First Book Award of the Poetry Society of America for Chinese-American poet Tim Liu (whose work has also been anthologized in Rudy Kikel, ed., Gents, Bad Boys & Barbarians: New Gay Male Poetry. Boston: Alyson Publications, 1994; and Michael Lassell, ed. The Name of Love: Classic Gay Love Poems. New York: A Stonewall Inn Book, St. Martin's Press, 1995).

Louie, David Wong. Pangs of Love.

Meer, Ameena. Bombay Talkie. New York: Serpent's Tail, 1994. Novel about two Indian cousins' search for identity: one is a straight woman who grew up in New York, the other a gay man who grew up in Paris.

Miller, Stephen (editor). Partings at dawn: anthology of Japanese gay literature. Translated into English. 800 years of Japanese gay writing from the loves of the samurai to 20th century writers such as Yukio Mishima, Mutsuo Takahashi. Gay Sunshine Press. (Check

Min, Anchee. Red Azalea. New York: Pantheon Books, 1994. A Chinese lesbian's experiences coming of age during the Cultural Revolution and her relationship with a woman while she was working on a collective farm.

Mishima, Yukio. Confessions of a Mask, trans. Meredith Weatherby. New York: New Directions, 1968. Somewhat autobiographical novel about a teen-age boy accepting his homosexuality while concealing it from his fiancee. (First published in Japan in 1949.)

Mishima, Yukio. Forbidden Colors. (Needs more info.)

Mishima, Yukio. trans. (?), Death in Midsummer and Other Stories. New Directions Publishing Corporation, 1966. The short story "Onnagata" is about homoerotic desire and cross-dressing, among other things. (needs more info). also anthologized in Calamus: Male Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century Literature - An International Anthology, eds. David Galloway and Christian Sabisch. New York: Quill, 1982.

Mootoo, Shani. Out on Main Street and Other Stories. Vancouver: Press Gang Publishers, 1993. Stories by an Indo-Trinidadian-Canadian lesbian.

Murakami, Ryu. Coin Locker Babies. New York: Kodansha America, Inc., 1994. Novel translated from Japanese.

Namjoshi, Suniti. Flesh and Paper. New York: Women Make Movies, 1990. Lesbian poet Namjoshi and others discuss her life and work between readings of her poetry.

Oikawa, Mona. All Names Spoken.

Okita, Dwight. Crossing with the Light. Chicago: Tia Chucha Press. Poems written by gay Asian American poet, Dwight Okita. His most popular poem is "In Response to Executive Order 9066" anthologized in many journals and text books.

Pai, Hsien-Yung. Crystal Boys: A Novel; trans. Howard Goldblatt. San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1990. This Taiwanese novel concerns young gay boys, rejected by their families, hanging out in a park and gay bar in Taipei.

Perez, Tony. Cubao 1980 at Iba Pang Mga Katha Unang Sigaw ng Gay Liberation Movement sa PilipinasCacho Publishing House 1992. This novel (in Tagalog) was a finalist in the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Competition for Literature in 1980.

Pichay, Nicholas. Ang Lunes na Mahirap Bunuin Quezon City, D. M. Alvarez, 1993. Excellent anthology of poems. Very clever too. Bilingual, meaning each poem is in English and Pilipino.

Revoyr, Nina. The necessary hunger: a novel Simon & Schuster, 1997. Two high school girls in the 'hood, one Japanese-American, the other African-American, hunger for basketball stardom and a life beyond South Central Los Angeles. Rodriguez, Nice. Throw It to the River. Toronto: Women's Press, 1993. Fiction about lesbians in the Philippines and Canada.

Saikaku, Ihara. Gay Tales of the Samurai. Alamo Square Press. 1995. Tradition of male-male love between Samurai warriors and their faithful companions. Saikaku (1642 - 1693) recorded many tales of Japanese life in this period. The tales are said to be based on real life.

Saikaku, Ihara. Comrade Loves of the Samurai, trans. Edward Powys Mathers. Boston: Charles E. Tuttle, 1972. 17th century stories in 1928 translation.

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Santos, Aida and Villar, Giney. Woman to Woman. Poetry, essays, and fiction.

Sapphire/Canyon Sam. Short story in Lesbian Love Stories.

Selvadurai, Shyam. Funny Boy. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1994. A homosexual boy's bittersweet passage to maturity is hauntingly set against growing political tensions in Sri Lanka.

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Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia. Tahuri: Short Stories. Auckland, New Zealand: New Women's Press, 1989. Stories by a Maori lesbian.

Tsukiyama, Gail. Women of Silk. Takes place in China in the 1920's and the main character has a relationship with a woman.

UCLA Asian American Studies Center. Amerasia Journal: Dimensions of Desire. ISBN 0044-7471 Special issue of Amerasia Journal; includes autobiographical accounts and critical essays about gay and lesbian Asian/Pacific Americans.

Wong, Norman. Cultural revolution: Stories. New York: Persea Books, 1994. A series of connected stories about a Chinese-American youth in Hawaii whose awakening gay identity conflicts with his immigrant parents' culture.

Yoshimoto, Banana. Kitchen, trans. Megan Backus. New York: Grove Press, 1993. This popular novel includes portrayal of a transvestite character.

Yung, Wayne. Beyond Yellow Fever. A homoerotic love story. Can be ordered from the following address: The Pomelo Project//PO Box 21593//1850 Commercial Drive//Vancouver, BC//Canada V5N 4AO