Leftwich People – Marriage Licences & Bonds Granted at Chester.


1691 – 1717

19 Apr 1692 Ralph Forster, and Elizabeth Walley, Spinster, both of Leftwich, Parish of Davenham.

 Bondsman, Robert Forster.


26 Jun 1702, Leftwich Oldfeild, of Leftwich, co. Chester, Esquire, and Jane Bowyer, of Biddulph, co. Stafford, Spins.

Bondsmen: George Oldfeild, of Somerford, co. Chester, Esquire, and Leftwich Oldfeild, of Leftwich.

Wit.: Wm Tunstall, Wm Lingard. At Astbury.


26 Aug. 1702, William Blease, of Leftwich, p. of Davenham, co. Chester, Husb., and Elizabeth Hassall, p. of Little Budworth, co. Chester. Spins.

Bondsmen: George Stockton, of Eaton, p. of Davenham, Yeo., and John Doe.

Wit.: Ed. Roberts.


24 Jul. 1705, George Ward, of Sherlach, Yeo., and Mary Yeardsley, of Leftwich, Wid., in the p. of Davenham, co. Chester.

Bondsman: Percy Massey, of Northwich, co. Chester, Sadler.

Wit.: Edw. Roberts. At Davenham or Witton.


28 Jun. 1717, Robert Gleave of  Aston, p. Gt. Budworth, co. Chester, yeo. and Ellen Wrench of Leftwich, p. of Davenham, co. Chester, spr.

Bn: Robert Gleave of Aston, yeo. and  Thomas Ridley, city of Chester, innholder.

Wit: John Harding, Jeff. Moulding. At Gt. Budworth or Davenham.


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