Smith, Frederick Madison
born Jan 21, 1874� Plano, IL
married Aug 3, 1897 Alice Lyman Cobb(died May 4, 1926)
baptized July 20, 1883
died March 20, 1946
educated� 1895 Iowa City Academy
1896 Univ of Iowa
1898� Graceland College BA� 1st graduate of college
1911� MA� Univ of Kansas
1916� Phd� Clark University

July 12, 1897 ordained elder
1902 taught mathematics at Graceland College
April 18, 1902� ordained counselor 1st presidency
May 5, 1915 ordained prophet/president

The Higher powers of man(1918)
"Zion the Beautiful Beckons Us On"

History of the Church5:608-09
They Made a Difference:301-14
History of the Church 8:351-353
They Sang of the Resotration:185-89
Saints Herald  93(13):337-40 obituary
Saints Herald 93(14):360-63
papers at RLDS Archives

Smith, Ruth Lyman

Concerning the Prophet Frederick Madison Smith
Burton Publ Co: Kansas City, MO� 1924

Ruoff, Norman D, compliler
The Writings of President Frederick M. Smith
3 volumes
Herald House 1981

Hunt, Larry E
F.M. Smith: Saint as Reformer
2 volumes
Herald House 1982

Concerning the Prophet - introduction

Chap 1.� At Sister Marietta's Party

Chap 2.� State University of Iowa

Chap 3.� The Class of 1898

Chap 4.� Our Engagement

Chap 5.� The Wedding

Chap 6.� A Cross Country Idyl

Chap 7.� The Fourth Generation

Chap 8.� Last Years in Lamoni

Chap 9.� Another Sheepskin

Chap 10.� Our Ecclesiastical Cousins

Chap 11.� The Man at Home

Chap 12.� Ph.D.

Chap 13.� Publicity
Chap 14.� Ordination
Chap 15.� His Messag