Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
Take a historical look at the town of Bridgeville, PA
This page was designed to celebrate Bridgeville Borough's 100th Anniversary
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A Brief History Of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

1783 - This was the year that land in Allegheny County was formed and divided into townships.
The land that is now Bridgeville was first called St. Clair Township. 
1806 - St. Clair Township was renamed Upper Saint Clair.
Bridgeville was known as the Village of Bridgeville in Upper Saint Clair.  It had one bridge and was a place where people frequently met to trade goods.  An old saying was "Meet Me At The Bridge."
Eventually that saying changed to "Meet Me In Bridgeville." 
July 27, 1901 - The Official Beginning of Bridgeville Borough.
July 2001 - Bridgeville Celebrated 100 Years with a centennial parade and a week-long celebration !!!
Summer 2002 - Bridgeville was shown on the T.V. show, "The West Wing," featuring our Library/Train Station.
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This photo (Above) is looking up Station Street towards Dewey Ave.
Notice the Station on the Left (Now The Library) and the Norwood Hotel (Now CoGo's) on the Right.
Photo (Above) shows the Old Train Station and Present-Day Library in the Year 2000. 
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