A message from Santos Dumont to all of us....

I have posted new images of this historic plane. I intend to reshoot most of the photos. The plates have been redrawn on AutoCAD to improve the quality. The original was less than 10 lbs over todays Part 103 Ultralight Rules! Enjoy your journey into the past..... It has taken a lot of effort to resolve a lot of conflicting dimensions from the original article. A 3-d Rendering of the aircraft was Accomplished in Unigraphics to resolve some of the conflicts. I hope to add this to the site at a later date.

These images of this historic plane are for educational and recreational use only..... It is NOT recommended that anyone construe this as a design and construction method that would lead to an aircraft meeting airworthiness standards. Basically, if you are crazy enough to try to fly one of these and injure or kill your self, it is at your own risk! (Darwinism at work)

I now have redrawn the plates on AutoCAD to improve the quality. I tried to maintain the "flavor" and layout of the original hand drawings. They can be ordered using Paypal (below) or from Merana Cadorette PO. Box 690445 Vero Beach, FL 32969-0445 Price is $20.00 per set plus $5.00 shipping and handling (priority mail in tube in US) (For shipping to other countries please e-mail for rates) A special thanks to "Jempie" for all his help and allowing the use of some material from his great collection.

Clement-Bayard Catalogue

Clement-Bayard Catalogue (cont'd)

June 1910 Popular Mechanics

Page 2

Plate 1

Plate 2

Plate 2

Plate 3

July 1910 continuation...
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