It's true, this site hasn't been updated in a long time. I guess I've been lazy, and on top of everything else, between a hard drive crash and a lack of internet access, it's been hard to scrape together enough desire to add new material.

That's all going to change. What little I had up from the old site is still going to be here, just as soon as I get around to revamping it. The Blademaster prestige class is still around, and ought to be ready within the week. Also, for anyone who laughed at the Druid of the Flipper: don't. It was supposed to scare you.

No, wait, it was funny. Sorry, my mistake. You'll see it again very soon.

In the meantime, until I get this place cleaned up a bit and looking fighting fit again, here's a small taste of the goodness to come:

The Blood Mage (a racial iconic class variant)

New Monster: The Phoenix (beta version; don't use it yet!)

Note that the Phoenix in particular is still being tinkered with, and needs a good bit of playtesting before I'll feel satisfied with it. Don't take these as the final stats for it until I give the thumbs-up. It's more of a "See? I'm still working hard for you guys!" ... a preview, if you will. Enjoy, and hang on; there's more to come. Thanks to the fine folks over at the World of Warcraft RPG Summit for their fine work, and more importantly, for inspiring me to get back into the game (in so many ways). Go give those fellows some love!!! 1