This is the Black Supers List; Why Black and not African-American, well
that would leave out many other supers not born in the USA. If someone 
can think of a better word for those of African origin, that would be 
cool too. Speaking of African origin, I'm not sure if Aborigines from 
Australia are consider Black (as in from Africa), but I'll include them 
anyway since they are black. The characters belong to their respective 
companies, the list however is mine (copyright), if you want to link to 
it, just ask.
(d) Dead     %Power from African/Australian Source
(**) Group
2003: Iron Maiden; Angel IV; Meteorite II; Harrier; Makeshift
2004: Mozam
Experiment: Heroes in Bold; some I'm not sure of, please sent me if 
I make a mistake
Arcane Comics:
      Nighthawk, the Soul Sorcerer 
      Noah, the Soul Sorcerer
Awesome/ Image:
     Riot of Heavy Mettle
Axis Comics:
     Blindspot of the Tribe
     Front of the Tribe
     Dr Danger (d)
     Dr Thunder of Strikeforce America
   Africa: Anansi    
   Australia: Dreamtime         (d)
     Blue Knight
     4-D of the Ultra-Marines  
     Amazing Man of Justice League Internation, formerly of the 
        All-Star Squadron   (d)
     Black Lightning formerly of the Outsiders
     Black Racer of the New Gods
     Black Manta
     Black Mass of the Cadre
     Black Spider
     Black Vulcan of the Superfriends 
     Blindside of the Weinberg family; Siblings Houston, Omni, Temper;
     Blockage of the Pointmen
     Bloodwynd formerly of Justice League of America, really the 
        Martian Manhunter, merged with him
     Bronze Tiger of the Suicide Squad
     Bumblebee formerly of the Teen Titans; husband Hornblower
     the Chunk
     Computo of Legion of Super Heroes   {30th Cen}
     Crowbar of the Cadre
     Cyborg II/Cyberian of the Titans, formerly of the Teen Titans
     Dr Midnight II of Infinity, Inc
     Ember, former Fallen Earth Angel, Earth Angel of Fire         
         {18th Cent}     (d)   
     Flip of the Newsboy Legion II
     Enforcer II
     Green Arrow II, son of Green Arrow I  (Quarter Korean/Half-White)
     Green Lantern II, formerly with Darkstars
     Hearse of the Doomslayers
     Herald/Guardian/Hornblower formerly of the Teen Titans; 
        Wife Bumblebee
     Invisible Kid II of the Legion of Super Heroes
     Iron of the Metal Men
     JJ Thunder
     Johnson, Jackie of Easy Company        {WWII}
     Joto of the Teen Titans    (d)
     Kid Quantum I of the Legion of Super Heroes; sister Kid Quantum II  
        {30th Cen}  (d)
     Kid Quantum II of the Uncanny Amazers, brother Kid Quantum I 
        {30th Cen} (d)
     Lord Garnet of Gemworld
     Marlon Corbett of the Challengers of the Unknown II
     Maximum of the Supermen of America
     Mr Bones formerly of Infinity Inc and Helix
     Mr Terrific II 
     Northwind of Infinity Inc
     Particon of Workforce  {30th Cen}
     Samosa of the Mosiac Kids, a Green Lantern
     Scoopshovel of the Demolition Team
     Sir Gawain of Camelot 3000
     Spitting Cobra, wife is Cheshire
     Steel III of the Justice League of America and the Special
        Crimes Unit
     Supergirl of the Justice Alliance of America  {Earth-D} (d)
     Superman of the Justice Alliance of America  {Earth-D} (d)
     Tempest of the Doom Patrol
     Trident III of H.I.V.E.
     Tyroc of the Legion of Super Heroes
     Vykin the Black of the Forever People
     Whale, Tobias of the 100
     Xer0 of the Closers
     XS of the Legion of Super Heroes, grandfather of the Flash II/ 
        Barry Allen; mother is Dawn of the Tornado Twins; uncle is Don 
        of the Tornado Twins; Cousin Impulse; related to 28th Century 
        Flash/Blaine Allen; Distant cousins Flash III and his 
        daughter Flash/Iris   {30th Cen}
     %B'Wana Beast                        (d)
     Bowman of the Bush of the Green Arrows of the World 
     Dr Mist of the Global Guardians      (d)
     Freedom Beast  
     Healer Randolph of Tomahawk's Rangers
     Impala formerly of the Global Guardians   
     Vixen the Ultra-Marines; formerly of the Suicide Squad, 
        of Justice League of America
  Australia:  Clawman, Betty of the New Guardians 
  Haiti: Houngan of the Brotherhood of Evil
  Jamaica:  Jet of the New Guardians     
  Black Canary of the Justice Society
  Captain Marvel of the Justice Society
DC/Kingdom Come:
  Lightning, daughter of Black Lightning   
  Star Spangled Kid III, sidekick of Stripesy II
  Stripesy II, sidekick of Star Spangled Kid III
  Joker (one of them)
DC 1,000,000:
Faction Five Comics:
    Beard of the Faction
    Card of the Faction
    Jam of the Faction
    Mercy of the Faction
Fiasco Comics:
    Ms Megaton Man     
    Rubber Brother
    Unleash, partner of Bad Guy
Gettosake Comics:
    Chocolate Thunder   
    Father Tyme
    Nana Man
   Karunda: Mozam
     Black Rapier of the Honor Guard
     Cleopatra II of the Honor Guard
     Glowworm of the Unholy Alliance
     Jack in the Box I, son is Jack in the Box II   (d)
     Jack in the Box II, father is Jack in the Box I 
     Jack in the Box III
     MPH of the Honor Guard   (part-Alien)
  Africa:  Anansi/"Spider"
  Brazil: (**)Birds of Paradise
     Bertha Buttress
     Big Brother of Youngblood, adopted son of the Waxman
     Chapel formerly of Youngblood   (d)
     Cutthroat of the Vicious Circle
     Moe Muscle of Brute Force     (eaten by energy monster)
     Phenomena of the Coven
     Pilot of the New Men
     Rapture of the Special Operations Taskforce, former member of 
        Freak Force; (d) 
     Sentinel of Badblood, formerly of Youngblood
     Shadowhawk (d)
     Water Lad, applicant to Brute Force
  Jamaica: Serge of the Phantom Guard
     Aegis of the New Warriors
     Agent Storm/ Tempest of X-Force/Branch M
     Ammo of the Wildboys
     Angel IV of Xavier Institute
     Arak of the Godpack
     Assault, partners/brother of Battery in Balance of Terror
     Attractive Lad of Crazy Eight
     August of the Recession Raiders
     Axe I of the Brothers, formerly of the Gladiators
     Bandit was in the New Warriors; Half-Brother of Night Trasher
     Basenji with the Litter
     Battleaxe II of the Harriers
     Battery, partners/brother of Assault in Balance of Terror
     Battlestar with the Wild Pack, once partners with Captain America 
        VI/ USAgent as Bucky V; once of the Buckies, Bold Urban 
     Bedlam, Jesse
     Bishop of the X-Men, formerly XSE  (Part)
     Black Bear of the Sunset Riders;
     Black Metal with the Kingpin
     Black Racer of the Serpent Society
     Black Talon, formerly of Masters of Evil VI
     Blade the Vampire Hunter of the Midnight Sons
     Blitzana of the Godpack
     Bloodshadow of the Coven 
     Bloodshed of the Bazin Organization
     Brute I of Trash
     Bombardeer of New Genix
     Bullet of the Head-Hunters
     Bushmaster I, brother is Bushmaster III   (d)
     Bushmaster III of the Serpent Society, brother is Bushmaster I
     Buzzsaw of the Handymen     
     Calhoun, Licorice
     Captain Universe (Elijah Jackson)
     Cardinal of the Masters of Evil VII, formerly of Air Control
     Cassidy, Wes
     Ceasefire of the New Breed, formerly Phastos of the Externals
     Charcoal with the Redeemers, formerly of the Thunderbolts, 
        the Imperial Forces of America (d)
     Chemisto III, brother of High-Tech
     Chief Largo of the Head Shop
     Claudette formerly of Generation X as Penance and M, brother 
        Emplate, sister M; twin sister Nicole;
     Cloak, partners with Dagger
     Coldfire with the Corporation; brother is Cage/Power Man
     Cole with the Reavers     (d)
     Cottonmouth of the Serpent Society 
     Dakini of Hydra
     Dark Tower of the Chess Set
     Darkoth/ Death Demon; henchman of Diablo and Dr Doom
     Deathlok III of Silver Sable International, once with SHIELD and 
       Secret Defenders; 
     Deluge         (d)
     Doc of the Lilin (part Lilin)
     Doorman of the Lightning Rods/Great Lakes Avengers
     Dr Nightshade formerly of Femizons; 
     Emplate, sisters M and the twins Nicole and Claudette
     Equinox the Thermodynamic Man
     Evans, Willie  (d)
     Falcon, sometimes partners with Captain America, former Avenger
     Father Vincent Bloch  (d)
     Fetish of the Coven
     Fin II of the Intruders;
     FlatIron of the FirstLine (d)
     Foxfire of the Redeemers; formerly of the Institute of Evil, 
       Squadron Supreme    (d)
     Frenzy, formerly of the Alliance of Evil, The X-Men; formerly Cargill of the Acolytes
     Frost formerly of the Head Shop
     G.W. Bridge of SHIELD, formerly of Six Pack;
     Genecide of Eugenix
     Genii of the Young Gods
     Georgianna of the Thunderiders
     Giant Man II, formerly with Project: Pegasus, in the Champions as 
        Black Goliath; 
     Girth of the Happy Campers
     Goblyn formerly of Beta Flight II, Derangers; twin sister Pathway
     Greystone of XUE, formerly of XSE     (d)
       Note: currently in body of young white boy
     Grind, worked for Shinobi
     Gris Gris of the Thieves Guild
     Hairbag of the Nasty Boys
     Hammer I, partners with Anvil  (d)
     Hammer II formerly of Six Pack
     Hardcore of the Corporation
     Harrier of the Redeemers
     High Tech, ally of Iron Man, once known as Chemisto I, brother III
     Hit-Maker  (Half-Mexican);
     Howling Wolf, friend of Starfox
     Human Top of the Kid Commandos   {WWII}
     Hyperia of the Metahumes    
     Impulse of Psionex  (u)
     Infomorph of System Crash
     Jacko of the Cold Warriors
     Jaeger I of the Neo  (d)
     Jaeger II of the Neo    (Half)
     Jelene of Strikeforce: Morituri     {other dimension}
     Jinx of the Darkhold Redeemers
     Jones, Gabe of SHIELD; once in the Howling Commandos;
     Kid Quarry
     Knight, Misty of the Daughters of the Dragon
     Knockout of the Femme Fatals
     Light II of the Soldiers of Misfortune, partners with Dark
     Lorelord of the Berserkers 
     Longbow of the Harriers
     M formerly of Generation X, brother Emplate, sisters Nicole and 
     Makeshift of the Executive Elite
     Man-Eater I of the Intruders
     Mangler II with the Power Broker
     Martinex of the Galactic Guardians, formerly Guardians of the 
     Master Link of the Chain Gang
     Meteorite II of the Redeemers (d)
     Midnight's Fire of the Folding Circle; sister is Silhouette  
     Milan of the Acolytes
     Moses Magnum
     Nefertiti Jones of SAFE, formerly of SHIELD, CIA and LAPD
     Nekra, once in Lethal Legion II, Black Spectre, one time ally/wife 
        of the Mandrill;
     Network Nina with SHIELD
     Neutotap works for Strong
     Nicole formerly of Generation X as Penance and M, brother 
        Emplate, sister M; twin sister Claudette;
     Night Terror
     Night Trasher formerly with the New Warriors; Half-brother Bandit
     Nightstick of the Thought Police
     Nyla Skin, Ally of Daredevil
     Parson of the Tabernacle            {Heroes Reborn}
     Pathway formerly of Beta Flight II, twin sister Goblyn
     Peacemonger I
     Peacemonger II
     Pilgrim of the Lilin (part Lilin)
     Photon/ Captain Marvel of the Avengers Reserves
     Positron of the First Line  (d)
     Power Man/ Cage of Heroes for Hire; sometime partner of Iron Fist; 
        once in the Fantastic Four; brother is Coldfire
     Power Master in the European Maggia  
     Prowler of the Outlaws
     Quite Bill
     Quill of the Resistants
     Quota with the Kingpin
     Rage formerly of the New Warriors
     Positron of the First Line
     Rem Ram of the Acolytes;
     Ringleader of the Death Throws
     Rock of Riot Squad, once a Hulk Buster
     Rock Python of the Serpent Society
     Rocket Racer with Silver Sable, formerly of the Outlaws
     Russel (one of the Babies in the thirteen children of power)
     Ryder of the Skrull Kill Crew
     Satyr of the Coven
     Savage Steel III
     Sentry of the Jury
     Silhouette formerly of the New Warriors; brother is Midnight's 
        Fire  (half-Cambodian)
     Silicon of SHIELD
     Slyde of the Masters of Evil VII
     Smiling Tiger of the Folding Circle  (Half-Cambodian)
     Smith, Daryll of Zero Tolerance
     Stone, Marcus of Code: Blue
     Storm of the X-Men
     Strongarm of Omega Flight II
     Synch of Generation X
     Taste of the Sensors
     Tempo of the Mutant Liberation Front
     Terrayne the Earthmover of the Futurians
     Threnody, Ally of Mr Sinister and X-Man
     Thunderball of the Wrecking Crew
     Thunderbolt I
     Titanis of the Eternals
     Tombstone of the Maggia
     Topspin of the V-Battalion, the Penance Council
     Vermin    (Half)
     Vertigo I of the Salem's Seven
     Vex II of the Coven
     Voodoo in mutie gang
     War Machine, Ally of Iron Man, formerly of the Iron Legion, Secret 
        Defenders and in West Coast Avengers as Iron Man IV
     Wildstreak, worked for Hydra
     Wraith II in the C.I.A., formerly of the Weapon X project
     Wrench of the Thunderiders
     Adrenamix Corp/ Psigns of the Times agents #9, #14 and #33
     unnamed Femizon with Reptile Wings
     unnamed aid to Senator Kelly, telepath
     NOTE: Robertson, Robby of the Daily Bugle is a super hero, but
           he is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, black 
           character in super heroes comics (so I'm told)
     Bedlam III of the Exemplars
     Black Panther       
     Cub of the Remnants;            {Heroes Reborn}
     Impala of BAD Girls, Inc.
     Ivory of Shield Super Soldiers   (Half)
     Killmonger  (d)
     Leecher of the Bio-Genes
     Light Bright with the Intruders, formerly with the Bio-Genes
     Mali of the Bio-Genes
     Maggot of the X-Men
     Man Ape/White Gorilla of the Masters of Evil VII
     Midnight Son
     Pirouette of the X-Patriots
     Prodigal of the X-Patriots
     Punchout of the Genoshan Press Gang
     Solomon Prey  (d)
     Splice of the Young Gods       
     Sparrow/Fast of the Soldiers of Misfortune (brainwashed), 
        partners with Fast/ Kymeria; was in Air Control
     Transfaser of the Bio-Genes
     Vibrania, Ally of Speedball
     Vibraxis of Force Four 
     many unnamed members of Bio-Genes
     Gateway, ally of Generation X       
     Talisman II   
     Sunspot of X-Force, the New Mutants, Fallen Angels, Hellions
       father is the White Rook I   (Half)
     White Rook I of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club,  
       son is Sunspot   (d)
     Murmur II of Alpha Flight, formerly of Hull House 
     Windshear formerly of Alpha Flight, Roxxon    (Half)
  England: Snoop a Warpie
     Brother Voodoo 
     Ampere of the Circle of Pavane; father Pavane; siblings Brawler, 
        and Wanda;
     Brawler of the Circle of Pavane; father Pavane; siblings Ampere, 
        and Wanda;
     Pavane of the Circle of Pavane; children Ampere, Brawler, and 
     Wanda of the Circle of Pavane; father Pavane; siblings Ampere, 
        and Brawler;
Marvel UK: 
     Bubbles of Tektos
     Dragonfly II of the Super Soldiers
     Doctor Crocodile, Excalibur Ally     
     Howitzer of the Genedogs   
  England: Breeze of the Knights of Pendragon
  Jamaica: Shift of Codename: Genetix   
Marvel 2099:
     Clarion of X-Nation;
     Krystalin of the X-Men
     Man-at-Arms with the Vulture
     Monster of the Z-Men  (d)
     Pack Rat with the Vulture
     Squeeze of the Frightful Four
     Willow of X-Nation
Marvel/ MC-2:
     Bullet II of the Wizard's Warriors
     Eagle of the X-People  
     Earth Sentry
Marvel/ Earth-X
     Charmer of the X-Men, formerly of Daredevil's Circus
     Tower of the X-Men, formerly of Daredevil's Circus
Marvel/ Alternate:
     Iron Maiden, once a victim of the Skull         {Earth-X}
     Note of the Morlocks   {Chronomancer Future}
     Pestilence of Horsemen of Apocalyse     {Mutant X}
     Coil of Puff and Coil
     Freakshow of the Shadow Cabinet
     Holocaust of the Star Chamber, formerly in Blood Syndicate
     Masquerade formerly of the Blood Syndicate
     Payback of the Shadow Cabinet
     Rocket, sidekick of Icon
     Sideshow of the Shadow Cabinet
     Transmit of the Star Chamber
     Wise Son of the Blood Syndicate
  Note: Icon is an alien who took the appearance of a human black male;
New Universe:
     Bazooka in Paranormal Troop Able; formerly in Black Powers
     Blindspot in Black Powers  (d)
     Blur in Paranormal Troop Able; formerly of DP7
     Brickwall of the Kickers Inc.
     Chill in Black Powers  (d)
     Friction of DP7
     Indigo in Black Powers  (d)
     Shrapnel in Paranormal Troop Able; formerly in Headhunters
     Squirm in DDTeens, was in Black Powers; 
     Think Tank of the Trouble Shooters
     Troublemaker of Medusa's Web
     Voyager in Paranormal Troop Able; formerly Psi-Force
     Wild Thing/ Mutator was in DP7, Paranormal Troop Able;
Top Cow: 
     Pyre of the Specials
   Circus Boy of the SuperDuperHeroes, sidekick of Purple Cape
   Jawbreaker of the Sugar Girls in, once worked for the 
      Shogun of Crime
   O'Hara of the Men in Off-White
   Purple Cape of the SuperDuperHeroes, sidekick is Circus Boy
   Purple Hood
     Andre of the Sportsmen  (d)
     Book of Quattro
     Brazen with Pilgrim
     DJ Blast of the Squad  (d)
     Dervis DZ  (d)
     Duey with Doc Gross
     Gangsta with Pilgrim
     the Grip once with Aladdin
     Lady of Light, linked to Deathwish
     Lonnie of the Sportsmen  (d)
     Mace of the Sportsmen
     Neu-Ronnie of the TNTNT
     Zip Zap of the Strangers
  "Floating Island"
     Yrial of the Strangers  
     Zara with Pilgrim
     Caul of Bech and Caul
     Ivory of UNFORCE
     Procyon of UNFORCE
     Oba of UNForce  
     Jammin of UNForce
     Black Eagle formerly of the Four Aces  (d)
     Blue Boy of the Jumpers  (d)
     Eraserhead of the New Joker Brigade 
     Footloose of the Rock
     Fortunato   (Half-Japanese)
     Furs with the Twisted Fist
     Harlem Hammer
     Lady Black with Justice Department
     the Mechanic 
     Mister Bones
     Oddity  (1/3 of 'him' is black man)
     Sgt Hamilton of the New Joker Brigade  (d)
     Shad/Black Shadow/Wall Walker/Mister Gravemold/No Dice and 
         many more names 
     Shiner, guardian of Doughboy
     Tea-Daddy with the Twisted Fist
     Note: the Sleeper sometimes awakens as a black male
     Murga Muggai   (d)
     Ezili de Rouge
     Taureau Trois Granines   (d)
     Ti Malice   (d)
     Battalion, formerly of Stormwatch, father Despot, brother Strafe;
     Despot, sons Battalion and Strafe
     Frostbite of DV8
     Rose the Puppet of the Jelly Bats  (ud/d)  
     Sister Supreme  {70s}
     Strafe formerly of Stormwatch, father Despot, brother Battalion
  Africa: Flint formerly of Stormwatch   
Wild Seed:
     Jo-Jo of Wild Seed
     Sable of Wild Seed
     Shiva of Wild Seed
     Outcast of Wild Seed
     Action Hank   [Dexter's Lab]
     Air Enforcer of the Sky Surfers
     Armory        [Batman Beyond]
     Black Knight      [Nightman]
     Black Ranger/ Zack formerly of the Power Rangers 
     Blaster of the Dragons Warriors    [Double Dragon]
     Blue Space Ranger/Red Turbo Ranger/T.J. of the Power Rangers
     Brown Hornet, sidekick is Stinger            [Fat Albert]
     Capital G    [Dexter's Lab]
     Changling of the Mega Hyper Heroes   [Rugrats]
     Countdown of the Shadow Warriors          [Double Dragon]
     Dynoman    [Fantasy Island]
     Green Ranger of the Rescue Power Rangers 
     IQ of the Bionic Six, adopted family Bionic One, Mother One, 
        Rock One, Sports One, Karate One
     Lothar, aid of Mandrake the Magician
     Meteor Man
     Micro Woman, partners with Super Stretch           [Filmation]
     (**) Super Globetrotters: Multi-Man, Spaghetti Man, Gismo, 
          Fluid Man and SuperSphere; 
     Misty Magic of Hero High      [Hero High]
     Stinger, sidekick of the Brown Hornet            [Fat Albert]
     Stalker                                      [Batman Beyond]
     Super Stretch, partners with Micro Woman           [Filmation]
     Stuntwoman of the Movie Madmen   [Super Globetrotters]
     Yellow Ninja Ranger/Yellow Ranger/ Aisha formerly of the Power 
     Yellow Turbo Ranger/Zeo Ranger II (yellow)/Tanya
     Kwame of the Planeteers  
     Bronze Eagle
     Steel Condor
     Warrior Eagle
     Warrior Woman
   Applejack           [Impact]
   Bird of Lunatic Fringe     [Innovation Comics]
   Blackhood, once in the Seaside City Mob        [Impact]
   Black Beaver II        [First Comics]
   Black Man               [CQ Comics]
   Blur of the Troublemakers  [Acclaim]
   Blur of the Anti-Lawbreakers League of America  [SuperDuperHeroes]
   Brotherman  [Big City Comics]
   Bungee of NZ3                   [Gallagher]
   C4, works for Deadline, traitor to F.R.E.E.Lancers   (d)      
   Captain Awareness (sometimes, he/she can be different people)   
       [2-D Comics]
   Captain Gravity     [Peregrine Entertainment]
   Condor formerly of the Shadowhunters; son Knighthawk, adopted son 
      Venin   [New Breed]
   Conjure Man of the Data Raiders      [Stan Lee Media] 
   Crackshot of Liberty Project   [Eclipse Comics]
   Crush                    [Motown Machineworks]
   the Dark Peril                 [Mansion]
   Doc Random of the F.R.E.E.Lancers   [F.R.E.E.Lancers]
   Dreadlock of the Numidian Force (+5 others)  [Kamite Comics]
   Dynamo of the Galaxy Heroes, Inc.; formerly of the Overseers, the 
      F.U.R.I.E.S.    [Galaxy Heroes]
   Eightball                  [CQ Comics]
   Electro X   [A&B Comics]
   Femme Fatal  [A&B Comics]
   Firebeam of FemForce  [AC]
   Green Terror  [Timely]  (Africa)
   Jonathan Fox [Mariah Graphics]
   Knighthawk of the Shadowhunters; father Condor, adopted brother 
      Venin      [New Breed]
   Knox of Lynch Mob  [Chaos!]   (Africa)
   Power Man/ Man of Power/ Powerbolt  [Eclipse]   (Africa)
   Pubic Justice of the Team Supreme          [Penthouse Comics]
   Purge     [Amara]
   Rap Brother, sidekick Theme Music Man ["Superheroes"/ Ace Books]
   Seeker II           [Caliber Comics]
   Shadowhand          [Codename: Danger]
   SuperCaptainCoolMan                    ["Curtis" comics]
   Talon of the Labyrinth Clan; sister Eliza Maza (half Sioux) [Disney]
   Zoomer of Teen Extreme           [Gallagher]
   Zulu of the Ravangers           [Chaos!]
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African American Non-Super & Super Heroes FAQ
Chocolate Thunder
A.S.H. (Africa-American Super Heroes)
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