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This is a simple and easy to use Sinhala text editor. This was written By Mr A.D.R Sasanka. He was a lecturer at University of Moratuwa when I was in Second year.

Singlish uses "sinhala INetFont" developed by Dr. S.T.N. Nandasara of Institute of Computer Technology, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

What is special about Singlish is that, you type the way you normally pronounce it. For example you only need to type as "mama gedhara yanawaa".

Sinhala text will be printed here
You type here

You have to use Singlish together with MSWord ( or other standard word processor). First type in your text in Singlish. Then copy paste to MSWord and do the formatting.

Sasanka(Author) says following about singlish.

What is Natural SinGlish?

Natural SinGlish allows you to type Sinhala in English letters. This helps you lot in typing Sinhala documents since in Natural SinGlish typing mata produces mata.bmp (1174 bytes) . Therefore, you do not have to refer to character maps and type weird key combinations to produce Sinhala text. Though Natural SinGlish is ideal for producing short, informal documents, it can be easily used to produce complex formal documents. Moreover, you can mix Sinhala and English text with Natural SinGlish.

redarrow.gif (836 bytes)Download

Download Singlish
Download Additional Fonts


After downloading unzip it to a temporary folder. Run SinGlishSetup.exe to install the software. It will also install the sinhala INetFont.


You can Run singlish from Start > Programs > Singlish > Singlish. Use F1,F2 and F3 to get help.

To get started with singlish, open the sample text files provided. You also might want to check this step-by-step guide


Start > Programs > Singlish > Uninstall

Please note that this will not uninstall the font.


Please send your comments about singlish to . It will help further development of this software.

Known Bugs

There is a small bug when this tool is used under winnt/2k. The letter "chi" is not printed properly. As a work around I use "chii" in place for "chi". Normally nobody notice the difference.

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