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Loyola Crest
Loyola Crest

    The Loyola Anthem

    Loyola, Loyola, we sing our proud refrain

    Loyola, Loyola, till the echoes ring again

    For here we all are true, and our hearts are strong

    And merrily we sing, as we march along

    Loyola, Loyola, till the echoes ring again.

    Added on 30 June 2004

    Haven't been to Loyola lately?
    Take a look at these pictures and find out how much Loyola has changed since the last time you visited.

    Established in 1947, Loyola School celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1997. To mark these celebrations, numerous activities were organized. Possibly the most notable and talked about activity was the opera The Lion King. The second opera ever to be done at Loyola (The first being Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat), the show was indeed the talk of the town and yet another feather in the decorated cap of Loyola. A reunion of Alumni and previous teachers and principals was also organized in Dec'97 and this attracted students from almost all batches. The gala reunion meant the meeting of many old friends and lost contacts were re-established. Loyola also inaugurated the new block, situated where the LSD (that's Loyola Sports Department for those who didn't know) stood previously.

    I studied in Loyola for 11 years and passed out of Plus II in 1995. That's when I came down to Singapore to pursue higher studies. But whenever I am back home, I make it a point to go to Loyola. Besides for meeting my teachers, sometimes I go there just to be alone with the buildings which mean a lot more than mere brick and concrete to me. It reminds me of those old and really wonderful days I spent at Loyola. The name 'Loyola' does not seem like a name any more, it is something that symbolizes my whole childhood and the memories associated with it. The 1 hour lunch breaks, outings in the Golf course and picnics at Jubilee Park, Machlu, hand-ball, Jyoti Basketball tournaments, Reading Lab, Peri and his samosas... the memories make it seem like it all happened just yesterday. I guess this is nostalgia speaking...

    Have you registered yourself at the Loyola Alumni yet? if not.. Do so now! The alumni net contains information about the Loyola Alumni, you can get the email addresses of your friends, their URLs, as well as leave messages on the bulletin board for all the alumni to read.

    I have here a collection of sub-pages that I am sure most Loyoleans would enjoy browsing through. So have a nice time looking at all these things, and if you have anything that could be added here (Pictures, comments, anything at all...) then please email me and I shall do the needful. And do remember to sign the guestbook!!

    * Girls at Loyola! Yes, Armageddon has come! And I have evidence! (Thanks Neeraj!)
    (Edit - 25 May 06 - I recently heard that the 'Gods' at Loyola have finally realized that this wasn't a smart move. Apparently, good sense has prevailed and Loyola has reverted to the good old "All-Boys" days. Do you know if this is true? If so, do let me know please.)
    * Loyoleans Speak - Contributions -. This section is dedicated to inputs from the vast Loyola Alumnus. It contains old pictures, memoirs, articles... and a lot of love. A Must-Browse for every Loyolean. If you have contributions for this page, please email them to me.
    * Here is a map of Loyola School as it looked in '95. It has changed since due to the construction of the new building where the LSD stood previously. Now we have an additional basketball court and the KG block has been demolished. (This link opens a new browser window)
    * Loyola School: Down the aisle of time. A brief history of the institution, complete with pictures. The pictures include some old b/w snaps of Loyola, pictures of all previous principals of Loyola and the faculty, now and 25 years ago.
    * Is Loyola only about learning, studies and books? Definitely not. This page shows us a much diverse picture of the school.
    * Loyola School 1947- . A page dedicated to the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. This contains the text of Fr.Principal's message to the entire Loyola family on this great occasion.
    * More pictures: Some faces of Loyola which didn't quite fit in any of the above pages.
    * Links to other pages dedicated to Loyola. If you know of any new sites that have come up or any present links that have ceased to exist, please inform me.

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