Written by
Ben Hecht

Reviewed by Michael Jacobs

Israel is the Jewish State, so it's always been interested in saving Jews from all over the world, and having them settle in the Holy Land.  Right?  Wrong!  By the time you've finished this apalling expose of the early days of the Israeli establishment, you might feel very angry - depending on whether you believe the author.

What is so shocking?  He has written an account of how in 1953, Rudolf Kastner, a prominent member of Ben Gurion's government tried to sue a Malchiel Greenwald, (a 'nobody' who also happened to be a Holocaust survivor), who alledged that Kastner was giving help to General Kurt Becher, a Nazi war criminal!  And as the story unfolds (every point being backed up by an official document, such as a court record, or a transcript of a public speech), you discover that this minister was nothing less than a collaborator in Hungary.  But the worst part is that the government of Ben Gurion goes to such lengths to try to defend him.  Just how far they went, and how long the case took to resolve is revealled in page after page of gripping narative - I could hardly put the book down!

Remember, this is no novel - it is an account of truth as it happened (at least as it appeared to Hecht), backed by evidence which anybody can check for themselves.  As shocking as the Holocaust was, the sordid story of how the Government of Israel tried to look after one of their own is so far beyond belief that you have to read it for yourself.  Until recently, this book was banned in Israel, for obvious reasons...

Title: Perfidy
Authors: Ben Hecht
Publisher: Milah Press    281 pages.
ISBN: 0-99646886-3-8
Rating:  90%

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