Want pictures of Kongfrontation? This is the place to get them. Each picture will have a discription that goes along with it. If you would like to use some of these pictures on your website, please contact me.

Kongfrontation The entrance and sign for Kongfrontation.
line Part of the line of Kongfrontation. Most of the walls are covered with gafatti. There's also some really old movie posters hanging up in the subway/tram station too.
tram Here's the Roosevelt island tram leaving the station, your vehicle to meet KING KONG!
tram Here's the tram pulling back into the station. The night vision option of my camera is on, so you can see the so called "cables" that shake the car above it. (cool fact-that mechanism can lower the cars all the way to the ground. Last years halloween Horror nights).
The Station A view from the station. You're about to get on the ride.
streets below The empty streets below when you first come out of the station.
damage Some damage that King Kong caused.
Power Pole Kong's got a power pole!!!
explode The power pole exploded!
ITS KONG It's Kong...He's hanging off of the bridge in front of you.
Chopper Your tram driver is now yelling to the helecopter: "DO NOT SHOOT, WE'RE TOO CLOSE."
KONG Sure are close to that giant animatronic!
chopper crash The Choppers crashed on the bridge!!!
Cut us off Kong's cut us off
We made it. Pulling into the station. See the overhead track?
Pulling into the station with Night vision off.
Pictures Get your pictures with KONG!
The Kong that you get your picture with.
Another view of the non-animatronic Kong.
And another view
and another
The gift shop in the background!!!
The outside window of the giftshop.
During Halloween Horror Nights, Kong wasn't used as a ride. I was used as a haunted house/party zone (so they called it). This is a picture of the outside of the building.
Decorations outside of the kong building during day.
Another day view.
Another view of the outside of Kongs building during Halloween Horror Nights (this was 2001 I.C.U.). That's a cool laser machine.
Yes, they let you walk around on the ground. A view not usually seen to a guest.
The overhead track from ground level.
King kong from ground level.
Another shot of Kong from ground level.
NY Not part of the ride, but related. This is the real Roosevelt Island Tram in New York, crossing the East River. The picture is taken from the bridge that Kong is hanging off of on the ride. You could only see the top of the tram car, but it is the real thing.
The cables of the real tram going down to Roosevelt island.
And the cables of the real tram going down to the Manhatten side of the ride. Now let's get back to the Universal ride...
The post card sent to annual passholders annoucing Kongfrontations last day and inviting them to come see the closing ceremony.
The back of the postcard with all of the information on it.

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