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03:45am (GMT) Aug 31, Saturday
Well i first got the site up and running just to host a few pics of my car so i could ask people's opinion of it, but it seems to have turned into a proper site. How perculiar...

Anyway this is the opening message so hello and welcome. I probably wont post again till morning cuz im REALLY tired but thanx for dropping by, if you do.

' Life is a Game, Play it well '
We're Open
05:37am (GMT) Aug 31, Saturday
What, an update already?
I said that i was going to bed but i lied lol. I've been up ALL night designing the site and i think it turned out preeety good. the nice new interface has yet to be tested thoroughly but other than that the site is up and functional. A redesign of the downloads page comes next so keep visiting!!!

' Life is a Game, Play it well '