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Porto Alegre, 07 de junho de 2002

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Until the end of the year, about 40%, of the 12,400 IT hardware[1] of Banrisul - Bank of the State of Rio Grande Do Sul - will operate with the GNU/Linux[2] program, the most known free software.

The use of the Linux is not a newness for the Bank, that is pioneering in Brazil and the world in the implantation of free software in the automatic boxes. The first ATM to function with these systems was installed, in phase of tests, November 2000, and, until today, the Bank did not have problems with this equipment.

In accordance with the systems analist Carlos Eduardo Wagner, of the Unit of Development of Systems, that said on our experience with this dipo of technology in the lecture "Drawing Money with Free Software", inside of the activities of III the international Fórum of Free Software, in the Center of Events of the PUC, in Porto Alegre, the choice for free software inside represented an innovation in the thought of the Institution. "We finish with the preconception that existed contro the Linux, that besides solving memory problems that the old system (Of) presented, has proportionate greater security to the system of the bank, stability (working 24 hours per day, without stopping) and the easiness of development of new services. The economy was another decisive factor in the option for the open software of code-source. Carlos Wagner calculates that in each machine that was installed the GNU/Linux it had a economy of R$ 700, between memory and licança.

The superintendent of the Unit of Development of Systems, Pablo Galarza, explains that the benefits of the use of this software also reflect in the 2,2 million customers of the Banrisul, who hardly will find a machine stopped, since the stability of the system is very bigger. It detaches, also, that the reduction of costs of maintenance of the equipment results in reduction of the taxes of the interests and the tariffs of the bank.


Based in its experience of success with free software, the Banrisul is in phase of implantation of new projects in this line. The bank will go to buy 330 servers of agency, 2100 multi-functional stations of work and 50 equipment, all with GNU/Linux. Moreover, the 944 old machines that still operate in the system Of them will migrarão for free software, until the 2002 end. The process of implantation of the work stations initiates in next the 30 days and must be concluded in six months. The installation of free software in the central computer of the institution, the development of a Linux station, e-mail and serving of data base is other proposals that are being implanted in the bank. The Banrisul already uses, in all its terminals ja computer, the StarOffice program, besides having the monitoramento of the local performance of net and the InterNet. The impression system will be based on free software.


The Banrisul signed, in day 3 of May, during the International Fórum of Free Software, an accord that disponibiliza to the Union of the Companies of Computer science of the RS (with 150 associates) and to the Connective (bigger deliverering company of Linux of Latin America) the credit facility for implementation of free software. The objective of this partnership is to allow that the biggest possible number of computer users can have a economy as the one that the Banrisul got with its implantation. The tax of interest for this product is of 2,5% to the month.

Source: Linha Direta Journal - 2002 May

  1. ATM : 'Automatic Teller Machine' : equipamento de autoatendimento dispensador de dinheiro ou cheque 'cash dispenser'; Teminais de caixa : terminais de computador para rotinas de caixa. voltar
  2. Linux : sistema operacional de código aberto. Software livre. Free Software. voltar

  1. ATM na wikipedia
  2. Repercução no site Linux Online


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