Sasui: Abri-XV



Now or after, my destiny
is my Beloved one-
The labour of poor one, O God
let it in vain not be
I beg for nothing, but to see
my loved-one in this life


Sasui's heart breaks from pain's torment
and rends all hearts around;
Immaculate Sasui, her eyes
are e'er on Punhu bent;
Her viruous mind on Beauty of
the glorious One intent;
Faithful up to the last...all spent-
the maid in mountains dies.


Sasui, undone by longing, yet
affects the longing more;
Drank deep of Punhu's company
and yet for more doth fret;
Aye, still more thirsty they do get
who drink draughts from this stream.


Seeing the flood of Beauty, they
who drank a sip from there
It all the more increased their thirst
their longing and despair;
Although they live in mid-stream ne'er
this boundless thirst is quenched,


Sasui, before you follow Punhu,
feel your utter helplessness;
Take naught for granted, attitude
unservant like do not possess;
Oh, with yourself take only love,
and without 'Self' you must progress...
Make no approach to Azazil,
to save yourself from deep distress;
Keep company with hopelessness
so that you nearer come to hope.


Do not rejoice in comfort, seeing
sorrow do not fear...
In sacrifice don't crush your own,
nor houses new do rear;
Dead one, don't die, in no case here
try to maintain your life.



Ah, those that are from longing free
how Kech can ever reach?
Such wishful hundreds did I see
that ere mid-way gave up.


Each doth express a wish, but none
ready for hunger is...
To walk is not for every one.
nor make a trip like this-
I take for company, I was,
one who not loves the 'Self'.


I pledged my troth when innocent;
suspecting no torment;
Nor knew brothers in law would leave
with me longing, lament...
The longing one, on seeking bent
Must now through mountains roam.


O sisters, when my troth I plighted
ignorant was I;
Or with my mountaineer's subjection
how could I comply?
A brief talk did my being tie
to Punhu for all life.


Those, who do husbands own, return-
I'll not come without mine;
To search the deepest mountain depth
and turn each stone, I yearn,
To settle love's account I burn
with camel-riders there.



Frail one, do never slow your pace
when seeing mountains high...
The threatening mountains do not fear,
and keep your love-ablaze;
And never give up hope to see
your loved-ones lovely face-
Don't seek him in a far-off place,
he's nearer than your eyes.


Those who took off from 'here' their mind
and fixed it 'there', they reached;
Beloved, Beauty, Truth to find
for them one step it was.


Kechis are speaking-now Sasui
you should become an ear;
The breath that comes from them, but silence
can distinguish here;
Sir silently, and only 'hear',
that fire you may acquire.


Now be an ear-the Kechis speak;
no word must come from thee;
And not an iota of your 'I'
should in their presence be...
Behold, the Kechis cut the tree
of being from the root.


Sometimes ones should become an ear;
sometimes a mouth shoul turn-
Sometimes like knife one should appear
sometimes a lamb become.-



Your love is not where you surmise;
and where you think he be,
Walk not to mounts, the wood you have
to cross within you lies;
Your being ask for all advice
and strangers keep outside.


Sasui, within yourself you bear
what you are seeking so;
No one found ever anything
by walking here and there,-
As though he your own being were
so seek his whereabouts.


Why do you go to woods remote?
why not your love search here?
Believe, not hiding anywhere
is your beloved Hoat;
Be pure, gird up your loins, faithful
upon you loved-one dote
Look deep into yourself and note
Beloved's home is there.-


Not with your feet keep wandering
but with your heart do walk
A courier's job will never bring
you anywhere to Kech.



While peeping in myself I was...
I with my soul conversed;
No camel-man was there to chase,
all mountains had dispersed;
'Punhu' I had become...immersed
in woe, but 'Sasui' was.


I was deceived by my fancy-
or else Punhu myself I was;
I lost myself in presence of
the prince's noble majesty;
Unless you yourself loved-one see
No iota worldy knowledge helps.


Once you give up existence, know
you are near the unique-
Refuge seek in: " whate'er I saw
God was in it", and lo
Then your Beloved cannot go
from you one minute mere.


Your love is in your lap, and yet
you ask: "where is he, where"?
O understand, he's in your soul
to see him wont you care?
No one to the Bazar will fare
Beloved there to find.


I hunted for my rider-swain;
vain was the search I made,
The clue of him I got was: "God
dose everything pervade;
He Himself is in every blade
without Him nought exists."