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Roy Shirley
Roy Shirley
A great skinhead reggae label, which ran from 1968 to 1971, and released about  100 singles, undergoing a change of spelling (from Nu Beat to New Beat) and colour along the  way. As Derrick Morgan did with Crab, Laurel Aitken took over this Pama label with sheer volume of his releases. These included  "Scandal In Brixton Market", "Frankenstein" and "Skinhead Train".
The Maytals
The Maytals

Laurel  was supposed to have signed for PAMA Records after Carl Palmer bailed him out of jail in Birmingham, England. Mr Aitken had been arrested on stage and remanded in jail for having a paternity suit filed against him, and the prospect of a huge fine or six weeks in prison helped hasten his decision to sign, as Carl Palmer had paid his fine on that condition. 

Other great tracks include "Tonight", "I Can't Stand It", "Tonight" and "La La Means I Love You" by Alton Ellis, "Push, Push" from The Termites, "Mother Radio" by Joe Higgs, "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" from Derrick (Morgan) & Patsy, "My Testamony" by The Maytals (right) and "Hold Them One" from Roy Shirley (above left).

Nu Beat Discography
NB-001 Train To Vietnam/Skaville To Rainbow City The Rudies
NB-002 Rain & Thunder/Swing Baby Swing The Soul Tops
NB-003 Cover Me/Darling Fitz & The Coozers
NB-004 Rocksteady Cool/I Have Changed Frederick Bell
NB-005 Engine '59/My Girl The Rudies
NB-006 Festival '68/I Really Love You Clancy Eccles
NB-007 Rhythm & Soul/True Romance Bunny & Ruddy/Monty Morris
NB-008 Hey Boy Hey Girl/Music Be The Food Of Love Derrick & Patsy/Derrick Morgan
NB-009 Easy Snapping/My Lonely Days Theophilus Beckford/Eric Morris
NB-010 I Can't Stand It/Tonight Alton Ellis
NB-011 On The Town/Simple Simon Bunny & Ruddy/Monty Morris
NB-012 Young Love/Days Like These The Imperials
NB-013 Bye Bye Love/My Lovely Days Alton Ellis/Monty Morris
NB-014 La La Means I Love You/Give Me Your Love Alton Ellis
NB-015 Blue Socks/Solas Market Reco Rodriquez
NB-016 I Love You/Searching Derrick Morgan/Junior Smith
NB-017 Push Push/Girls The Termites
NB-018 The Horse/Hot Line The Versatiles
NB-019 Rhythm Hips/Deltone Special Ronald Russel/The Soul Rhythms
NB-020 Mini Really Fit Dem/Soul Train Alton Ellis & The Soul Flames
NB-021 Let's Have Some Fun/Making Love Devon & The Tartons
NB-022 Blowing In The Wind/Money Girl Max Romeo/Larry Marshall
NB-023 Mr Rhya/After Dark Lloyd Terrell
NB-024 Woppi King/Mr Soul Laurel Aitken
NB-025 Suffering Still/Reggae '69 Laurel Aitken
NB-026 Another Heartache/Come On Little Girl Winston Sinclair
NB-027 I'll Do It/Give You My Love Derrick & Paulette
NB-028 You've Lost Your Love/Little Girl The Flames
NB-029 Rescue Me/Unity Is Strength The Reggae Girls
NB-030 Rodney's History/Tribute To Drumbago Carl Dawkins/The Dynomites
NB-031 My Testamony/One Dollar Of Soul The Maytals
NB-032 Hailse Selaise/Blue Dance Laurel Aitken
NB-033 Lawd Doctor/Big Fight In Hell Laurel Aitken/Laurel Aitken & Girlie
NB-034 Crimson In Clover/What A Situation The Uniques
NB-035 Run Powell Run/A Message To You Laurel Aitken/Reco
NB-036 Splash Down/Finders Keepers The Crystalites
NB-037 I'll Make You Love Me/Lovers Prayer The Uniques
NB-038 Buss You Mouth/Rough Way Ahead The Ethiopians
NB-039 Save The Last Dance/Walk Right Back Laurel Aitken
NB-040 Don't Be Cruel/John B Laurel Aitken
NB-041 Island In The Sun/Work It Up Winston Groovy
NB-042 Josephine/Champagne & Wine Winston Groovy
NB-043 Shoo Bee Doo Bee/Babylon Gone Laurel Aitken
NB-044 Lanlords & Tenants/Everybody Suffering Laurel Aitken
NB-045 Jesse James/Freedom Laurel Aitken
NB-046 Pussy Price Gone Up/Give Me Back Mi Dollar Derrick Morgan/Laurel Aitken
NB-047 Skinhead Train/Kent People Laurel Aitken/The Gruvy Beats
NB-048 Mr Popcorn/Share Your Popcorn Laurel Aitken/The Gruvy Beats
NB-049 I've Got Your Love/Blue Mink Laurel Aitken
NB-050 Scandal In Brixton Market/Soul Jerker Laurel & Girlie
NB-051 Frankenstein/I Can't Stand It King Horror/Winston Grievy
NB-052 Soul Of Africa/Dallas, Texas Tiger
NB-053 Standing At The Corner/You Send Me Winston Groovy
NB-054 Nobody But Me/Baby Please Don't Go Laurel Aitken
NB-055 Yellow Bird/For Your Love Winston Groovy
NB-056 I'll Never Love Any Girl/The Best I Can Laurel Aitken
NB-057 Reggae Popcorn/Take Me Back Laurel Aitken
NB-058 Here Is My Heart/Birds & Flowers Winston Groovy/The Groovy Beats
NB-059 Election/Tomorrows World The Freedom Singers/Flece & The Live Shocks
NB-060 Pick My Pocket/Freedom The Versatiles/Freedom Singers
NB-061 Same Old Feeling/So Much Love The Classics
NB-062 Nobody Else But You/Version Joel Lace/Live Shocks
NB-063 Baby I Need Your Loving/Think It Over Laurel Aitken
NB-064 Musical Scorcher/Three Dogs Night Tiger
NB-065 Sex Machine/Since You Left Laurel Aitken
NB-066 Groovin/Sugarmama Winston Groovey
NB-067 Witchcraft Man/Night In Cairo Inner Minds
NB-068 Not Known
NB-069 Pum Pum Girl/Freedom Inner Minds
NB-070 Not Known
NB-071 History Of Africa/Honey Bee The Classics
NB-072 Packanga/Version   Laurel Aitken
NB-073 Tennessee Waltz/Oldman Trouble Winston Groovey
NB-074 Your Testimony/Train Coming The Freedom Singers
NB-075 African Beat/Black Man Land Tiger
NB-076 Give To Me/With Hot The Versatiles/Tiger
NB-077 Not Known
NB-078 True Love/The Best I Can Laurel Aitken
NB-079 Only Heaven Knows/Freedom Psalms Sheila/Grant & Richard
NB-080 Monkey Spanner/Version Lloyd & Larry/Lloyd & Larry All Stars
NB-081 Coco/Hey Girl Don't Bother Me Marvels
NB-082 Blackman/Tell The People Rupie Edwards All Stars
NB-083 Love & Creation/Version 2 The Righteous Flames
NB-084 Mary/Soldier Boy     Jamaicans/Conscious Minds
NB-085 Not Known
NB-086 Walk A Little Prouder/Version Carl Dawkins/Youth Professionals
NB-087 Mother Radio/Little Deeds Joe Higgs/Dawn Sharon
NB-088 Have You Ever Been Hurt/Our Day Will Come Tiger
NB-089 I Can't Stop Loving You/El Paso Laurel Aitken
NB-090 Hold Them One/Two Three Four Roy Shirley
NB-091 Three In One/One In Three Errol Dunkley/Rupie Edwards All Stars
NB-092 Valley Of Tears/Because I Love Cock & The Woodpeckers
NB-093 Everyday And Every Night/I Fall In Love Everyday Cock & The Woodpeckers
NB-094 I Will Never Let You Down/This Magic Moment Lorenzo
NB-095 Iron Sound/Version Lester Sterling
  One Dollar of Soul The Johnson Boys

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