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The Writers’ Bloc 1997 Anthology

Features the opening chapter of Erik Sirmenis' VICTORIA TECH, “The Language Of Signs.” Also featuring the first published artwork of Kaare Andrews in Shaun Behrens’ THE GNAT. The notorious Sean Medlock debuts his FOOL & HAIKU in “A Walk In The Park.” Half of Fintan Studios, Jareth Grealish, introduces his SUNDOWN. 48 pages.

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1998 Writers’ Bloc Annual

Includes chapter two of Sirmenis' VICTORIA TECH, “Pennyroyal.” Sean Medlock continues his antics with “Naptown” featuring his FOOL & HAIKU. Both stories drawn by Pat Quinn. Shaun Behrens and Kaare Andrews bang out a second episode of THE GNAT. Jareth Grealish gambles with his all new ROULETTE. Features the first ever cover by Kaare Andrews. 80 pages.

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1999 Writers’ Bloc Annual

Chapter three of Sirmenis' VICTORIA TECH, “Secondhand Daylight” with art by Nolan Woodard. Shaun Behrens & Kaare Andrews rock out with KIRIN:BATTLEGIRL. Jareth Grealish introduces a new SUNDOWN.  Cover by Pat Quinn. 80 pages.

Price: $5.

2000 Writers’ Bloc Annual

Chapter four of Sirmenis' VICTORIA TECH, “The Pentagon Of Senses” with art by Nolan Woodard. Shaun Behrens & Pat Quinn introduce SHADOWLANDS. Buddy Scalera giggles through his FURBERG. Cover by Nolan Woodard. 96 pages.

Price: $5.

Victoria Tech Special #1

Sirmenis continues the serial with chapter five, “The Mill.” A quasi-origin of The Tribesman, with pencils by Lafe Smith, inks by Billy Crooks, and cover by Fabian Chow. Also features a VICTORIA TECH universe Who’s Who with Nolan Woodard artwork. 32 pages.

Price: $3.

ShadowLands Special #1

Breaking out from The 2000 Writers' Bloc Annual! ShadowLands is CSI for super-heroes, with additional flavoring from the mutant mind of writer Shaun Behrens. Penciled by Erik Lervold and inked by Doug McCoy. 32 pages.

Price: $3.