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Bangla Date Developer's Note

A Sample Bangla-Date window

Welcome to my web site of Bangla-Date Software. Let me introduce myself. My name is Saifuddin Ahmad. I am working as a Manager at Bangladesh Shilpa Bank. I have developed a date converting software - Bangla Date. It converts Gregorian calendar date to Bangla calendar date from hundreds years behind to thousands years ahead. Bangla Date will work in your Windows platform. Bangla Date is a free software and downloadable right from this web page. I am very much thankful to Bangladesh Shilpa Bank for harboring this software development as a result now I am making a free-offer it to you. Please note that I am not developing a culture of free-software.

Bangla Date Software features include, after installation of this software your computer will show Bangla date and Gregorian (Christian/English) date at each start-up. I dedicated this software to the martyrs of Bangla Language Movement in 1952, on February 21, which day is now declared as the International Mother Language Day by the UNESCO.

I want to give this software anybody who may need it. If you want to know what is the widely used date system in Bangladesh both with Bangla Calendar and Gregorian calendar or you are a Bangladeshi elsewhere on the globe - I think you need it. So, feel free to click here to Download Bangla Date

Do you know that the Bangla Calendar is catering successfully to the needs of a quarter billion people of Bangladesh and some eastern states of India. Hope to add some information pages about Bangla Calendar with this web site as early as possible. So, please visit this page again in near future.

After a demo on Bangla-Date - BSB management poses with me (rightmost).

My Information:

Saifuddin Ahmad, Manager
Bangladesh Shilpa Bank
Head Office, Dhaka - 1000
Cell: 0174 10 95 96


Please Visit:

ECOH Charity Hospital
Bangladesh Shilpa Bank


Alumni Association of Applied Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering