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Hard Candy products from the good old days...

These are some of my favorite Hard Candy products from the past. Click pics for larger view.

Hard Candy's First Catalog

This was a postcard that I received with my first several orders...

The back of it featured their early line of lipsticks & lip pencils...

Hard Candy Stickers

I got these stickers free with some orders that I placed with Hard Candy in 1997. They sent me about 3 of each style. I wish I still had them today. I ended up sticking them on various bookcases etc... I would love to have one today to put on my car! As far as I know, these are not available anymore. At least I haven't seen them anywhere.

Pastel Nail Polish

These pastel shades were some of the first Hard Candy nail polish shades offered:

L-R: Sky, Bubblegum, Sunshine, Peachy, Mint, Violet, Coconut

Holiday 1996 Nail Polish

I really LOVE this line. It has since been retired, but I was able to collect them all eventually (thanks to Ebay.)

They are all glitter shades. Some are clear base w/colored glitter and some have a light base color w/colored glitter.

Shown L-R: Grinch (green), Sexy Santa (red), Gangsta Booty (gold), Seasonal Psychosis (blue), Icky Eggnog (chartreuse), Holiday Homicide (red), XXXmas (purple), and Jingle Balls (blue).

1997 Candy Man Line

This was supposed to be nail polish for men. I suspect that only a couple of men and more women bought these when they were available.

Gigolo Metallic Black
Oedipus Hunter Green
Dog Dark Purple/Green Sheen
Testosterone Gunmetal
Libido Teal
Cowboy Gold
Superfly (a.k.a Superman) Dark Blue

Navel Postcard

This was a postcard that HC sent out with their orders in the early days. It features a spilled bottle of Navel (bright orange) nail polish.

Logos & Colors

Logo and color scheme used in 2002 and for the launch of the company's revamped web site design around December 2001/January 2002.

Logo and color scheme used 2000-2001. Sephora had a cool Flash movie designed around it on their special Hard Candy boutique section.

Hard Candy - www.hardcandy.com Logos they used on the first version of their official web site. Around 1996-1997.

Old Address & Phone Number:

110 North Doheny Drive
Beverly Hills, CA * 90211
P: 310-275-8099 * F: 310-385-8655

I scanned this from an ad that appeared in a Spring 2000 issue of In Style magazine. The ad is for Hard Candy's Caffeine Lipsticks. Click these pics for larger view.
This one came out at the same time that Hard Candy was releasing Hick nail polish (blue w/silver glitter) & Sky Glitter Eye (blue w/silver glitter). I found it in a beauty magazine and scanned it.
The focus of this ad is Hard Candy's "Glitter Eye Shadow Pencils." Looks like mica or feldspar...
This is a Visa advertisement that featured Hard Candy founder, Dineh Mohajer and spilled bottles of NAVEL nail polish... The ad is pretty cool. I love the spilled nail polish motif.

Here it is full size... Its pretty killer.

View Hard Candy models:

Hard Candy

Spring/Summer 2002 - modeling the spring 2002 Visual Illusion line.

Fall 2001 - modeling Hint Tint and Peace Powder

Summer 2001 - modeling the Stained line on cheeks and lips.

Spring 2001 - modeling the Goldie line on face.

Winter/Spring 2002 - These pics were on Hard Candy's site to choose from as e-postcards.

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