Overview In February 2001, the primary plans for a non-profit community group dedicated in preserving and promoting the history of Blacks Harbour were drafted. Compared to other communities in the province, the village of Blacks Harbour has little historical records available for public access. For much of it's history, it was owned and managed by Connors Bros. Ltd., a private company. Thus much of the community's records are in private holdings. It's our goal to change that and to gather information for future generations.

UPDATE As of January 2007, the Blacks Harbour Historical Society closed due to lack of public interest. "I hope to one day renew the group but without additional interest from others, I do not wish to continue this project alone. So I will be concentrating on several projects privately which are still focused on local history. - Jason Gaudet, founder. See the Project Page for projects that remain on-going. Also, any request and looks-up until December 2006 will be honored (6 Pending Request). This website will remain open and updated as time permits. (Read More)

Check out Heritage Charlotte.com for updated Blacks Harbour history!

Where is Blacks Harbour? Blacks Harbour is a small fishing village, made famous for being the home to the world's largest sardine industry. Located in the country of Canada, in the province of New Brunswick, in the county of Charlotte County, in the parish of Pennfield.... and on the shore of the Bay of Fundy. The village has a population of about 1,500 residents and the largest community in the parish.

1. To collect; copy; gather or record documents; photos and first person accounts of the history of Blacks Harbour.
2. To preserve the history of Blacks Harbour.
3. To promote genealogy research amongst the residents and/or those that have origins with the village.
4. To assemble documents and materials to aid in future research activies of residents of Blacks Harbour and/or those that have origins with the village.
5. To aid in the preservation, and continual existance, of the Pea Point Lighthouse.

Meetings: Meetings for the society will be posted.

Membership Fees: currently closed

Honorable Supporters Of BHHS: Sonia Hamilton & Millard Stevens

Thank you for your support! "I am saddened that support and interest was not found from citizens of Blacks Harbour... this is your history!'

Blacks Harbour Historical Society
c/o Village of Blacks Harbour
65 Wallace Cove Road
Blacks Harbour, NB Canada
E5H 1G9

Telephone: (506)755-6494

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Blacks Harbour: "Looking Back At Our Beginnings":

Blacks Harbour: Looking Back At Our Beginnings
In 1987, a government funded project researched and gathered information on the history of the village. The finished product was published in a soft cover book.

Soft Cover, 6' X 9'
48 black & white photos
ISBN 0-9692868-0-5
Price $8.00 (plus tax)

To buy this book, please contact the village office in person or at (506)456-4870.

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