E. Phillips Oppenheim, Prince of Story Tellers

This site is dedicated to the life and work of the best-selling British author, E. Phillips Oppenheim (1866-1946). Oppenheim published over 150 books and countless magazine stories between 1884 and 1946. While most often identified as a mystery writer, Oppenheim's novels range from spy thrillers to romance. All of them have, however, an undertone of intrigue. Several of his books were published under the pseudonym, Anthony Partridge.

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Secrets & Sovereigns: The Uncollected Stories of E. Phillips Oppenheim assembles 19 stories from Oppenheim's early days -- stories of intrigue, detection, romance and espionage.

Edited by Daniel Paul Morrison, this book also includes an introductory biographical essay and the most complete bibliography of Oppenheim's works ever published -- a must for all serious collectors.

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253 pages, trade paperback. Please note: I have only a small number of copies available for sale.

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