Hershele the Storyteller

A new musical comedy based on the (alleged) life of Yiddish folk hero Hershele Ostropoler.

Music and Lyrics by Joshua H. Cohen
Book by Brooke Pierce  

Hershele the Storyteller follows an eventful week in the life of charismatic Ukrainian peasant and folk hero, Hershele Ostropoler.  After years of spending his time and money at the local tavern, Hershele finally vows to earn enough money to provide his family a nice Sabbath dinner.  To accomplish this, he uses his wit and ingenuity, doing everything from posing as a blind beggar to entertaining at the court of a famous rabbi. Hershele the Storyteller is a funny and ultimately bittersweet tale that explores the difference between the myth and the man. 


On October 6, 2002, we had a staged reading of Hershele the Storyteller
at the American Theatre of Actors in New York City.

We are currently working on getting a full production of the show.  If
you are a theater company that would be interested in producing Hershele ,
or if you know of any theaters or groups that might be, please contact us. 
We have a demo tape available.

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ABOUT Hershele the Storyteller

One night, many years ago, in a small town somewhere in the Ukraine, a stranger gets stranded in a tavern.  There, he meets an old man who tells him a tale about Hershele Osropoler, a folk hero of the working class.  But, the old man insists, Hershele isn't just a legend, he was a real man ...

In this play-within-a-play, we meet the charismatic Hershele, a clever peasant who loves to delight the locals with his jokes and stories.  But Hershele's family is nearly starving, and after yet another bawling out from his wife, he declares that in a week's time he will earn enough money to provide them all with a fine Sabbath feast.  To accomplish this, Hershele pursues scheme after scheme, selling used goods, posing as a blind beggar, duping the wife of a wealthy businessman, and even performing at the court of a famous rabbi.  

And does Hershele succeed in his aim?  Well, that all depends upon your perspective.  The stranger was surprised by the ending, and you might be too.   

Listen to song clips from the Hershele demo tape here .

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