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Last updated 3/13/2007

Top Left:  Inside CD jacket
Bottom Left:  October 1988 CCM Magazine article
Below Right:   1988 publicity photo taken in Nikolai's basement by Rik Andersen, courtesy Billy Williams
Above Right: Concert photo

I've spent the last five years researching the internet for every scrap of information that could be found about the Christian rock band Ruscha.  Thanks to eBay and Mr. Alex Leonovich of the Slavic Missionary Service, I've collected nearly all the music ever recorded by Nikolai Pankratz, Peter Pankratz, and Andy Denton, as well as a great magazine article from CCM magazine.  The "Come Alive" album by Ruscha was the origin of my interest, and it turns out there were recordings by the Pankratz brothers that preceded it, as well as recordings by Andy Denton, Michael Jackson, & Billy Williams that followed it.  Since there isn't any website devoted to Ruscha, I thought others might also be interested in knowing more about this great band.  I hope you find the information useful.
Previously, this page indicated that Michael Jackson later changed his name to Mike Jacobs, as erroneously reported by the
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music by Mark Allan Powell.  This information was corrected by Billy Williams in an email dated Jan 8, 2006.  He wrote, "Michael Jackson did not change his name to Mike Jacobs; they are two separate people. Mike Jacobs was the guitar player for Ruscha and Legend/Legend Seven. Michael Jackson was the keyboard player for Ruscha."

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