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image of a the perfect Lone Hand Welcome to Metalhead's Euchre Page. This page is designed for those who love the game of Euchre and who want to search for information on the net . My page has 2 main areas, a Links page with various links I have found to be worth while, including rule variations, Online gaming sites, leagues, clubs, instructional books, downloads, and tournament setup brackets.. The second is a Strategies page which contains some strategies I have picked up in my years of playing the game. Euchre is an interesting game for beginners and experts alike. Its the only card game I know where you can see happily married couples almost divorce over someone not throwing trump when they needed to. I hope you enjoy my site and never forget Euchre is proof that S*** happens and that we are all insane for loving a card game.  Please do not forget to check out the Credits Page, Sign My Guestbook, or View My Guestbook before you leave. Thank you for visiting my page.

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I will be updating my page shortly after almost a year. Work, family, etc all took priority, but you know how that goes. Page has been active for 8 years so I want to thank all of you who have helped me to keep this page up by visiting on a regular basis. I have to apologize to all those who have signed my guestbook that I haven't sent a message back to. I plan up updating this page after the first of the year.

Updated : December 5, 2005

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