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Year 1991

JD-800 Programmable synthesizer

Roland JD-800 oficial pictureFrom Roland Japan site: "Combining stunning digital sound and sophisticated digital technology with a natural feel and warmth reminiscent of analog instruments, the JD-800 was an instant sensation."


When the JD-800 appeared in 1991, Roland was the first to announce a new trend in the 90's: editability and overview. 

The JD-800 become instantly a megaclassical keyboard.

All sliders are dedicated editors just like the original analog synths. 

Based on sampling technology, it's a great synthesizer for guitar-like, analog bass or string/pad sounds. 

Internal ROM based with CD quality waveforms are combined to build sounds. 

This synth become the synth of choice in just about every studio around the world. 

It also can be used to control the JD-990 module.

This keyboard is an extremely programmable digital synthesizer that retailed for $3000 when it was first introduced. 

Units produced: 24.000 (source

Digital Programmable Synthesizer with analog user surface.

Real-time controls 

Great overall sound.

It´s really beautifull.


61 keys, Velocity, Channel aftertouch, 4 velocity curves


24 voices 

6 Parts Multitimbral  (Multi mode):  5 part multitimbral + drum mode

Sound memory

64 internal RAM patches storage positions plus 64 Rom-card


ROM based digital synthesizer 

Tone generation

S+S (Sampling and Synthesis) with resonant filters.

6  MegaByte ROM with 108 PCM Waves, expandable by PCM Rom Cards.

CD Quality waveforms

24 db Filters

108 internal source waveforms: 

  • 13 Analog waves
  • 22 digital waves
  • 10 samples
  • 16 percussion samples
  • 9 overtones
  • 4 piano's
  • 17 attack transients
  • 6 wind samples
  • 9 noise
  • 2 effect samples

You can also add waveforms from ROM  plug-in cards


Keyboard: Good action 61 keys, fast, light, and smooth, with velocity, channel aftertouch.attachment and the weight it is attached


  • 1 2x22 characters-LCD, 
  • 1 2x16-characters-LCD, 
  • green or orange backlight.

125 buttons, knobs and sliders on the front panel, being 75  dedicated for sound editing. All this send out recordable sysex! You can control the JD-990 with it.

Tone Processing functions: 


  • Pitch
  • TVF - Time Variant Filter (18 bit)
  • TVA - Time Variant Amplitude

WG - Waveform Generator

Dynamic filters and Amplifier, 

2 LFOs · with 5 waveforms

Effects processor: 

2 Effect chains

1x Mono

1x Stereo

  • Phaser

  • Distortion

  • Spectrum

  • Enhancer

  • Chorus

  • Delay

  • Reverb

  • 3 Band EQ


From Roland Roland JD-800 Turbo facts:

  • SL-JD80 Series:
    A diverse library of Waveforms and Patches ranging from Acoustic, Dance and Rock drums to Strings, Brass, Pianos and even Accordian. Each set contains both a Waveform card and a Data card with 64 patches which utilize the sounds on the Waveform card.
  • SO-PCM Series:
    These cards contain new Waveforms for use with either the JV or JD-series synthesizers. The JD-800 can use these Waveforms to enhance its internal library and allow users to build new Patches.


These are the original Jd-800 sets. Each have two cards, one for patches and one with waveforms.

  • SL-JD80-01 Drums & Percussion STANDARD
  • SL-JD80-02 Drums & Percussion DANCE
  • SL-JD80-03 Rock Drums
  • SL-JD80-04 Strings Ensemble
  • SL-JD80-05 Brass Section
  • SL-JD80-06 Grand Piano
  • SL-JD80-07 Guitar Collection
  • SL-JD80-08 Accordion

The JD can use waveform PCM cards from JV series.


  • SO-PCM-01 Piano Selection 
  • SO-PCM-02 Guiter & Brass
  • SO-PCM-03 Rock Drums
  • SO-PCM-04 Grand Piano
  • SO-PCM-05 Accordion
  • SO-PCM-06 Baroque
  • SO-PCM-07 Orchestral FX
  • SO-PCM-08 Country/Folk/Bluegrass

Memory Cards

You can save memory data using standart M-256E cards or compatible as the M-512E. Note, using the M-512E won´t give  you double memory.

The cards save patch data, not waveforms.

  • Mix Out - Stereo (L/R)
  • Direct Out - Stereo (L/R)
  • MIDI in, Out, Thru; 
  • Sustain, Control pedal
  • Headphone, 
  • Card Slots for Patches and PCM data 


Power source: AC100V (50/60Hz)

Electric power consumption: 25w

External size: 1040 (W) ×420 (D) ×108 (H) mm

Weight: 15 kg

Roland M-256E Ram Card
Roland M-512E Ram Card (only 256kb used)
Roland DP-2 damper pedal
Boss FS-5U momentary type footswitch
Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal
Roland EV-10


Release Date 1991-1996

Price list (1991 year): Us$2895 (Usa), DM 4580 (German) 

Current price:  Updated March 2004.

I used more usefull compare the price with another synths, instead of value.

At this time the average price is: Us$ 652 for a good shape synth.

Some equivalent gear prices at USA and Europe. The following list  itens have same prices or a small diference up to +/- Us$ 20. 

Remember some machines in the list are newer or older than the JD-800.

Roland JD-800 closer same price as: Roland G-800
Roland JP-8000
Roland JP-8080
Roland JV-2080
Roland RD-500
Kurzweil K2000S
Kurzweil K250
Kurzweil PC-2R
Yamaha EX-5R
Yamaha EX7
Yamaha SY-99
Gem Equinox-76
Ensoniq KT-88
Ensoniq MR-76
Alesis QS7.1.


Differences between JD-800 and JD-990

The JD-990 is the Supermodule of the JD-800. It have extended capabilities and is a "big plus" to any setup.

  1. Expanded wave ROM (6MB vs. 4MB)
  2. Ability to use a 8MB expansion board
  3. 4 additional outs
  4. True stereo engine
  5. Osc sync
  6. Cross-mod (FXM)
  7. Osc structures that allow ring mod and serial dual filters
  8. Additional LFO waveforms
  9. MIDI CC control of parameters
  10. Tempo-sync delay
  11. Polyphonic portamento
  12. Performance memories
  13. Additional multi-timbral slots
  14. One patch can keep full effects in multi mode

For the complete comments by Don Solaris and some DEMOS of the JD-990 visit: Roland JD-990 info and synthesis examples

Thanks to Ian and Don Solaris for this part.

Listen the Machine! Sound Demos:

The JD-800 have two good internal demos, one for each mode (single or multi-timbral).

Internal Sound Demos


Take care of you JD-800:

Maintenance and Test Topics



Reference data from Roland, Manual, etc:

JD800 Reference Manual, Turbo Start Guide, Factory resets

Turbo Start Guide: 

If the above link to Roland UK copy of  JD800 Turbo Start guide don´t work, here is a copy found waybackmachine and may be inacurate:

JD800 Turbo Start - PDF version -TJD800 Turbo Start  (wayback machine version)

Technical stuff sites and user foruns:
(alphabetical order)
Note: If you need translation from German, French, Japanese, Italian, etc... use or other service...

Gwydion Elderwyn give us more gas to run, creating software for the JD800 and JD990, including the very inspirative "JD800 Random Bank Creator" and "JD800 to JD990 Bank Converter". 

Info on tech repair, aftertouch modification, etc and a bunch of free patch banks available for download.

Software: The "JD800 Patch Organizer" from Laurent Lecatelier is there too!  

JD800 patch organizer screen

JD-800 Tech
The original JD-800 user forum. Was the main place to JD-800 owners talk and share info, but become flooded by spammers. Because this a new forum was created by Gwydion Elderwyn.


Ampersand Audio ? See the "Gear" section for a good review about the JD-800.

Audiofanzine - French

Bluesynths analogue Synthesizer One of best reviews I have read about the JD-800, very nice pictures and demo sounds (not internal) very good!

Contents of directory mus midi Old stuff for Commodore Computers

Electrozone - Good page in Czech language

Frank's Synthesizer Page - German

Free Synth Place -  - Italian (but lots of irritanting pop-ups...)

Harmony Central Synth Database - Very good reviews.

Harmony Central Keys, Samplers & Synths Forum - Sound Demos - This forum topic have good demos for the JD-990, the JD-800 module. - good japanese page with specs.

TTL JD-800 - good page about programming the JD - japanese

jd800lovers Nice site about the JD-800, with a user forum. German - Good info and description of the JD-800 Sound Libraries cards and waveforms.

Korg Wavestation Vs Roland JD-800 - Paul Hazel´s article comparing the synths, with characteristics and usefull tips. But you have to read the table of contents, after the "Music Technology" header, Paul wrote: "...By the way: I don't necessarily agree with the conclusions I drew from this article. Without going into too much detail let me just say that I sold my Wavestation and bought a JD-800. D'oh!..."

Liquid Fantasies - Don´t forget to visit this site.

Mark Smart - Excelent page about about creating choir patches for the JD-800, based on the classic VP-330. Patches and sound Demos avalilable, as links to other sites.


The creators of the JD-800. In the main page, try to visit the UK Roland suport site for some material.  

Roland D50-D550 and JD800 synthesizer family - German

Sonic State - Info and good users reviews


Very, very good site. Here you will find some hidden features. - German and English page.

Synthesis Roland - Accueil - French

Synthetizer Repair - Autotests & calibration procedures - Good site

Synth Zone - MIDI, Synthesizer & Electronic Music Production Resource Guide - Very, very good.

Synth & midi museum @ Synthony Music

SysEx - Free MIDI librarian program for the Macintosh

SysEx Database - Site with Sysex messages for the JD and others synths.

 Vintage Synth Explorer - Very good! The most copyed JD-800 page!

The No. 1 online resource for new and vintage synthesizers and electronic instruments. 

More to come...

Users around the world: artists, studios, etc... and some very famous...
If your homepage have show very clear the JD-800 or have interesting stuff about I will post the link here. Otherwise, I will put only your (or band) name in the list.

808 State


Akashic Recording Studio
Alex Martín

Alien VS - Werner Solos

André Mello

Andy Pickford

Apollo 440

Artemiy Artemiev

Astral Projection
Beppe Crovella
Blue Tonic
Carolyn Fok

Cephalonya - Italy

Chris Meyer  - the father of vector synthesis.

Çikira (Amanda Pehlke)

Christian Brandt  - Germany

Clive Nolan

Dark Empire

David C. Lovelace - Parallax

David Rosenthal

David Wright
Depeche Mode
Derek Sherinian
Diego De Pietri
Dominique Perrier
Dom F. Scab
Eat Static
Eloy Fritsch
Emerson Lake & Palmer
Eric Frampton
Eric Persing

Eric Wheternut

Feder Martin
Fito Paez

Forat Studios

Francis Rimbert (His site have some AMAZING patches!)

Frederick Rousseau
Hans Zimmer

Gilberto Strapazon

Glen Stegner

Guilherme da Luz

Gwydion Elderwyn

Human League


In a Model Room

Ian Kirkham
Instant Remedy

Jarrelook - Jean MIchel Jarre tribute band - Good patches!!

Jean Michael Jarre
Jesus Jones
Jimmy Jam
Joerg Schuster

Julian Colbeck
Ken Ishii
Kenji Kawai
Kenny Loggins
Kevin Moore
Klaus Schulze
Laurent Garnier
Larry Williams
Legend B

Liebrand Audio

The Lightfoot Band
LTJ Bukem
Luke Vibert

Mark Jenkins

Michael Jackson

Mind Music

Mouse on Mars
Norberto França Monteiro

Nigel Hobbs

Oystein Sevag & Lakki Patey
Ozric Tentacles
Patrick Fridh
Paul Joyner

Paul Lee

Paul Nagle

Paul Shafer
Paul Van Dyk
Pet Shop Boys
Rabbit in the Moon
Rick Wakeman
Robert Miles
Rodolfo Canato
Rudy Ratzing

Salt Tank

Scott Marcotte
Shep Pettibone (Madonna

Soft Room

Stephan Dargel - Secret Voices - good!

Steve Baltes

Steve Vai

Studio Compresso

Takugi Taneko

Tangerine Dream
The Aura Group

The Pretenders

Tony Banks

Unity Gain Recording Studio

Victor Calderone
Walter Afanasieff
Wayne Horvitz

WheterNut´s Music

William Ørbit 
Zheng Wei

Pictures Gallery

Lots of JD-800 images, from medium to big size, users and studios around the world.
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