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The Men of Valor
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Acts of Honor, Courage, Valor, Duty, Determination, Grit and Responsibility have no nationality, no linguistic/ language or religious barriers. This site is dedicated to the brave men of Pakistan who have demonstrated these traits; at times they have been rewarded with Nishan-e-Haider. This site is not a salutation to any armed force, but only to the men mentioned herein.

Reasons for the initiative
There are a number of reasons why I am creating this site. Firstly, I believe that these men died because they did not want their children fighting the same war thirty years or so later. They died so that we could hold our heads high whenever we speak of our country. They died so that someone else could live peacefully, and only that by itself is a good enough reason for us to remember them, and not only their names, but their deeds as well.
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I feel that the children, parents and wives of these men deserve our respect which does not come from naming local hockey tournaments, roads or seating stands in the stadiums after them, but from remembering the act which differentiated them from ordinary mortals.

The biggest reason however, was the dearth of accurate and detailed information on the Internet. I am sorry but as far as the Nishan-e-Haider awards are concerned, I saw the same three to four lines written for every shaheed copy pasted all over the net. While reading and researching on these men, I realized how their stories embody a true demonstration of valor, gallantry, determination, responsibility and duty. Surely, we should not undermine their accomplishments because we write badly.

These men gave their lives for a better future of their countries. A better future is achieved by a better nation, and a better nation never forgets it's history, especially the people who died for it's cause.

Nasir M. Khan

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