flintlås perkusjon låsblikk låseblikk sideblikk rørken nesebeslag kolbe kolbekappe pipe munning munnlader munnladnings kammerlader kammerladnings pinfire pin-fire rim-fire rimfire hevarm låskasse sluttstykke korn baksikte skur vinkellamell bajonett sabel sabelbajonett dølle døllebajonett pallask pallash huggert varje sværd sverd tessak hirsfänger hirsfenger hirschfänger hirchfenger hirschfenger kniv dolk avtrekker avtrekkerbøyle hane slagstål fengpanne magasin kongsberg kronborg zella mehlis liege crause hertzberg hovedarsenalet arsenal arsenalet ladestokk pussestokk krutt svartkrutt røksvakt røyksvakt kolbekappe rørmagasin magasin boksmagasin rembøyle reimbøyle skjefte håndtak skytterlag skytterlagsgevær ammunisjon kuler kugler patroner patron revolver pistol børse militærvåpen skytevåpen samlervåpen antikk antikke gammelt gammel gamle muskedunder flintebørse bjønnebørse bøsse børse leddik krasser tomhylse prosjektil skyter maskinpistol maskingevær baklader studser stusser tappstusser tappstudser muskett snapphane hjullås diopter dioptersikte norsk norske norge forsvar forsvaret hæren marinen flyvåpenet kystartilleriet militær militærvåpen våpen knivbajonett tennstift tennstempel kammer patent munningspropp munningshette skyte skyting dødelig drept død rusten rust pitring brunering blånering finish brukspreget underbeslag slagfjær svanseskrue fenghull gevorpne bataljon brigade våpen skytevåpen våpensamling våpensamler nvs blankvåpen blankvapen blankvåben våben vapen pinfire jaktgevær jaktrifle håndvåpen våpenhistorisk våbenhistorisk vapen husqvarna lahti suomi colt browning luger walter high power pp ppk sten stengun schmeisser maskinpistol maskingevær smg carl gustaf johans vern
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Norwegian military
small-arms 1711-WW2 + +
                I found there to be very little information on Norwegian military arms on the internet and decided to publish some information on the arms from the country whose armed forces probably had the worlds most advanced small-arms in the second half of the 1800's. I have collected Norwegian military long-guns for more than thirty years and have most of the main models in my collection. Unless else stated, all items on these pages are from my collection. Please feel free to copy whatever you like of text and pictures, but I would like you to acknowledge the source.

A short and very subjective history lesson about Norway: Norway was in a union "by marriage" with Denmark from the late 1300's to 1814, when Denmark was on the loosing side of the Napoleonic war. Norway was then given to Sweden as penance (Denmark kept Greenland and the Færøe Islands that really were Norwegian). This was the third time Denmark lost chunks of Norway to Sweden due to loosing wars, only this time they lost the whole country!

Norway now entered a union of "two sovereign nations" with Sweden, having their king in common. This was not popular in Norway and became increasingly less popular throughout the century. Norway was a small, poor country at the time, but started building fortresses along the Swedish border and an arms race in small-arms. The production was so large and the models changes so frequent that the whole army could change just about all their rifles to a new model every 7-10 years in the period from 1845-1900.

The Norwegian merchant fleet was already at that time way larger than the Swedish, but the Swedes denied Norway the right of having consulates. The Swedes wanted a monopoly on foreign polics for the two nations and this really was the beginning of the end of the Swedish/Norwegian union.

Norway and Sweden have crashed together a number of times throughout the history, and I believe Norway never really has lost any of these battles - well perhaps a little one in 1808, but.... Anyhow, Sweden accepted cutting Norway loose in 1905 after an election showing 300 000 against and less than 200 for the union in Norway, the condition being that Norway tore down the border fortresses.

Norway then elected a Danish prince king of Norway and completely stopped its arms race. It was the same old small-arms that met the Germans in 1940 that frightened the Swedes at the turn of the century.
The Danish/Norwegian arms (-1814)
This is a chapter that probably never will be finished, as more information turns up all the time.

The kammerlader rifles (1842-1870)
This illustrated article covers the main models of of the most "Norwegian military rifle" to be found - the Norwegian  kammerladnings gevær.

The first repeating rifles (1876-1894)
Norways two first repeating rifles - the naval Krag Petersson and the Norwegian Jarmann. Both very scarce - "the rifles you heard about, but never actually seen".

The Krag Jørgensen rifles (1894-1946)
The versions of Norway's by far most produced small-arm - in use for more than 50 years!

Skytterlag/The Shooting Societies rifles
This article covers a.o the little known special civilian versions of the M1860 kammerlader. It also explains why Det frivillige Skyttervesen was founded and why private Norwegian gunsmiths went out of business.

Bøssemaker Hans Larsen (1823-1907) was one of Norways most creative and famous gunsmiths in the 19. century. The article presents some of his designes - so far I have six different models, but I aim to get more - take a hint!
Long-guns 1685-1963, most main models:

M1680 Infantry Musket (appr)
M1711 Skiløper rifles
M1746 Infantry musket
M1750?/1841 Swedish/Norwegian Inf. musket
M1750/1799 Drill musket Ski troops
M1769/1793 Drill musket Ski troops
M1774 Infantry musket
M1774/1841 Infantry musket
M1774/1841/1851 Pillar breech rifle

M1794 Infantry musket
M1794/1808 Infantry musket
M1807 Jeger rifle Kyhl's flintlock
M1807/41/51 Russian Jäger rifle
M1807 Infantry musket Kyhl's flintlock
M1821/41/51 Kongsberg jäger rifle
M1825/41 Kongsberg Infantry musket
M1843/60 Infantry musket
M1843 Percussion musket, Naval
M1843 Percussion pillar breech rifle, Naval
M1845 & M1849 Navy kammerlader
M1846/55 Army kammerlader
M1849/55 Army kammerlader
M1849/55/59 Hertzberg kammerlader
M1852/67 Navy kammerlader - Landmark
M1855/67 Navy kammerlader - Landmark
M1857/67 Navy kammerlader - Landmark
M1859 Army kammerlader
M1860/67 Navy kammerlader - Landmark
M1860/67 Long Lund (kammerlader)
M1860/67 Short Lund (kammerlader)
M1862/66 artillery carbine (kammerlader)
M1867 Remington
M1876 Krag Petersson (navy)
M1884 Jarmann
M1991 Remington engineer carbine
M1894 Krag Jørgensen infantry rifle
M1895 Krag Jørgensen cavalry carbine
M1904 Krag Jørgensen Engineer carbine
M1906 Guttekarabin (Boy's carbine)
M1912 Krag Jørgensen carbine
M1923 Krag Jørgensen sniper
M1925 Krag Jørgensen sniper
M1930 Krag Jørgensen sniper
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Norwegian Swords >1814 Presenting a.o. some really lovely brass basketed broadswords.
Norwegian Swords 1814< Establishing Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk and the modern swords.
                                       Btw - the three long-guns above and in this section of the page are Norway's  three most common infantry long-guns in the 18., 19. and the first half of the 20. century. From the top: M1774 glattløpet infanterigevær, M1849/55 kammerlader and M1894 Krag Jørgensen. The "clickable" pictures on the right show different models from 1711 to the blackpowder repeating bolt actioned Jarmann of M1884.

The repeating  rifles at the bottom of the page, are from the top: M1876 Krag Petersson repeating rifle, M1884 Jarmann, M1894 Krag Jørgensen, K98K Mauser and Garand M1. The carbines are covered in the different articles.
Last update 2006.11.23.
Pistols & revolvers 1740-1945 incomplete:
M1740 Flintlock pistol
M1772 Flintlock pistol
M1770/1808 erstatnings flintlock pistol
M1818 Kongsberg Flankør & Studser pistol
M1828 Kongsberg navy flintlock pistol
M1831 & M1834 Flankør & Studser pistols
M1848 "small" Navy percussion pistol

M1864 11 mm Lefaucheux revolver
M1893 7,5 mm Nagant revolver
M1912/14 11,25 Kongsberg Colt
M1940 Lahti & The neutral Lahti
Any questions in regard to Norwegian small-arms? I'll try to answer them. I am, however, not very competent on non-Norwegian or modern arms.

Would you have any Norwegian weapons for sale or anything else of interest? Please don't hesitate...

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