Association of Indians in Montville
President - Shashi K. Sang
Association of Indians in Montville

As usual and once again, our participation in the parade with the
Indian Association float at the township 4th of July festivities was
a hit!  On behalf of the Association of Indians in Montville (AIM), I
would like to thank all of the participants and I hope that next year
more people will join in and participate. This is your parade, so
come and join with the pride of being a part of the association.  Call all
your friends, relatives and everyone you know.  Join and have fun at
the same time!

Please Note:

-  The 4th of July festivities are held in the last Saturday of June,
   so please keep that date in mind.

-  Currently we have a chance to engrave "Association of Indians in
   Montville" on a cement bench that is going to be placed in the new
   Dog Park behind the Sunoco Gas station on Changebridge Road.

-  We are also planning to have a picnic on August 29th.

-  The association is going to donate some Hindi movies to the
    Montville Library.

We are always looking for other opportunities as well to make people
aware of our presence and our active participation in the activities
of the township.  All of this, as I’m sure you are already aware,
takes funds, and this association is VERY short of money. I know most
of you do contribute in one way or another to the Township
individually, however when we contribute collectively it does make a
difference, and it reflects positively on our Association’s
involvement in the township.

At this time, I am asking for a contribution of $ 40.00, or more, per
family.  This contribution would go a long way in our near activities
and perhaps we may have some funds left over for other occasions in
the future.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a very great day.

Shashi K. Sang
(President: Association of Indians in Montville)
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