The "Caractors Transcript"
Is it Genuine or is it a Fake???
The paper document, represented by the image below, comes to us from out of history, from the early 1800s.  Click here to learn more about the history of the document, or use the History button at left.
This is the Caractors Transcript  (more often called the "Anthon Transcript").  The characters written on it are modified Egyotian hieroglyphics..
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Please explore this site, where I intend to share with you my personal testimony of how the living Jesus Christ is at work in today's world, bringing new light and understanding to people today, through the words of ancient American prophets, which have been preserved for us on this small scrap of paper.
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Here's a quick summary:
In 1827, the Caractors (Anthon) Transcript was copied from the plates used by Joseph Smith, Jr., as he translated what we know today as the "Book of Mormon". From the time Smith died in 1844, no one has known the meaning of these unique characters. The Caractors Transcript writing has now been shown to be derived from ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and has now been translated. The message is a testimony that:
Jesus is the Christ;
the Book of Mormon is scripture inspired of God;
it was preserved of God for His covenant people -- the Jews and the rest of the House of     Israel.
At this site, I will share with you, an overview of:
the origins of this document
my testimony of how the Lord has caused it to be translated over the past few years
what the translation says to us
the process of translation
the Historical Background of the Book of     Mormon
the Book of Mormon as scripture
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