“I do make mistakes from time to time, I'm afraid. I try not to, but on the other hand, it can be kind of a game for readers: find the KASU. The Katherine Applegate Screw Up.” — K.A. Applegate, "According to K.A. November 1998"
Here's a large list of KASUs (or mistakes, nitpicks, errors, etc.) that others and I (anifan12) have seen. This is just for fun. I am aware some of these bloopers have a reasonable explanation behind them and some of these slipups are incredibly pointless, but I'd like to keep a complete list anyway. There are spoilers ahead, so be warned.
#1 - The Invasion

~Jake says he's writing their experiences down on p1. What if Tom does some snooping and finds Jake's journal? Shouldn't it be safer just to keep it secret?
~Elfangor says to not direct your thoughts to Visser Three on p35, or he'd hear them... you must be in morph to do this.
~On p35, Elfangor can still hear the Animorphs whispering behind the construction junk. Pretty improbable, yet if Andalite ears are that good, shouldn't Visser Three also hear them?
~Tobias sucks a cut finger from Dude on p51... morphing heals injuries.
~Jake uses thought-speak when human on p56.
~Jake has Homer's memory about Streak, and says his morph's neutered on p64. You only absorb the DNA from a morph (like Marco says in Chapter 12), not the memory or injuries of the acquired.
~Jake says it has been two years since Marco's mom died on p74. The two-year anniversary is reached in #5.
~Jake can't take his own advice; he said that he'd look away as Cassie morphs on p75, yet he noticed her leotard.
~Why doesn't Tom make Jake a Controller if he suspects him of knowing about the Yeerks?
~While Jake and Marco have an adventure at the Gardens, the rest of the gang goes off acquiring animals. The only animal we know they acquired is Rachel's elephant. Why didn't they acquire more?
#2 - The Visitor

~Rachel gets a thermal coming from the sea on p11.
~Thought-speak is written as 'think-speak' on p20.
~The Animorphs want to protect their identities by not revealing their last names. Why then do they tell us the full name of Melissa Chapman, and that her best friend is an Animorph?
~Shrews are referred to belonging under the class of rodent on p54, but they're actually insectivore.
~Cassie says that Rachel has acquired the most morphs (4) on p65. Jake has just as many.
~A mention is made about being sent to the Council of Thirteen and the Yeerk home world, both of which has been said to be under Andalite quarantine since the Hork-Bajir Chronicles and to the present (see Visser, p9).
~On p128, Jake's thought-speak quote ends in a regular quote.
~On p148, the phrase "Three craft" is supposed to be plural, but it's missing an 's'.
~Visser Three picks up the cat carrier with a cat inside on p155. A page later, he chokes Chapman. But throughout the rest of the series, Andalite arms are shown to be very weak. This is demonstrated in #29, p120 when a Yeerk can escape Visser Three's grasp.
#3 - The Encounter

~For someone who doesn't care about clothes, Cassie changes them a lot. In #1, p75, she has a blue leotard for morphing. In Chapter 15 of #2, they're green and purple. In #3, p35, they're pink and green.
~On p47, "Park Ranger" has a hyphen in between when it shouldn't.
~Tobias carries a pouch that's only two ounces, yet it carries a watch, lighter, fishing line and hooks. It should be heavier, or else Tobias is a bad judge of weights.
~Why do the Animorphs take hours to fish, when one could morph a bald eagle or osprey and catch a trout?
~Jake says the Yeerks may leave when the water line noticeably decreases on p109, except it seems like it’s happened (the truck is sucking up gallons of water).
~Marco is a bald eagle on p149, but he's an osprey every other book.
#4 - The Message

~On p2, the two wolves were poisoned, but in #3, p26, one was poisoned, the other was shot.
~Why does Magilla have a name? She's a patient in the barn; she's going to be released. Does Cassie spend her time naming every animal in the barn?
~Chapman and Tom wonder if the bandits are human in Chapter 6. They were sure in #1.
~The ship the Animorphs are on is headed to Singapore (the country in Southeast Asia) going 18-miles/hour south. The Animorphs live on the coast of California, shouldn't they be going southwest?
~When Ax first says his name on p115, his last name is written Isthil. The other books add an 'l' to the end.
~Ax says Hork-Bajir can't swim on p124, but Jara says he can and does in #13. Perhaps Ax was sleeping in that class...
#5 - The Predator

~Marco asks Ax when he has fought any Controller, and Ax says never. Ax fought Taxxons (a.k.a. Controllers) in #4.
~Ax talks with quotation marks when he should've used thought-speak; he was morphing from a lobster to Andalite (p56).
~Ax says <We have been in morph for forty percent of the allowable time.> when asked in the Yeerk ship. Ax wasn't in morph, so it should've been <You>. This occurs on p125.
~On p128, Visser Three says that Visser One can return to the home world, which is under quarantine (see #2 bloopers).
#6 - The Capture

~It’s nice of the Yeerks to use 'earth' months on p50. Why don't they use the Yeerk equivalent?
~Jake asks where is he on p61; he knows where he is: on a Boston Market roof he saw on p59.
~On p99, there are two thought-speak quotes missing, when Temrash says not to struggle. In the preview for #6, this is corrected.
~Temrash says he'll be an Under-Visser. The correct term is Sub-Visser.
~In Chapter 17, Temrash says he was promoted from 252 to 114. But later in the series, it's the order of your birth in your generation that determines the number assigned.
~Ax forgets the 'Prince' title for Jake on p113.
~When Temrash morphs the tiger, he listens for predator sounds. It should be prey.
~Couldn't Tom trace Jake's phone call at the end, and find it was from Cassie's dad cell phone?
#7 - The Stranger

~When Rachel leaves dinner and comes upstairs in Chapter 5, she locks her bedroom door. Then Dan knocks on the door, and Rachel says he can come in. He then opens the door without her assistance.
~There are no grizzly bears located in California zoos.
~When Jake says ‘answer’, which is split up between chapters, both are in quotes. However, they're divided to show that in the next chapter, they're back in roach morph. Thus, the other half should be thought-speak quotes.
~When the five demorph in the Yeerk cafeteria... wouldn't the Yeerks figure out that most of them are human when they don't have the shape of an Andalite (no four legs, stalk eyes, talking with a mouth). The Taxxon entrails would only obscure their features.
~Cassie shows a scar on p104, but morphing should heal scar tissue.
MM1 - The Andalite's Gift

~Why didn't the Veleek find the morphing cube? It was never destroyed, just hidden. As proven in #39, the Helmacron sensors picked up the morphing energy, which was coming from the morphs and the cube.
~On p62, Rachel says her shoe size is a five, but in #2, p38 it's a size six. From ofelya.
~Cassie says the Yeerks can't catch them in human 'morph' on p193.
#8 - The Alien

~Ax says he can't thought-speak in human morph on p27, but on p65 he does. And he does again starting in #31.
~Ax occasionally says 'Jake' instead of 'Prince Jake' throughout.
~Cassie spoke while still a horse on p77.
~The 62 year Hork-Bajir war cycle (p78) is disproved when the Hork-Bajir don't understand fighting in HbC.
~The Hork-Bajir war wasn't over a century ago, which was said on p111, it was in the late 1960s (thirty or so years).
#9 - The Secret

~Cassie notices three birds on p36, yet just mentions Jake and Tobias.
#10 - The Android

~Erek knows the word 'Animorphs' on p111, but no one ever told him the name.
#11 - The Forgotten

~Jake has a watch on throughout the book, but you can only morph skin-tight clothes.
~Tobias hears the group's plan on p52, only how could he? They weren't talking in open thought-speak or else the Controllers would hear. Jake thought he had left and wouldn't have directed thought-speak to him.
~Cassie uses her T-shirt as bandages on p77. But she wears a leotard to morph, so where did she get a T-shirt?
~Jake wonders if he can morph the poison out on p94, but he did so in #6 as a roach.
~There's another time skip in this book. In Chapter 19 it's 6:49 p.m., then in Chapter 20 it is 6:05 p.m.
#12 - The Reaction

~Cassie says she has the latest Nine Inch Nails CD, but NIN hasn't released a CD since '94.
~Rachel talks in the third person on p57.
~Jake exclaims that it's impossible when told that Rachel is morphing from elephant to ant on p88, but she morphed from seagull to elephant right in front of him a few moments ago so it should be obvious to him it is possible.
#13 - The Change

•No goofs have been found yet.
The Andalite Chronicles

~The Time Matrix is alluded to as the Time ship at the Prologue.
~On p3, Sofor is misspelled Sofar.
~Elfangor details Maximum Burn on p51 and points out time would pass faster outside the ship compared to inside. However, the effects aren't experienced when Elfangor applies Max Burn later in the books.
~Elfangor finds out Taxxons surrender to meat on p85, but later mentions on p96 that all Andalites know it.
~On p98, Elfangor says he's shaken to his bones, but on p102, Taxxons don't have bones.
~On p207, Elfangor refers to Esplin as a sub-visser, instead of visser.
~Wouldn't the sudden decompression on p211 kill Loren and Chapman?
~The Jahar is caught by an asteroid on p212, but on p217 it's falling in a black hole. Time could have passed between the two events for the asteroid to detach itself, but could humans survive without oxygen for that long?
~While Loren is explaining about cars on p260, her name is spelt 'Loran'.
~On p285, Elfangor says to close their eyes while entering the space-time tornado. However, he describes what he sees while going through.
~The Animorphs didn't come across Elfangor dying on p324; they saw him coming out of the ship first.
~Tobias and Elfangor have a conversation about their family at the end. In #1, they only stay together for a couple of seconds and part ways. It lasts longer than a few seconds in TAC.
#14 - The Unknown

~Cassie says the Yeerks have enslaved the entire Hork-Bajir race on p3. She must have forgotten the events of the past book when she freed Hork-Bajir.
~A tab is missing on top of p21.
~On p31, Jawan calls Cassie 'Kendra' to add to the comedic effect, but Rachel just said Cassie's name when Jawan was right there.
~Tobias, Cassie and Rachel fly off from the barn, but Marco wasn't mentioned (p41).
~The group lands twice on p49 and p50.
~Another tab is missing on p67.
~On p79, Papa John's has an extra 'p'.
~The group starts to demorph twice on p81 and p82.
~There are six Hork-Bajir in the House of Horrors. Rachel knocks two out, Tobias gouges out the eyes of another, and Ax poisoned a fourth. Doesn't it seem odd that all six of them are running with Visser Three a few pages later?
#15 - The Escape

~It is said that Ax would trade a Cinnabon for the Mona Lisa on p7. This should be reversed.
~Marco remembers on p16 when he saw Erek tore up Matcom, but Marco was dead before Erek went postal.
~Erek has knowledge of the free Hork-Bajir on p17, although no one seems to have told him.
~The Leeran's planet is referred here as Leeran, not Leera in #18.
~Marco doesn't seem to have read Lord of the Rings before (as he wouldn't have just babbled in his report) but he knew about Tolkien elves in #10.
~A tab is absent on p59.
~Marco swims (on p84) but on #4, p73 he says he can't swim.
~Royan Island is mistyped Royal Island (p90).
~On p123, Marco considers that he, Tobias and Ax morph wolves. Only Marco has the wolf DNA.
~On p144, the Leeran discovers Marco is a human who can morph. The Leeran goes to rescue Eva on p157, and since Eva survives the destruction of the underwater facility, it's presumed the Leeran does too. However, Eva only figures out that the Andalite bandits are partly human in #30. Why did it take so long? From Roobini.
#16 - The Warning

~How can Ax alter Marco's computer on p22 so he'd win every game? Online games don't save scores or they would have different preferences.
~Marco's attitude changes from the previous book. In Chapter 6 of #15, he wants Jake to admit they'll stay the same as before. In Chapter 4 of #16, he mocks Jake to think he'll go back to average.
~Rachel in grizzly morph handles a mop, which requires a dexterity that bears don't have (namely, the opposable thumb).
~Why was hanging onto the tennis shoes so important? They had to leave them behind at the airport because they'd have to morph flies to get back on.
~When Marco recounts in Chapter 14 who in the chat room is out of town and is close enough for them to reach, he mentions Chazz in both categories.
~Joe Bob wouldn't have the full three days of Kandrona Rays from eating the Yeerk, because the Yeerk isn't absorbing any Kandrona, it's losing them.
#17 - The Underground

~A new Planet Hollywood opens, but there already was one (mentioned in #10, p26).
~Sara has an extra 'h' at the end.
~Ax asks what 'willies' on p30. He already knows what the definition is from #6, p78.
~When Jake decides who will go into the nut house on p32, he says Tobias shouldn't go because he doesn't have a useful morph. Tobias acquired a fly in #16, and that could work.
~There's a period omitted on p132.
~If Elfangor can close his hooves off to the Yeerk vegetation in TAC, p282, couldn't Visser Three close his off when he's thrown in the Yeerk pool containing oatmeal?
~A tab is missing on p160.
#18 - The Decision

~The number of wings of a Kafit bird changes from the Andalite Chronicles to here (12 to 6).
~Why is Ax worrying about the Visser acquiring the Kafit bird; as Tobias said, he could have easily acquired it in a zoo and/or before his infestation.
~Rachel thought-speaks on p95 as a human.
~Why do the Leeran-Controllers talk in thought-speak in Chapter 21? The Leeran-Controller in #15 had his speech underlined. And when the four Leerans are freed from the Yeerks, they use the underlines again.
~Marco thought-spoke when they're acquiring the Leerans on p125 (he's human).
~In Chapter 23, Jake demorphs yet his lines are still in thought-speak.
MM2 - In the Time of the Dinosaurs

~On 51, Tobias says that the only morph that he has that would be useful is human. His Hork-Bajir morph is stronger, faster and a walking switchblade.
~Tobias guesses his broken wing was caused from the time travel in Chapter 9. But they've traveled through time and never had that problem.
~The Animorphs cannot acquire the Tyrannosaur Rex when it's dead, but Ax says in #18 it's possible to obtain the DNA from Hewlett Aldershot from just a sample of blood. Since the T-Rex would still have blood in it, they should be able to still acquire it, dead or not.
~There's a missing thought-speak sign in the second paragraph (p220).
~Rachel calls the Mercoras 'Mercorans' on p222.
#19 - The Departure

~On p104 Karen's described as a human 'morph'.
~A human-Controller talks in thought-speak on p134.
~Aftran couldn't hold her side of the bargain. When she drops out of Karen's ear at the Yeerk pool, Karen would be dragged into the cages because she isn't voluntary. This would deny her access to leave the Pool; it seems improbable a small girl could outfight the Hork-Bajir guards and the Hunter Robots. Despite this, Karen meets Cassie at the end.
#20 - The Discovery

~Why would Marco want a pool on p26 when he can't swim in #4?
~Ax wonders what a human pool is used for in Chapter 10, but he knew that from MM1.
~On p112, David is moved to Jake's house. Is this a good idea when Tom is a Controller and will be on the hunt for David?
~On p130, there's a thought-speak sign at an end of the paragraph, when no one is talking.
#21 - The Threat

~Jake notes in Chapter 1 that Ax doesn't scream while falling because his race is telepathic, however Ax screamed under similar circumstances in MM1, p197.
~On p5, David is referred to as the sixth Animorph (what about Ax?).
~Jake says Tobias will look out for David on p9, but Tobias is getting David's clothes.
~At times in #21 & #22, there are only five nations mentioned when there should be six (Germany is missing).
~Jake says it is David's first time in lion morph on p88, but David morphed lion while going to the Holiday Inn.
~When the male Animorphs come up with the plot about Tony being stuck in Washington without a Kandrona in Chapter 17, why couldn't Tony have a portable Kandrona?
~How does Visser Three know the Animorphs are behind the pillar in Chapter 21? If by sight, he would know what everyone looks like demorphed. If hearing their voices tipped him off, then he'd know some of their names, and what some of them sound like.
#22 - The Solution

~Sara is misspelled Sarah.
~Noah Wyle is also misspelled as Noah Wylie on p94.
Hork-Bajir Chronicles

~How can Jara Hamee know the story of the war? Seerow was taken, when he was young. Aldrea and Dak could've told him, but could he remember (he's not a seer). Then, there was roughly two generations of Hork-Bajir born in captivity. The tale is long, and the only place they'd have the chance to tell it would be in the Yeerk pool (I doubt hosts get together to talk about how the Andalites fought the Yeerks, while placing the Andalites in a positive light). Even if they told it in the Yeerk Pool, it would have taken a long time (it took sundown to sunrise for Jara) and how can Jara remember it all?
~Ax mentions the Nahara in #8, p153 in reference to the Yeerks leaving their home planet, yet the Nahara are never referred to in HbC, a fairly detailed history of the early days of the Yeerks.
~Dak says on p83 that he wanted to show his people how to keep track of time, though it seems like they already have a sense of it, with 'early-warm' used in Chapter 1, and 'late-cool' in Chapter 2.
~On p97, Aldrea says Andalites are not superstitious, contradicting Ax and Elfangor's reactions to the Ellimist.
~On p135, Dak's shoulder is burned by a near miss. How can it be a miss when it hit him?
~Aldrea says she'll be a Hork-Bajir forever in an hour and a half on p193, and says that she passed the limit on p198. The events between those pages did not take that much time.
#23 - The Pretender

~Cassie uses a harrier morph on p34, when it should be osprey.
~Rachel's eagle morph is male on p51. In #2, p5, Tobias says it's female.
~Tobias 'demorphs' from hawk on p69.
~The group demorphs twice in Chapter 16.
~Bek speaks in thought-speak on p88.
#24 - The Suspicion

~Cassie is worried in Chapter 3 that Jake will see her in a bathing suit, because he's never seen her in it... he did in MM1.
~Cassie refers to her barn in the third person (p30).
~The name of the ship that Marco and Cassie are captured on changes from the Planet Crusher to the Galaxy Blaster.
~Ax is worried in p134 the Controllers at the Sharing will discover he has a human morph. But they already know as much in #5 (cop-Controller saw him morphing from human to Andalite) and it makes sense that Ax would have a human morph to blend in with the environment.
#25 - The Extreme

~The plan to turn any swimming pool into a Yeerk pool seems a little flawed. The invaders prefer secrecy, so it'll be hard to explain why a slug is floating in the kiddy pool, and why they have people locked in cages.
~Erek says the Bug Fighter will pick up Visser Three in the afternoon on p17, but it lands in the morning.
~Visser Three's is mistyped as Visser's Three on p17.
~In #1, Elfangor's ship is judged to be 3 to 4 times larger than a minivan (p11), and a Bug Fighter is a little larger (p27). In #25, a Bug Fighter is detailed with the size of a school bus (p31).
~Marco's seal instincts are saddened by the loss of its mother in Chapter 20. Once again, morphing is based on DNA, no memories included.
~Jake has Tobias and Ax on him on p92, but Marco has them on p98. Since the only event in between was watching Nanook eat a seal, I doubt that they had enough time to switch.
~When Marco goes to blow up the Kandrona base, he said that he'd been on a Bug Fighter before on p140. Only Jake has been on a Bug Fighter from #11, and possibly Ax.
~Marco says the pair of Venber is still looking for them in the arctic on p143. This doesn't seem consistent with #15, in which when the Yeerk base was destroyed; all traces of their presence went up with it (the shark implants liquidated). You'd think the Yeerks would plant a self-destruct mechanism inside the Venber in this instance.
#26 - The Attack

~In #6, p150, when Crayak looks at Jake, Jake looks away from his gaze. In the repeat of the scene in #26, Jake can't turn away from the Big Red Eye.
~Jake says it's impossible to describe what he's seeing in the Prologue... but then details it.
~On p16, the Ellimist says that he had already made himself aware to Jake by the end of #6. Jake first meets the Ellimist in #7. From Russ.
~On p68, Ax views a chart of the Milky Way, and says there is a distance of 500,000,000 light years between the Iskroot planet and Earth. The Milky Way Galaxy is only 100,000 light years across, so Ax would have to widen the map past our galaxy.
~Why would it matter if the Yeerks would meet the Iskroot in 300 years? The Yeerks are either: A) dead, B) surrendered, became permanent nothlits, or C) becomes part of The One.
#27 - The Exposed

~On p57, Lourdes speaks in thought-speak. People have pointed out there is no reason for why the Chee can't thought-speak. However, there's no reason for Lourdes to do that, and it's never been mentioned before.
Alternamorphs #1

~Are Andalites telepathic? Why can Elfangor read your thoughts on p5?
~Jake never says that the Blade ship looks like a battle axe (p8); he only thinks it in #1.
~Seven hands touch the blue box on p8, yet a box only has six sides. The Escafil Device doesn't seem that large to fit all of them.
~The noise that alerts the Hork-Bajir is Marco vomiting in #1, p43. It is changed to Tobias gagging on p10.
~Ms. Humphries doesn't notice the clothes you discarded when morphing into her ferret.
~Finley grabs your dog collar on p66, but collars isn’t part of a dog's DNA (well, duh).
~The tribe leader says 'diabo' in Chapter 18 of #11. He said 'diablo' in Alt1, p87.
~Visser Three reverses the Sario Rip to a year before #11. However, Marco's mother is present on Earth, when she should be presumed dead and on the Pool Ship (after all, two years have passed since her death in #5).
~On p104, a 'pit bill' kills you. It's supposed to be pit bull.
~On p111, Ax starts to describe a B'heeon, and says <Look out for it's—> There should be no apostrophe there; in an expanded form, Ax would have said <Look out for it is—> which makes no sense.
#28 - The Experiment

~Ax doesn't understand kissing on p6. However, in the Hork-Bajir Chronicles, Aldrea says Andalites kiss by rubbing palms (p189).
~Marco says Rachel always backs Cassie on p65, but they disagreed on the Ellimist's offer in #7, among other items.
~On p69, Ax says he practiced morphing a kafit bird (continuity with TAC), except he experienced his first time flying in #5.
#29 - The Sickness

~In #8, p82, Ax says Cassie's dad has glasses on. In #29, p84, when her dad catches Cassie, Cassie says that her father should get some specs.
~Cassie takes some thick books about surgery to read during Chapter 17. Then she rushes off to check on Ax, goes to Tidwell's, rescues Aftran, and does Ax's brain surgery. She recalls what the books her mother lent her said in p135... when did she get time to read them?
~Cassie sees Visser Three on p119, and says he's in his Andalite 'morph'. Later, she thinks she could go into her human 'morph' on p130 (she could morph Rachel. Except she'd still have to demorph to Cassie, and Rachel's identity has to be protected as well).
MM3 - Elfangor's Secret

~The alternate Animorphs shouldn't exist. Visser Four drastically changed many events, and the world is very different (including America). The altered events should make a completely new population as people have children at different times.
~On p13, Ax's middle name is spelt 'Esgarouth'. It's Esgarrouth.
#30 - The Reunion

~Why did Marco skip school to go to the business district, when there are better places to go...
~Marco's morphing suit tears when he morphs into Mr. Grant in Chapter 4. However, Mr. Grant is a morph. Marco's morphing clothes would become bare skin, like any other animal.
~Marco opens Visser One's bathroom door twice on p54.
~On p87, Marco's injuries from the mountain's fall remain. He would have to morph to leave the Gardens and thus heal the damage.
~Tobias is said to have left the barn to get the Chee in Chapter 17, but a little later he says that he can play an Andalite.
~In #29, p41, Cassie says there's no modem hooked up to her dad's computer in the barn, so Erek uses himself as the device. In #30, p90, Ax uses e-mail to send to Visser One, but Erek isn't around to hook them up (and a modem would need a socket to plug into, which I doubt Cassie's barn has).
~On p96, Marco is human and Jake morphs to fly to talk to Visser One. They both talk in thought-speak.
~Marco also uses thought speak on p98, while still human.
#31 - The Conspiracy

~Marco reminds Jake of the time they were in WWII (p16); Jake was dead by that time.
~Marco says not to use Jake's house phone to call Erek in Chapter 4, but Erek says his number is perfectly safe to call at the end of #10 (and considering Chee technology, it should be very safe). The Yeerks wouldn't be able to tap in.
~Chapman's wife changes from a Ms. (throughout #2) to a Mrs. in this book (p90).
~On p104, Ax morphs an osprey instead of a northern harrier.
~Tom could use his father's car to drive away from the cabin, as he could drive in the alternate reality of MM4. It would be a lot easier than killing him.
#32 - The Separation

~Rachel has piercings in her ears for the earrings; yet morphing would remove the holes. Or does she pierce them every time she demorphs?
~Nice Rachel has a conversation with her father on p61. Rachel asks "Can you tell?" and Dan responds "Tell what?" Then Dan says, "Rachel, I'm asking if you're okay..." but since Rachel said nothing, and there was no pause between his dialogue, his line of "Tell what?" shouldn't have the 2nd quotation mark.
~On p82, Rachel refers to Erek's rampage in #10 to take 2-3 minutes. In #10, p163, Rachel says it took ten seconds.
~Marco goes on a rant about the two Rachel’s on p86, and says 'hide way down' during it. Hide should end with 's'.
~How was Jake so certain that Visser Three was going to let the twins be tortured by the closing walls, and not outright killed or that the two Rachel’s would figure a way out of it (and learn to work together). What would happen if the walls crushed them?
~The last chapter really bothers me. Ax isn't sure if the procedure to combine the Rachel’s will succeed. But really, how does acquiring each other and then morphing themselves, while getting shocked by an android combine them again?
~And what happened to the extra Rachel body? Did Erek incinerate her in the shock? The Chee's programming prohibits them from hurting other creatures (the Pemalite crystal is in the ocean).
#33 - The Illusion

~Erek is spelt 'Eric' on p24.
~Cassie says she can't go with them on the mission as her parents would worry on p29, but she's there in Chapter 7.
~Taylor's right arm is artificial on p71, but Taylor says she lost her left on p120.
~Ax's day at school is hallucinated on p112, except Marco's quote about a bully magnet was from Ax going to the theater.
~Elfangor is a War-Prince on p128, yet he was a Prince previously.
~Taylor thought-speaks a few times in Chapter 23.
~On p140, Hork-Bajir blood is green blue. In #13, p48, it’s a mix of red and green-blue.
#34 - The Prophecy

~On p43, the Arn asks Aldrea if she knows where the weapons are. Aldrea admits that she doesn't know but can find them again, and no one objects. Then in Chapter 17, Aldrea admits this again, Cassie accuses as though Aldrea never said it, and everyone's mad at Aldrea. Why didn't they complain back on Earth?
~On p88, Aldrea says that Bug Fighters destroyed her scoop. The Bug Fighter was created after Aldrea's home was blasted in HbC.
~On p105, 'Mother Sky' is called 'Father Sky'.
~Toby thought-speaks on p144.
~Why would Cassie keep her wings for so long? In #2, she correctly points out she wouldn't be able to fly with wings with a human body's mass. So why would she keep them when she's whale size?
~Cassie mixes morphs (she morphs a bird, then human, then whale, combining them) in Chapter 22. This is impossible; you must morph to your original body before beginning another morph (see #49, p5).
~The group is forced to make an opening in the tree to escape in Chapter 24. This will destroy the Yeerk Pool, which is considered the only way out. They could have instead turned the ship 180 degrees to make the hole.
#35 - The Proposal

~In this book, Marco says it's been two years since his mom 'drowned', which would make #35 the same year as #5 when it should have said four years. Read here for a more detailed explanation.
~In Chapter 4, Ax is in human morph, yet he talks in thought-speak. Why would he when he loves making mouth sounds?
~Marco starts mixing morphs because of stress. However, every day, the Animorphs are stressed about being caught by the Yeerks, then tortured, infested or killed. Jake's stressed because of Tom (#31 especially) and leadership stresses. Tobias is stressed out from all his problems (suicide, shortage of food, thoughts of being human again all in #23, Taylor) Cassie is stressed with her moral compromises (#43). Ax is stressed out wondering about his folks, and staying on Earth. Did they mix up morphs? NO! Marco's dad getting married again is stressful, but everything else should be too.

~In the Hork-Bajir Chronicles, the Council of Thirteen is said to not have known about the rebel Yeerks (p7) which would place them on the quarantined Yeerk home world. In Visser, the Council of Thirteen has mysteriously left the Andalite quarantine and is on a ship.
~On p3, an Andalite oddity is said to be the lack of a mouth. Why did Ax seem so amused by mouths before if they're said to be commonplace in the galaxy?
~In The Andalite Chronicles, the Ellimist tells Elfangor that Yeerk scouts have arrived at Earth. This is during the 1980s when Loren was pregnant with Tobias. However, Edriss was the first to come to Earth, amid Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990s.
#36 - The Mutation

~On p7, Hahn is on a metal operating table, but on p9 he's on bales of hay.
~How do Hahn and Jara become friends? The only place they would do that freely is the Yeerk pool (where you're usually crying, screaming, begging).
~On p12, it is said to be the day after Hahn's death, after school. The first two chapters happened at 3 a.m. So Chapter 3 could be 24 hours + the school day (let's say it ends at 3 p.m.) making it 36 hours after Hahn died. Yet, it is also stated in Chapter 3 that only hours have passed since he died. It seems as though less time has passed then has been told.
~On p15, Ax says the Pemalite ship isn't too deep. In #27, p152, Erek says the depth can only be reached by an android, which sounds much too deep.
~Jake and Marco are surprised about the Sea Blade coming from the grocery store on p21. Yet Marco saw the Yeerks do this trick in #24. Why aren't they prepared now?
~Jake sees the hologram before Marco, yet attributes Marco to yelling out hologram on p21.
~Jake is tossed upward by an orca morph on p49. Rachel says she lifted Jake up, but there are two sperm whales. And only Rachel and Tobias has that morph.
~On p86, why didn't Queen Soco speak in English in the first place, if she knew it was so common?
~How do the Nartec get a supertanker across two seas on p107? That would've taken lots of labor, a long time, loss of resources, etc. Of course, they are desperate.
~p118 contains the line "Feet and paws and pads pounding..." There shouldn't be the first 'and'.
~Ax says <On my commnad,> on p136, when it should be 'command'.
~A thought-speak sign is in the wrong direction when Jake asks about the Visser (p140).
#37 - The Weakness

~Andalites have hyphens placed between first, middle and last names. In this book, it's only between the middle and last (during Chapter 1).
~On p44, Tobias has a line of dialogue spread across two paragraphs. However, the thought-speak quote at the end of the first paragraph is still there, when it should be deleted in cases like this.
~Cassie says her niece loves Blue's Clues on p47. In #31, Jake says Cassie is an only child. It's hard to see how Cassie can get a niece between those books.
~On p126, Sara is written as Sarah again.
#38 - The Arrival

~Mr. King is beaten by two Controllers. His hologram is changed to show bruising, but wouldn't the Controller's fists go past the hologram and into the steel underneath? (#45 illustrates this when Marco's dad touches Erek underneath his hologram).
~On p2, one Controller points out if they kill Mr. King, Visser Three will execute them for wasting a host body. This suggests that they already told the Visser about the situation, otherwise it would be ridiculous that they told him knowing they would be killed. The other Controller suggests that they incinerate the body and Visser Three will never find out. Incinerating the body wouldn't stop Visser Three inquiring into what happened, so it seems as though they didn't tell Visser Three yet.
~Ax forgets Jake's prince title a few times.
~Estrid calls the ship the Crusader on p66, yet when Mr. King checks the records in Chapter 21, the ship is named the Ralek River.
~A dropshaft has a door in this book (first seen on p66) yet in #5 and #7, dropshafts had no doors (Marco and Rachel could see the occupants inside it as well as out).
~Ax says that you should never have four eyes on one spot on p67, but in #7, p110 he looks at the tube with all four.
~On p73, Aloth says to Ax that he can kiss his tail goodbye. A) That's a human phrase. B) Ax is either unknown to the concept of kissing (see #28) or else it means to rub your palms against your tail blade.
#39 - The Hidden

~There is an extra space when Jake says <Cassie, move,> on p12.
~How did the buffalo get the morphing power? It's implied that someone with the morphing power has to touch the Escafil device along with the receiver (Elfangor and Ax hold it in #1 and #20), but Cassie sets the cube away from her.
~Cassie's bones shift twice in Chapter 6.
~Cassie thought-speaks while human on p93.
~The ant does not seem to put Cassie in the acquiring trance in Chapter 17. She isn’t immune to the trance like the dolphin in #15, as she falls under it in #4, p146.
#40 - The Other

~In Chapter 3, Ax hooks up the VCR to burn every show on TV onto a CD... that's an incredible amount of data that'll be taken up.
~Ax and Marco couldn't see Mertil was missing half a tail on the tape? You don't need hawk eyes for that.
~Why would Tobias say it isn't Arbat on the tape (p15)? Arbat's dead. They should wonder if it's Gonrod.
~Marco says no one is watching his back when he demorphs on p19; Tobias is.
~On p21, Alloran is mentioned as being only slightly smaller than the huge Gafinilan. In spite of that, Alloran is said to be 'not especially large' in TAC, p46.
~Elfangor is referred to as "War-Prince" on p21, when he was only a prince as he died.
~It's odd that while Gafinilan is expecting Visser Three in the forest, the Visser never shows up.
~The Nine-Sifter conflict the Andalites are tied up in is called "Rakkam Garoo" in #38, except in #40 it's "Garroo."
~Gafinilan refers to his fighter ship as a plane on p56.
~Ax refers to Gafinilan as "Commander" on p27. On p54, he's "War-Prince."
~On p56: Ax begins speaking with a " and ends with a >. He's in Andalite form.
~In #6, Jake says to never morph a bee because of the ant episode but five members morph a bee in this book.
Alternamorphs #2

~On p3, you (David) get the morphing power by simply picking it up (see #39 nits).
~Marco's warning on p5 is changed from #20, p70.
~You wake up in the barn on p18, but David wakes up in the alley on #20, p98.
~You acquire the power twice on p3 and p21.
MM4 - Back to Before

~Jake recalls the time he morphed into a termite on p8, except he was the one who didn't.
~There are some points in the series where the Animorphs mention they're writing the books (Jake says he's writing this all down in #1, and Rachel says she always wanted to pen "It was a dark and stormy night" in #2). No one can write MM4, because everyone forgets it except Cassie (who will only have a vague sense of it anyway).
~In #4, p126, there are twelve Taxxons to fight the gang; in MM4's repeat (p71) there are six to attack Ax.
~How does Ax transmit thought-speak onto the television stations? Thought-speak has a range, and TVs wouldn't have a thought-speak receiver.
#41 - The Familiar

~On p138, Hork-Bajir blood is now purple blue (look at #33 mistakes).
#42 - The Journey

~Rachel talks in third person when it should be first (p13).
~Why don't the Animorphs acquire and morph Helmacrons or Marco from the inside? It wouldn't be at the same shrunken ratio (i.e. the anteaters in #24). They can partially morph Marco until they're large enough, and can fight the Helmacrons, instead of hoping the aliens will die.
~One of Rachel's lines on p81 has a quotation mark at one end, and a thought-speak sign at the other. She's not morphing.
#43 - The Test

~Taylor didn't tell Tobias what time to meet her at Borders.
~In Chapter 10, Rachel buys a couple of T-shirts. Where does she hide that money on her leotard?
~How did Ax manage to modify Taylor's weapon, as said on p91?
#44 - The Unexpected

~The plane is heading from California to Sydney, Australia, yet Cassie jumps out into the Northern Territory. The plane should have already passed Sydney if it was flying over Piti Springs. The Yeerks did keep the plane engaged in flight and anesthetized the crew, so it's possible to have passed Sydney by. However, the Yeerks would have to change the direction and compass heading radically to reach the Northern Territory (and there doesn't seem to be any point in doing that). Of course, if the plane did continue on its flight plan, Cassie would land in the Pacific Ocean or Antarctica.
#45 - The Revelation

~Marco tells his dad he has about twenty morphs (p41). It's over forty.
~Erek is misspelled Erik on p61.
~Jake says "Where?" in thought-speak on p79.
~Marco acquires a Hork-Bajir on p85 before boarding the Bug Fighter. He already has one from #34.
#46 - The Deception

~Ax doesn't use Jake's prince title for most of the book.
~Ax has an Apple laptop on p10, which changes into an iMac on p15.
~'Episode' is spelt 'epsiode' on p94.
~Ax looks at the Animorphs with all four of his eyes on p105 (see #38 errors).
#47 - The Resistance

~Jake and Tobias morph regular clothes on p69, contradicting #54, p89 when Jake says they never mastered morphing it.
~Tobias refers to the Trekkies as watching too much Star Wars on page 83. Tobias is a Trekkie himself, shown in #13, p158. He should know that the campers have acted in a similar way to greeting alien life on Star Trek, as well as making a mention to the Federation.
~The Hork-Bajir don't seem to make a big move from their valley, all they did was move a little closer to the suburbs; this should make it easy for Visser One find them again. He knows exactly where they are, that they haven't all died, that the Animorphs visit there. And yet, Visser One never bothers to look for them again.
Ellimist Chronicles

~In Chapter 25, primitive Andalites use their tail blades to defend themselves, but on p107 of the Hork-Bajir Chronicles, Aldrea's mother said Andalites of that time hadn't developed their tail blades.
~Erek says in #10 that the Pemalites had FTL when Andalites learned fire. But in EC, the Ellimist goes to the Andalites, then 100,000 years pass, and he creates the Pemalites. The Andalites couldn't learn how to make fire in all that time?
~In MM2, Ax said his planet wasn't different from prehistoric Earth. Except, in EC, the Ellimist goes to a primitive Andalite home world, spends 100,000 years, and then goes to Earth with dinosaurs.
#48 - The Return

~Lisa Harkrader is credited for ghostwriting this book, when it should have been Kimberly Morris.
~Rachel said in #22, Chapter 29 that they never encountered David again. Yet, he's here.
~There's no space between 'Chapter' and '12'.
~Crayak thought-speaks on p108 and the Drode does so on p87. There are a few other instances of this happening.
#49 - The Diversion

~On p67, a Wheel of Fortune contestant buys a vowel after a spin. My understanding is that you would buy a consonant after a spin, and a vowel before.
~On p77, Mr. King talks in thought-speak.
#50 - The Ultimate

~Jake wants to quit being the leader, but he said he stopped fighting that notion in #36, p5.
~On p29, Jake says Marco told him he had to be the leader, but that was Tobias in #1, p59.
~Ax uses quote marks when he says he understands (p46).
~Cassie picks up Tobias on p131, and says all he needs to do is demorph and remorph. Tobias is already a hawk, so the order should be reversed.
~Pedro never got the morphing power, even though Jake and James made a promise.
#51 - The Absolute

~On p40, Marco says he knew Jake since second grade; in #4, p16 they've been friends since diapers.
~The Animorphs knew about the governor in #6; by #51 they know nothing, not even the gender.
~On p132, someone named Armstrong opens the door. But the only people there were Animorphs, the governor, Collins, MacDonald, and unidentified aides.
#52 - The Sacrifice

~In #50, p95, it's stated that there's 17 auxiliary Animorphs in total. This observation comes before the blind girl Elena is recruited, which would make the final count 18. But in #52, p10, Ax says there are 17 auxiliary members, when he should have said 18. I don't believe that one of the members died between those books to keep their member count drop back to 17; #53 supports this with the reactions to the death of Ray. Elena is supposedly an auxiliary, in #53, p108, one of the members was blind.
~The Animorphs have gone from junior high to high school, yet Chapman has stayed as assistant principal.
~Timmy's name from #50 changes to Tuan.
~Jake and Marco thought-speak for a bit in Chapter 8, while human.
#53 - The Answer

~Ax said the other Animorphs don't use their real names in #52, p3. What's the point of Jake telling us he's Jake Berenson, if Jake is a fake name?
~On p15, Jake notes how fog can form down in the valley. But they had left the Hork-Bajir valley back in #47, and had gone into the hills for hiding. So, they have gone back to the place the Yeerks have already discovered, and yet they never attempt another raid. This stretches the plot hole from #47 even larger.
~Jake feels guilty when flushing the Yeerk pool, but why didn't he in #34 when he destroyed the Hork-Bajir home world Yeerk pool?
#54 - The Beginning

~Rachel sees Jake on the bridge as a Bengal tiger (p11)... it's supposed to be Siberian (in #1, p142).
~QUOTE: <Jake, stop her!> the Yeerk screamed with Tom's mouth. (Tom was in snake morph, so he couldn't yell, let alone with Tom's mouth). This occurs on p21.
~Rachel can't write about her time on the Blade Ship as she dies there.
~Toby thought-speaks on p25 and 27.
~Cassie says Jake never called her 'Cass' on p117. He did in #3, p27.
~In the Letter to the Fans on p157, K.A. says there's five MMs. There's only four.
Total: 321

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