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Cyril Bateman Logo. RAF National Service, author trained as microwave electronics engineer followed by five years tuning, voicing Church Organs. Capacitor designer Erie Electronics then to director engineering Military/Weapons EMC/RFI filters, using HP 8510, 8753, 4195, 4284, 4191, 4275, 4285 etc., instruments. After retiring wrote almost 100 articles, published in Electronics World magazine.
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"Contents5.pdf" describes all files in my "Capacitor Sounds" CD.
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Capacitor Sounds.
Download Capacitor Sounds series1 papers:-
"capsound1pdf   1.1MB.
"CapSound2.pdf"capsound2.pdf  1.5MB.
"CapSound3.pdf"capsound3.pdf  0.7MB.
"CapSound4.pdf"capsound4.pdf  0.7MB.
"CapSound5.pdf"capsound5.pdf  0.7MB.
"CapSound6.pdf"capsound6.pdf  1.2MB.
These articles total 28,000 words, 120 figures.
New paper "Capacitor_misunderstandings clarified".
"Cap_fallacies.pdf"Cap_fallacies.pdf 235kB
Cable Reflection.

The paper "
Cables_RC.pdf"  is a 2.7MB download.
Comprises 11,500 words and 40 figures.
Parts 1 and 2 of this two part article are included in my
"Capacitor Sounds" CD.

Download the complete paper as:- cablesrc.pdf  2.7MB.
December 1996 E.W. published my old cables papers.
Download all four papers 3MB.
Cable power losses by frequency can affect sound.

My latest paper "Cables_at_AF.pdf" is a 760kB download.
It comprises 9,600 words and 33 figures, to 
investigate many cable/amplifier/speaker, effects, at audible frequencies.

Download the complete paper as:- Cables_at_AF.pdf

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