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This Hungry Life ELEVENTHIRTY 7012


whisky tango ghosts 4AD CAD 2418CD

  1. divine sweet divide
  2. every devil
  3. whiskey tango
  4. just in case you quit me
  5. butterfly thing
  6. my life as a ghost
  7. the center
  8. golden mean
  9. the promise
  10. story high
  11. fallout
    dona nobis pacem

beautysleep 4AD CAD 2201CD

  1. life is but a dream
  2. the storm
  3. the night you saved my life
  4. keeping you
  5. moonbeam monkey
  6. wrap-around skirt
  7. another moment
  8. darkside
  9. so much song
  10. the wave
  11. the shadow

Lovesongs FOR UNDERDOGS 4AD CAD 7008 CD, Reprise 9 46495-2 and PIAS 170.7008.20

  1. pretty deep
  2. the bright light
  3. landspeed song
  4. mysteries of the unexplained
  5. lantern
  6. acrobat
  7. breathe around you
  8. bum
  9. clipped
  10. goat girl
  11. manna
  12. swoon

PIAS 170.7008.20 includes a second CD with B-sides from the pretty deep singles: spaghetti, morna, these days, influenza, and vanilla
The Japanese release includes two bonus songs, life on sirius and bury my heart. It also has the lyrics to all 14 songs in Japanese! (Thanks Russell Neptune!)


the bright light DISC ONE 4AD BAD 7012 CD

  1. the bright light
  2. bury my heart
  3. how can you sleep

the bright light DISC TWO 4AD BAD D 7012 CD

  1. the bright light
  2. life on sirius
  3. moon over boston

the bright light 7" 4AD AD 7012

  1. the bright light
  2. the bright light (live)

pretty deep DISC ONE 4AD BAD 7007 CD

  1. pretty deep
  2. spaghetti
  3. morna

pretty deep DISC TWO 4AD BAD D 7007 CD

  1. pretty deep
  2. these days
  3. influenza

sliding&DIVING 4AD BAD 6018 CD

  1. Bum
  2. Restless
  3. Human
  4. Swoon

on Compilations

Big Issue 6 Xfm September 8-14, 1997 ( Thanks Blake! )

  1. Alabama 3 "Wake Up This Morning (Chosen One Mix)"
  2. Santa Cruz "Celebration's On"
  3. ManBREAK "Kop Karma"
  4. Symposium "Keeping The Secret"
  5. Tanya Donelly "Landspeed Song"
  6. Feline "Mother"
  7. Strangelove "Superstar"
  8. Spiritualized "Broken Heart"
  9. Unbeliebable Truth "Forget About Me"
  10. Edwyn Collins "Superficial Cat"
  11. The Crocketts "Will You Still Care"
  12. Paul Weller "Brushed"
  13. Travis "Hazy Shades of Gold"
  14. Edward Ball "The Mill Hill Self Hate Club"
  15. Cable "Ultra Violet"
  16. Sweet 75 "Red Dress"
  17. Warm Jets "Silver Surfer"
  18. Radish "Bedtime"
  19. Dust Junkies "Gotta Get Some (Mushroom Stew)"

CMJ New Music Monthy Volume 50 CMJ-NMM050

  1. Meat Beat Manifesto "It's The Music"
  2. Dubstar "Stars"
  3. Plexi "Forest Ranger"
  4. Shift "I Want To Be Rich"
  5. Tanya Donelly "Pretty Deep"
  6. Stereolab "Miss Modular"
  7. Eric Matthew "My Morning Parade"
  8. Syrup USA "Stardust"
  9. Cornershop "Brimful Of Asha"
  10. Coldcut "More Beats & Pieces (Daddy Rips It Up Mix)"
  11. Sister Machine Gun "Think"
  12. Smoking Popes "I Know You Love Me"
  13. Kara's Flowers "Soap Disco"
  14. Toenut "Test Anxiety"
  15. Ani Difranco "Fire Door"
  16. Tim O'Brien "Kick Me When I'm Down"
  17. Bim Skala Bim "Shaking All Over"
  18. Neilson Hubbard "Captain Of The Teenagers"
  19. Citizens' Utilities "Northern Lights"
  20. Superchunk "Watery Hands"

Dr. Martens SHOE PIE 4AD

  1. Lush "Runaway"
  2. Throwing Muses "Freeloader"
  3. Heidi Berry "Holy Grail"
  4. Dead Can Dance "Snake and the Moon"
  5. Gus Gus "Polyesterday"
  6. The Breeders "Safari"
  7. Scheer "Demon"
  8. Mojave 3 "Mercy"
  9. Pale Saints "1000 Stars Burst Open"
  10. His Name is Alive "Nice Day"
  11. Michael Brook "Arrival"
  12. Tarnation "There's Someone"
  13. Lisa Germano "I Love a Snot"
  14. Tanya Donelly "Human"
  15. Paladins "One Step"

Intercity Crawl 97 Love Train Recordings PUBE 18 ( Thanks Stew! )

  1. Tanya Donelly "Landspeed Song"
  2. Dub Pistols "Mixed Blood"
  3. Groop Dogdrill "Cocksucker Blues"
  4. Hardknox "Psycopath"
  5. The High Fidelity "Don't Know How To Rock'n'Roll"
  6. Lo-Fidelity Allstars "Diamonds Are Forever"
  7. Monk & Canatella "Out Of Here"
  8. Overseer "Nervous (Wibbly Wobbly Mix)"
  9. Silver Sun "Reasons To Live"
  10. snow patrol "My Last Girlfriend"
  11. Topper "Strange Man"
  12. Ultrasound "Floodlit World"
  13. Velocette "Reprends Toi En Main"
  14. Vitro "Liquid"
  15. Warm Jets "Down Down Down"

Lilith Faire Promo Warner/Reprise PRO-CD-8917

  1. Paula Cole "Me"
  2. Tanya Donelly "Pretty Deep"
    Following the success of her band Belly, Donelly steps out front with the debut solo album Lovesongs for Underdogs, and the first single "Pretty Deep." The album is due in stores September 9.
  3. Loreena McKennitt "The Mummers' Dance"
  4. Holly Palmer "Come Lie With Me"
  5. Jen Trynin "Getaway ( February )"
  6. Tarnation "Little Black Egg"
  7. k.d. lang "Till The Heart Caves In"
  8. Beth Nielsen Chapman "Sand And Water"

Play It! Volume 6 PIAS Benelux Play 6 (Promo) (Thanks Marc de Jong!)

  1. Tanya Donelly "Clipped"
  2. Foil "Reviver Gene"
  3. Toenut "Test Anxiety"
  4. Luna "Pup Tent"
  5. Citizens' Utilities "She Taught Me Everything There is to Know About Poultry"
  6. The Kelly Deal 6000 "Confidence Girl"
  7. Cornershop "Brimful of Asha"
  8. Misery Loves Co. "Prove Me Wrong"
  9. De Heidenroosjes "Ideals Lost"
  10. China Drum "Fiction of Life"
  11. Jonny L "Common Origin"
  12. Plaid "Abla Eedio"
  13. Mulu "Pussycat (edit)"
  14. Moby "Ah-Ah"
  15. Eat Static "Spawn"

Some Of Our Best Friends Are Hungry Reprise PRO-CD-8941

  1. Arkarna "House On Fire"
  2. Arkarna "The Futures Overrated"
  3. Kara's Flowers "Soap Disco"
  4. Kara's Flowers "Future Kid"
  5. Tanya Donelly "Pretty Deep"
  6. Tanya Donelly "Bum"
  7. Drill Team "Peppermint"
  8. Drill Team "Hold You Down"
  9. Faith No More "Ashes to Ashes (Automatic 5 Mix)"
  10. Primal Scream "Burning Wheel"

Uncut (November 1998 Issue) UNCUT 4AD 6 (Thanks Stew!)

  1. Pixies "Debaser"
  2. Lush "Hypocrite"
  3. Mojave 3 "Go Lady Go"
  4. Tanya Donelly "Lantern"
  5. His Name Is Alive "Wishing Ring"
  6. Throwing Muses "Mania"
  7. This Mortal Coil "You & Your Sister"
  8. Thievery Corporation "Shaolin Satellite"
  9. GusGus "Barry Gi Gi Galaxy Remix"
  10. Cuba "Urban Light 12AM"
  11. Colourbox "Unofficial World Cup Theme"
  12. The Breeders "Saints"
  13. The Birthday Party "Big Jesus Trashcan"
  14. Lisa Germano "Tomorrowing"
  15. Red House Painters "New Jersey (Drum Version)"
  16. Kristin Hersh "Your Ghost"
  17. Dead Can Dance "American Dreaming"
  18. The Hope Blister "Sweet Unknown"
  19. Cocteau Twins "Pearly Dewdrops Drop (Seven-inch Version)"

The Word "Now Hear This!" Issue 47 (January 2007)

  1. Davitt Sigerson "It's A Big Country"
  2. Bole 2 Harlem "Bole 2 Harlem"
  3. Tanya Donelly "New England"
  4. Maps "Don't Fear"
  5. Rachid Taha "Josephine"
  6. John Mayer "Waiting On The World To Change"
  7. Todd Snider "You Got Away With It (A Tale of Two fraternity Brothers)"
  8. Califone "Pink & Sour"
  9. Pernice Brothers "Zero Refills"
  10. Crowded House "Distant Sun"
  11. Hafdis Huld "Ski Jumper"
  12. Sean Lennon "Wait for Me"
  13. Tartit "Ansari"
  14. Shearwater "Red Sea, Black Sea"
  15. Solo Andata "Among The Olive Trees"

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