From Top Left: Peter Moss, Richard Anslow, Dereck Worrell?, David? Langham, Philip Barnes, Michael Thomas?, Melvyn Bates; David Simmell, Bobby Preston, Gordon Moss, Rose Ingram, Jane? Fallows, Marlene Hall, - -?, Kelvin Anslow, John Thomas, Paul Davies; Elaine Preston?, Pat Ingram, Janet Jones?, Helen -?, Margaret Langham, Jill Armstrong; William Finney?, Michael Langham, Jimmy Moss.
Moreton School, now a private residence.
Moreton School
Page Top & Right: Moreton 'National' School (mixed) was built in 1840/1846, 'including a house for the mistress',  & enlarged in 1870 & 1895, for 94- 120 children.
The stone was given by John
COTES esq. of Woodcote, who also gave the stone & the land for St. Mary's church (erected 1837/38, at a cost of about £1,000 raised by subscription.)
  In 1868/70 the school master & mistress were Charles & Mrs Mary Ann
  In 1881, Charles & Mrs Mary
  In 1900, George A.
  In 1912, William J.
Parishioners Who Died in the Great War, 1914-1918

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Villages (and townships) on the Borders of Shropshire & Staffordshire
Post Office Lane, Moreton
Dad (John Hall)
Charles & Fanny HALL, (nee Venables). Married December 1st 1891 at St. Lawrence's, Gnosall.
Me,  reading 'Jack & Jill' in the garden, very near to where the picture above was taken
Sammy, intelligent and devoted. The cornflowers around him were Mom's favourite flower. In the background is the 'one-seater' backing onto the pigsty. (Usually a saddleback & a large white)
Fanny (nee Venables) and Charles Hall - parents to  over  20 children -  Post Office Lane, Moreton
Mom (Marion Jane Hall, nee Simpson)
(short for Samson)
Moreton Primary, Church Lane Moreton, Staffs. is listed at Friends Reunited
Post Office Lane, summer 1957
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Shropshire Freemen of the city of Chester
From the Star Chamber - a case with Salop connections
1591-1837: Shropshire Burials & Wills
1639-1837: Shropshire Marriage Licences & Bonds
1717-1732: Concerning 'papist land'
Local Canals, 1791

Parish Registers (Lichfield Transcripts)
Albrighton 16th-19th centuries
Edgmond 16th-19th centuries
(includes Bastard Register & a 'Historie' of Edgmond)
Great Bolas (Bolas Magna) 1582-1812/13

Facts in the History of Parish Registers

Some Salopians Transported to Australia
Stray Salop Convicts & Prisoners (1851 Census)
Salop Prisoners in the County Gaol (1851 Census)

Newport Wills 1611-1856
1871 Census: Chetwynd Aston| Edgmond| Woodcote
1871 Newport Census (E.D.1)
1891 Newport Census

Newport Directories
1791| 1822| 1828/9| 1844| 1863| 1870| 1917| 1934
Newport 'Strays' in Staffs. Records
Local Owners of Land - Shropshire 1873
A Little Light Background Reading to the 1873 Return

Ken's Pages:1861 & 1871 Census - Sheriffhales & area
Local/GNOSALL Surname Interests/List
Mailing list for anyone with an historical interest in this area with Researchers contacts
BLACK COUNTRY Surname Interests/List
Staffordshire 'Past-Track'
Penny's Northwich Pages (Cheshire)


Adbaston, Blymhill, Bradley, Church Eaton, Eccleshall (1791), Edgmond, Forton, Gnosall, Haughton, Moreton, Sheriffhales & Shifnal
Some early Gnosall 'Strays'
Gnosall Wills 1616-1849
Gnosall Parish 'Bastardy Examinations'

Parish Registers (Lichfield Transcripts)
Blymhill 1561-1812
Eccleshall 1573-1678
Gnosall (Birth's/Burials 1572-1699)
Gnosall (Marriages 1572-1785)
Gnosall PR Extracts: 1892-1895
Tibberton 1719-1812
Waters Upton (Upton Parva) 1547-1816
Stafford Castle| St. Mary's| St. Chad's

Sentenced to Transportation: Stafford (Assize Calendar)

Camden's Britannia, 1586 & 1722
Stafford, described in 1791
Inhabitants of Stafford in 1791
1794-1833 Gnosall Monumental Inscriptions
Gnosall (St. Lawrence) M.I.'s- 1721-1908

1841 Census, (Piece HO107/974) Parishes of: -
Blymhill| Bradley| Church Eaton| Forton
Gnosall (+ the Workhouse)
Haughton| Lapley| Norbury
Penkridge - (Stretton)| Sheriffhales (Staffs)
Weston under Lizard

1861 Census for gnosall parish
Gnosall Township| Plardiwick| Gnosall
Apeton, Alstone & Cowley| Coton End| Befcote
Moreton, Outwoods & Gt. Chatwell

1881 Census: Bromstead & Moreton (Strays)
1881 Census for Bromstead & Moreton
1891 Census: Moreton/Bromstead/Wilbrighton

1891 Census for: -
Ellenhall| Ranton| Seighford (+Gt./Lte.Bridgford)
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Whitgreave| Marston| Salt & Enson| Hopton & Coton
Berkswich Parish| Brocton| Bradley parish
Haughton Parish| Castle Church Parish

Old Pictures of Gnosall
Stafford Brine Baths (Photo's)
Local Owners of Land: Staffordshire 1873