The Villains of Superboy

Superboy encountered many villains and creatures during the course of the TV Series. Vampires, werewolves, demons......Superboy encountered them all. He fought such villains as Metallo, Lex Luthor, evil sorcerers, a Kryptonite Kid, aliens, and many others. Here are some of the villains that Superboy fought during the four years the show was on the air. Of couse, not all of them can be shown here, but these are the best of the best.

Luthor in "Mine Games" Luthor in "Threesome"


Lex Luthor has always been considered Superboy's arch enemy. Back in Clark's college days, Luthor was a young genius who wanted to see Superboy humiliated. He had many schemes to use against Superboy. Kryptonite, sonic weapons, and various other ideas. But when Superboy accidentally caused Luthor's hair to fall out ("Luthor Unleashed") Lex was pushed over the edge. He now only wanted Superboy's death and he would do anything to get it. He aged himself 15 years to take the appearance of a famous inventor ("With This Ring I Thee Kill"), and he used that inventor's weapon, the Superboy gun, to try to kill Superboy. He didn't succeed. But he tried again and again and again to make Superboy's life miserable from then on. Once he thought he had killed Superboy, but Superboy resurfaced to stop Luthor's plot again. ("Obituary for Superhero") Luthor apeared in many, many epsiodes of Superboy, the best of which included "Know Thine Enemy" (Parts 1&2), and "Roads Not Taken" (Parts 1&2).

Metallo in "Super Menace" Metallo in "Threesome"


Roger Corben was once nothing but a simple thief who took to robbing banks. But one day, his life took a strange turn. While he was preparing for a robbery, he had a heart attack and Superboy came to his rescue. He killed his doctor and escaped from the hospital. But while driving down the road, he had another heart attack and crashed into a tree. His car exploded nearly killing him. To save Corben's life, a scientist constructed a robot body for him. A robot body powered by kryptonite, the element lethal to Superboy. Corben, now calling himself Metallo, killed the scientist and went up against Superboy in five episodes of the series. "Metallo", "Super Menace", "People vs. Metallo", and "Threesome (Parts 1&2)". In "Threesome", he teams up with Luthor and Odessa Vexman.

The Alien in its normal form in "The Alien Solution" The Alien inhabiting one of its many preserved warrior bodies


The alien appeared in three episodes in the first season and was never referred to as anything other than "the alien". It was a gaseous being. It was like a cloud of energy and it could enter the bodies of other creatures and possess their bodies. It was also capable of destroying souls once it was inside the body. It first appeared in "The Alien Solution". It had a collection of dead warriors bodies that it used for battle. (One of these is seen above.) It wanted to add Superboy to its collection. When it almost killed Lana, Superboy agreed to do what it wanted. He then destroyed all of its collection of bodies and trapped it inside a canister. He placed the canister in a cryogenics lab on the University campus. Later, the alien escaped when a thief stole the canister. It possessed a policeman and attacked Superboy at a farm show. When it attacked with a high-powered weapon, it hurt Superboy and accidentally killed the body it was possessing. So it transferred itself into Pa Kent in order to lure Superboy to it. Superboy allowed it to enter his body, and he used kryptonite against it. Finally, he defeated it by taking it into a freezer and allowing it to freeze and break apart.

Yellow Peri using her magic Yellow Peri after Gazook has transformed her


Yellow Peri was a waitress named Loretta and was a good friend to Clark, Lana, and Andy. However, she was infatuated with Superboy. She had Clark bring her an autographed photo of him and one night resorted to magic to try and win his love. She called on the spirit of Gazook to help her. Gazook inhabited a small doll and transformed Loretta into the Yellow Peri. She then began trying to win Superboy's love magically. But her love spells wouldn't work because Superboy had already given his love to another. Lana. So Peri knew that to get Superboy to love her, she would have to kill Lana. She enclosed Lana in an airtight bubble, hoping to suffocate her. But Superboy arrived in time to save Lana. Eventually, Peri decided that if she couldn't have Superboy no one could, so she resorted to killing him instead. It didn't work of course. Superboy destroyed the doll that housed Gazook, ending the supply of Peri's magic. She transformed back into Loretta and Superboy took her to someplace where she could get help.

Neila exhibits her pyrokinesis ability Neila talking to Superboy on a city street


Neila is an alien warrior who came to earth from a dying planet. On her world lived a warrior race, but the warriors who Neila would marry were all growing old and dying leaving only common people. Neila traveled to earth to convince Superboy to marry her. She deemed Superboy worthy of marrying her, but Lana was in the way of Neila becoming Mrs. Superboy. Neila disguised herself as a human and befriended Lana. But during a discussion about love and compromise, Neila slips and reveals her true identity to Lana and proceeds to kill her. Superboy arrived in time to stop her, but Neila threatened to burn the city to the ground if he wouldn't marry her. Lana jumped off the building roof so that Superboy wouldn't allow innocent people to die just to save her. When Neila saw that Lana was willing to sacrifice herself for others she left earth a changed woman. She later returned to earth lookng for Superboy's help and befriended Lana and Superboy this time around. Neila possessed at least four super-powers. Flight, super-strength, pyrokinesis, and the ability to change her appearance almost instantly.

Odessa meets Superboy on a city street Odessa reveals herself to Luthor & Metallo Odessa as part of the "Threesome"


Odessa Vexma was originally working for a man who threatened to let a virus loose in Capitol City. She helped Superboy stop it from happening however, possibly because she wanted something from him in return. She was of course, rejected by Superboy and wanted revenge on him. She became a psychologist in the state prison where Luthor and Metallo were held. She treated both of them there and learned much of the inner workings of their minds. She then broke them both out of prison. Odessa, Luthor, and Metallo came toghether to become the "Threesome" that would kill Superboy. They attempted to kill him twice, once in Capitol City and again in a final western-like showdown in Smallville. Superboy defeated the team after he and Lana found a way to turn the three against each other, which wasn't hard since they were already at each other's throats anyway. Odessa was cunning, smart, and very manipulative.

Chaos in his lair Chaos reveals his disfigured face


Chaos was once a brilliant scientist, but was extremely impatient. His lab exploded, leaving him horribly disfigured. He wore a face mask and full body suit to cover this fact. After the explosion, he changed. He stopped trying to save the world and instead focused on destroying it and showing everyone that everything falls apart and the world is full of chaos. He became a terrorist, blowing up everything he could and even going so far as to dump halucinogens into the reservoir to create more chaos. He arose as a major threat just as Superboy became the subject in an experiment to make Bizarro human. Superboy became weakened and disoriented due to the experiment and was powerless to stop Chaos as he rode down a city street blasting at innocent pedestrians. A single blast knocked Superboy out of the air and left him unconscious. Chaos took Superboy back to his lair and planned to use him as an example by throwing him off the tallest building in Capitol City. Bizarro gave up his humanity to stop Chaos from doing so. In an attempt to bring Bizarro over to his side, Chaos revealed his disfigured face, telling Bizarro that they were two of a kind, like brothers. But Bizarro didn't listen. Instead he captured Chaos and ended his reign of terror.


Darla was nothing but a stripper in a small club until she caught Lex Luthor's eye. After he had his "face-lift" and killed his companion Leo, Luthor searched for someone to assist him in his mad schemes and came across Darla. He immediately hired her and she soon became more to Luthor than just an assistant. At least that's what she thought. Luthor always considered her a nitwit, fool, idiot, etc. Darla served Luthor well regardless. She gained psycho-kinetic powers and awesome intelligence at one point after drinking one of Lex's unfinished formulas. During that time she came close to destroying the world with her out of control powers. Luthor admitted that he loved her and convinced her to drink an antidote for the formula that restored her to normal. She and Luthor apparently parted, however, when he nearly ended the world himself with a series of nuclear bombs he had planted in Capitol City. Darla realized that Luthor was crazy when she discovered that he was serious about wiping out life on earth, and she shot Luthor in the shoulder. She then called Superboy to stop him. Luthor reappeared twice more after that incident but without Darla at his side.

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