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Let's send Ms. Washington down to Washington!
New Jersey Congressional District 10   

Essex County: Irvington, Maplewood, Millburn, Montclair, Newark, The Oranges
Hudson County: Bayonne, Jersey City   
Union County: Elizabeth, Hillside, Linden, Rahway, Roselle, Union

"A working mother and a professional, TL Washington will fight for working families, support affordable healthcare and education for all, and work to bring our young men and women in the armed forces home safely."

How to really waste your vote.
The John Kerry Record:
Monkey see, monkey do.   
Meet Kerry, the man that Democrat Donald Payne supports:

The War:
President Bush supported the War. And so did John Kerry.

Senator Kerry voted to go to war and publicly supported President Bush's actions.
Then he said he was against the war.
Now he says he's not.
So which one is it, Mr. Kerry?

President Bush's plan is to stay in Iraq. John Kerry's plan is (also) to stay in Iraq.

Kerry says his war policy will be to send MORE troops to Iraq and spend MORE money even as he campaign's as a peaceful Democrat! Huh?

The Patriot Act:
President Bush supported the Patriot Act. And so did John Kerry.

Senator Kerry voted for the Patriot Act, and defended his vote and the law.
But now he says he's against it.
Is he sure?

No Child Left Behind school law:
President Bush supported NCLB. And so did John Kerry.

Once again, Kerry voted for it, supported, but now he says he's against it.
Then why did he vote for it?

Affirmative Action:
President Bush was against AA. And so was John Kerry.

Kerry opposed Affirmative Action in the Senate, calling it "divisive".
But all of a sudden, he's in favor of it again.

Gay Marriage:
President Bush is for a marriage amendment. And now so is John Kerry.

Kerry once told his state that he was against a gay marriage amendment.
But now he says he won't "rule it out".

President Bush is against abortion. And now so is John Kerry.

Once told voters he was in favor of a woman's right to choose. Now says abortion is morally wrong.

Enough is Enough!
We don't need another Congressman who will support John Kerry--a man whose beliefs and principles change with the wind.
We need someone who always knows where she stands on the issues.
Someone who will not compromise her ideas to the special interests.

We need
Toy-Ling Washington
down in Washington!

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