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Professor C David Garner BSc PhD CChem FRSC FRS

Professor C David Garner BSc PhD CChem FRSC FRS
The President of the RSC, Professor Dave Garner is Professor of Biological Inorganic Chemistry at Nottingham University; his primary research interest is in the roles of the so-called 'inorganic' elements in biology. He says:

"This is an exciting time to be a Chemist. Not only are enhanced physical techniques and computational power leading to many significant advances in chemical knowledge and understanding, but also our field is expanding due to interdisciplinary studies between Chemists and colleagues from inter alia Chemical Engineering and the Biological, Environmental, Material and Medical Sciences.

"I am confident that the RSC will continue to be a major player on the national and international scene because of its resources and the powerful synergy that exists between the expertise, enthusiasm and commitment of both its professional staff and the large number of members who freely provide their time. 

"During my time as the President, I will endeavour to ensure that the RSC continues to identify and act on matters relevant to the development of Chemistry, notably:

  • Education - especially to increase the number of suitably qualified Chemistry teachers in UK Schools and to ensure that adequate funds are provided for effective education and laboratory training of students at the secondary and tertiary levels.

  • Industry - to ensure that the UK Government, the EU Commission, their Parliaments and civil servants are fully aware of the major contributions that the Chemical industry makes to the economy.

  • Research - to press for the provision of sufficient funds to permit significant advances in both the 'core' and interdisciplinary aspects of our subject.

  • Publicity - to enhance a general awareness of Chemistry, especially by highlighting the many positive contributions made by Chemists and their essential participation in addressing the challenges associated with the sustainability of life on planet Earth.

As President, I will try to meet as many of our members as possible, both in the UK and overseas. Also, I invite members to contact me to raise a matter of concern, or to share good news, that you consider relevant to the RSC."

Causes for optimism

The new RSC President discusses the main areas he aims to focus on throughout his term of office

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Picture of Professor Dave Garner BSc PhD CChem FRSC FRS

Professor Dave Garner BSc PhD CChem FRSC FRS