Island Brass Rubbing Centre
The Coach House,   St. George's Church,   
Arreton,   Isle of Wight,   England
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St. George's Church, Arreton

Britain's age of chivalry, crowned Kings, Knights  in armour, costumed ladies and heraldic beasts  live on in the medieval copy brasses  at the brass rubbing centre now at  Arreton, on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Here you can discover the simple craft of brass rubbing, using our metallic waxes and specialist papers.  Make your own knight to take home in just half an hour.  A treasured memento, a beautiful wall hanging or a unique gift.

To further enhance your visit pay a visit to the medieval
Church of St. George and explore the Saxon beauty of this ancient place of worship.  This is no dry and dusty relic of the past but a living church, containing artefacts both ancient and modern from the Tudor brass of Harry Hawles who fought at Agincourt to the recently installed Burma Star Window, celebrating a far more recent conflict.

Run by teachers who provide a unique educational opportunity for visitors to the brass rubbing centre to gain an insight into the work of the early engravers,  together with  an appreciation of the outstanding beauty of  their work.  Demonstrations and illustrated talks bring the characters to life and tell us about their lives and the world in which they lived.

Teachers Workpacks with interesting things to see and do available on request

Members of Isle of Wight Tourism and The Monumental Brass

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Island Brass Rubbing Centre
The Coach House, St. George's Church,
Arreton, Isle of Wight, England
PO30 3AB

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