Sara Christian
  •  first Strictly Stock (now Winston Cup) race was in 1949 at Charolette Speedway
  • she was the first women to compete in NASCAR
  • she qualified 13th and finished 14th driving a 1949 Oldsmobile at a 3/4 mile dirt track in Charlotte  in the very first Winston Cup race on June 19, 1949. She drove a No. 71 Ford owned by her husband Frank and she got out and let Bob Flock driver the concluding 90 laps.
  • she was joined by Ethel Mobley and Louise Smith to compete in a 166-mile race three weeks later in Daytona Beach when Christian finished 6th.
  • later that year she raced in Hillsborough, North Carolina with Louise Smith where she finished 23rd
  • then again the trio competed in Langhorne Pennsylvania where Christian finished 6th
  • in September of 1949 she started 21st and finished 6th in a race where Curtis Turner invited her to join him in celebration in Victory Lane
  • the concluding races included:
  • her best finish was fifth in the October race at Heidelberg,(Pittsburgh) PA, making the only top five finish by a woman in NASCAR
  • and North Wilkesboro where she finished twelve
  • she ran 6 out of 8 races in 1949 and finished 13th in point standings
  • she also had two other top ten finishes
  • she was named top women driver of the year in 1949.