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These Web Pages are devoted to the Cybermind Mailing List and the Research that has been conducted on it. There are, as is usually the case, constantly being modified.

Tom Ellis's Official, and Old Web Page can be found at


    Cybermind was founded by Alan Sondheim and Michael Current in mid 1994 to explore, exemplify and discuss the sociology and psychology of cyberspace. The discussion has resulted in books, articles, conferences and community. It has easily been one of the most successful Internet groupings that I am aware of.

    However, it is true to say that at any one time people may find the amount of off-topic conversation somewhat overwhelming, but my advice is to persist and to bring up relevant topics that you are interested in and see what happens. If you get no response, just bring them up again somewhat later - eventually you are bound to get some useful ideas back.

    If you want to explore the group further, then there are extensive, though occasionally incomplete archives .

    You could also view the information on how to join, which includes the official manifesto of the list and some loose expectations about behaviour.

    There is also a list of some members web sites which I hope will continue to expand.

    There is also a bibliography of articles written by people who are, or have been, members of Cybermind, or which are about Cybermind.

    The list has also written The Great Cybermind Novel. This could be described as cyberpunk-fantasy-new age-airport-trash meets the Cthulhu mythos and Internet theory.

    The book is purchasable from, and can also be read on that website.

    Personal projects involving Cybermind

    In a spirit of self promotion, there is the ethnographic book I have written about Cybermind called Living on Cybermind: Categories, Communication and Control, published by Peter Lang.

    this is a list of the papers I have written based on this research

    There are also files of some of the emails I have written to Cybermind and some other lists.

    I have recently finished a project which explored the use of gender on the Internet, and particularly on this List. Most of the project papers can be found off the papers page


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