The Thiomersal-fake .. diary of sightings..(IV)

{What happened, so farr}

  • Mi, 29.6.2005 23:57
    A real 'physicist' enters the scene. He realizes correctly that isotopes can be separated magnetically. He obviously knows, that commercially available Isotopes are separated by other means. But he does not add one and one together. Maybe his computer is broken down? But then, how does he do his postings?
    The mood has changed- now the paper is expected to be accurate. I feel like Anakin Skywalker- give me two jet engines and I build the best pod racer ever ..YEAH!
  • Thursday, on the BB
    the discussion gets more violent. The lady realized its just a coffee mug. Unbelieve averywhere.
  • Thursday 15:05
    I write the maintainer of the BB, who also offers the paper for download:
    Hallo Herr Txn,
    You offer a paper for download:  
    "Mono-isotopic Mercury and its Applikation - internal
    use only"
    Alas, you have fallen prey of my jolly mood- I already
    confessed to Miss YYY its just a fake. Please remove the bullshit,
    unless people get confused- or the black helicopters get me :-)
    You do have a sense of humour?
    Reply at 19:01: He does not believe me. PLEASE? He believes the bullshit at once, doubt sets in only as the fake is revealed, and now comes the serious sceptisism?

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