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This page will track the activities surrounding the efforts towards bringing to light, the blatant plagiarism in the research of Prof. Kalyan Kumar and colleagues in the field of electrical engineering. Prof. Kumar is currently the Director of the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST), which is a deemed university under the Ministry of Human Resource Development of Government of India.

We are presenting some of the papers of the author, who claims to have written more than 120 papers and awarded with several awards. Info from his official page. Along with these papers, we have also provided a copy of older works from research groups in IIT Delhi and Yokohama University. Readers may like to compare these sets of papers themselves. To assist them, we have also compiled a report comparing every section of the sets of papers to show the level and seriousness of the plagiarism in the works of Prof. Kumar.

Breaking News

The board of management has recommended an enquiry against the Director, Prof K. Kumar. In the meanwhile, Prof. Kumar has gone on a leave during the enquiry process. This is a welcome step. We hope an impartial enquiry is conducted soon and it is not another whitewash from the Government This website was inspired by the one started by Physicists in India, with a hope that similar outcomes are achieved in the present case. This site is mirrored at Visit the mirror if you are unable to download any document from this site owing to bandwidth issues.

One does not need to be an electrical engineer to appreciate the identicalness of the papers. For example, in the first set of papers, the authors have literally lifted line by line from section 2 of the paper and every equation and every figure has been copied. In the second set of papers, the similarity in text is more than 80%. The third set of papers have the same pattern.

If you are an academic or anybody interested in the well-being of Indian Academia, please read the contents of the two papers and satisfy yourself. If possible, please let your opinions be known to the general public, academia and concerned officials. We have started this page in the hope that serious action will be taken against those responsible for these shameful actions. Indian scientific community needs to work together to counter similar threats

Plagiarised Papers
Original Paper Plagiarised Paper in a Journal
Title: Hybrid fuzzy logic proportional plus conventional integral-derivative controller for permanent magnet brushless DC motor Title: Improved PID controller using fuzzy precompensated algorithm for PMBLDC motor drive
Authors: B. Singh, A.H.N. Reddy and S.S. Murthy, IIT Delhi Authors: Prof. K. Kumar, A.K. Singh and P.K.Bordoloi, NERIST, Nirjuli
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology 2000 Volume 2, 19-22 January 2000 Page(s): 185 - 191
Published in AMSE Advances in Modelling and Analysis C, Volume 61, number 1-2, January 2006, Page (s) 1-15 ISSN: 1240-4535

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The abstract may also be seen at Engineering Village by searching for the title of the paper.
  Plagiarised Paper in a Conference
  Title: Hybrid Fuzzy Controller for Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
  Authors: Prof. K. Kumar, A.K. Singh and S.N. Singh, NERIST, Nirjuli
  Proceedings of the All India Seminar & Exhibition on Advances in Computer and Information technology (ACIT-2006), Dhanbad, March 2006
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For the ease of comparison of the papers concerned, we have prepared a report, which may be downloaded here. We have also been provided with a copy of a newsletter published by NERIST, which lists these publications. Paradoxically, the first on of these appears immediately after announcement of appointment of Prof. Kumar as the Director of NERIST.

There are other papers from the group of Prof. Kumar, which are plagiarised. We will see two more examples, one paper plagiarised from the works of authos in USA and Japan. The other owes its origin to Singh, Reddy and Murthy.
Original Source Paper with a large portion plagiarised
Title: Sensorless control of permanent magnet AC motors Title: Sensorless control of permanent magnet brushless dc motors
Authors: K. Rajshekara and A.Kawamura, from EPS, Anderson (USA) and Yokohama (Japan) Authors: K. Kumar and A.K. Singh, NERIST, Nirjuli
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Control and Instrumentation , 1994. IECON'94, Bologna, Italy, Volume 3, September 1994, Page(s): 1589 - 1594 Electrical Review, Volume XIV, No 1, January 2007, Pages 10-14

And yet another.
Original Paper Plagiarised Paper
Title: Gain Scheduling Control of Permanent Magnet Brushless dc Motor Title:Optimum PI controller for Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
Authors: B. Singh, A.H.N. Reddy and S.S. Murthy, IIT Delhi Authors: Dr K. Kumar, A.K. Singh and Dr P.K.Bordoloi, NERIST, Nirjuli
IE(I) Journal EL, Vol 84, (Journal of Institution of Engineers : India) September 2003 Electrical Review, Volume XII, No 6, June 2005, Pages 16 -23

And another case of academic fraud in the form of self plagiarism
First Paper Second Paper
Title: Dual output inverter design for HV DC Power Supply Title:Push-pull topology for high voltage switching power supply system
Authors: M.Deben Singh and K.Kumar, NERIST, Nirjuli Authors: M.Deben Singh and K.Kumar and NERIST, Nirjuli
Electrical Review, Volume XII, No 2, February 2005, Pages 18 - 24 AMSE Journal of Modelling, Measurement and Control A, vol 79, no 3-4, 2006, ISSN 1259-5985, AMSE Press, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, 69160, France

Yet another paper with major portions plagiairised
What can you do

Media and Professional Response

The media as well as the students have now taken note of this incidence and reported the same.
The professional response was been encouraging as well. We have received several emails from various scientists expressing their support to us. The professional body of scientists, the Society for Scientific Values under the leadership of the Prof. K.L. Chopra, ex-director of IIT Kharagpur, have expressed their support and are writing to authorities to demand action. The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the largest professional society in the world, has also started their own procedure in this incidence of plagiarism of papers originally published by them.

Signatories of the online Petition

Prof Anjeneya Murthy Prof George Anthony Dr. Purbalika Sarma, Guwahati Madhusudan Chetry, Nerist Abhimanyu Sarkar, B.Tech, Nerist Chanchala Sarma, Nerist alumni
Ratnadeep, Btech from Nerist P. Phukan Ranjan Srivastava Prof. A. N. Kapoor Prof. AN Reddy Prof K.D. Poddar
Ranjana Kakoti, Nerist student Prof. L.P. Yadav, Delhi Dr. A Rai, BHU Prof. C S Nair Dr A Reddy, Physics Department, KIT Prof B Singh
Prabhat Kumar Singh, Ex-student, NERIST Dr. Chandan Baruah, Guwahati Mary lalthanhawla, Ex-student, NERIST Dr Srinivas Singh Mohan Singh Dr. Madhusudan Das, Lecturer, Bhopal
Bulbuli Chaitia, Nerist alumni Arijit Sarkar, Ex-student Satya Gupta Prof Atul Saxena Aroop Goswami, Infosys, ex-student Mahesh Panigrahi, scientist, GE
Piyush Rajpal, Retired Professor Chetan Sharma, student, JNU Prof. Devendra Verma, Florida Prateek PS Thungon, Ex-student AH Narsimha Reddy
Prof. TPS Parekh KS Mishra Engineer, Durgapur Prof. TB Saxena, ex-director, NIT Prof. S, Adhikari, Retd Professor, Kolkata Prof. Ashish Mukhopadhyay Sukumar Deka, Ex-student
Ujjwal Chatterjee Rajesh James Thongam Maynard Lockings Johan Barua R. K. Polendrosana
Gaurav Goel Palash Dey Chandrakant Om Praksash Lal, Delhi Gautam Bhatt Dr. Asim Mohanty, Electrical Engineering, NIT
Dibyendu Pal, M.Tech In Transport at IIT Guwahati G. S.N. Murthy, NERIST Alumni; Asst. Proffesor Sanyaswara Rao Anirban Mukherjee John Laji, alumni G.S.Rao, Engineer,GE Bangalore
Debayan Dhar CD Gupta Prof. D. Deshpande Ratnadeep N Ratnakumar Singh Prof. KK Shrivastava
Subroto Mistry Arun Bani Khoj Tara Anirban Chaudhury Madhav Deka S. Nithirajan
Techi Jobae Dr. Radhe Kulkarni Professor UK Sarma, Retd. Professor of Elect. Eng., NERIST Professor Ranjan Pathak, Professor, IITKh Dr. D. Mahanta, Faculty, IIT, Guwahati Professor M K Jha, Professor, NITJalandhar
Anwar Hussain Tama Tadar Raju Mukherjee Jogeshwar Phukan Atul Kumar TVP Singh
Dr. Raja Dutta, Faculty, IITKh Rajni Kanthan Prof. Kumar Arun Singh, Professor Emeritus Uttam Sahoo, Ex student, Malay Dutta S.T.Venkatesan Sr. Lecturer
Professor S S Shrivastava Prof Anjani Mathur Bishnu Phukan

The signatories with remarks in bold have been removed acoording to web norms of decency. The signatures have not been verified. If you believe your name appears by mistake, do let us know and we will remove the same

* The formatting may have got corrupted during the scan process. ** All files hosted here are for the sole purpose of bringing to light the plagiarism issue concerned. The copyright of the papers resides with the authors and/or the publishers and the same should be contacted for any other use of these files.